What Does Every Makeup Vanity Need?

What Does Every Makeup Vanity Need

A beauty routine is a personal and sacred practice to many individuals, and the space in which you pamper yourself is as important as the routine itself. Although your makeup vanity is your ritual’s pedestal, several essential items create a luxurious experience. 

Your vanity should be as functional as it is stylish. Personalizing your vanity with the following items will help you get the most out of your beauty routine:

  • Vanity mirror
  • Good natural lighting
  • A comfortable seat
  • Personal mementos
  • Adequate storage
  • Fragrances
  • Accessory organizers

The items that belong in your makeup vanity are the finishing touches that create a decadent space for you to pamper yourself before or after a long day. To create a space out of which you can get the most relaxing experience, it is essential to put extra thought and research into personalizing your makeup vanity.

The 7 Essentials For A Makeup Vanity

A makeup vanity is an essential piece of furniture for your home. However, adding personal touches to your vanity creates a luxurious space where you can benefit most. These pieces come in various colors and styles to suit your décor. 

Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirror

A mirror is an indispensable part of any vanity table. The sort and brand of makeup you use aren’t the only factors to consider when it comes to makeup. Your mirror makes the world’s difference! It is critical to select the correct mirror for the best application.

The most popular kind of makeup vanity mirror is a concave mirror. These mirrors are spherical mirrors that curve inward, like a spoon. This curved mirror focuses light and magnifies the object in front of it. Because of the magnification, using a concave mirror when applying makeup is ideal.

Opt for a sizeable planar mirror and a smaller concave mirror for the most luxurious vanity display. A larger mirror draws your eye toward your beauty corner and reflects light to create a warm space. Although concave mirrors give you the most flawless application, no vanity would be complete without a larger planar mirror. 

Good Lighting

Good Lighting

Good lighting is another vital factor in creating the perfect makeup vanity. Take the opportunity to do your makeup near a window or skylight. Natural daylight, according to all makeup artists, is the best. It’s evenly diffused and clear, so you can tell when something isn’t properly blended.

The next best thing is natural white light. Glamcor’s ultra-fancy white portable light does not get too hot and can be adjusted in height to eliminate unwanted shadows. Alternatively, Walmart.com has a selection of “Daylight Bulbs.” A wattage of 60 to 65 is preferable because anything brighter will be too blown-out and bright, and you may put on too much makeup.

Avoid using yellow, rose, or fluorescent lighting. You may overdo your makeup because yellow light can make you look sallow. Rose-colored light warms your skin, but it’s not ideal for makeup because it makes it difficult to see what you’re doing. The worst type of lighting is fluorescent since it brings out any flaws.

Finally, your lighting should be directed so that it lights you head-on. This helps to give you the most natural effect while giving you enough light for a perfect application. Overhead lighting is bad since it casts shadows, and you will apply too much makeup.

Comfortable Vanity Stool

Comfortable Vanity Stool

A comfortable vanity stool creates a luxurious feel to your makeup vanity. They can be as simple as backless stools or as ornate as you like. Typically, the style will coordinate with the rest of the room’s furnishings and fixtures. 

If your bathroom or dressing room has a beachy theme, opt for a rattan stool, whereas one with an art nouveau theme might best suit a cushion supported by a gold-colored metal frame. Whichever your choice, go for seats with strong and water-resistant materials. This minimizes damage from any moisture or rouge beauty products!

Personal Mementos

Personal Mementos

A personal touch brings warmth into your vanity area. True beauty begins on the inside, so what better to give you a flawless glow than being surrounded by trinkets that bring you joy? Add a framed picture of a treasured memory, a vision board outlining personal goals, or simply some decorative pieces that exemplify your unique style. 

Adequate Storage

Adequate Storage

Adequate storage helps to organize your makeup collection for more efficient use. Keeping your makeup vanity organized will minimize stress and hassle, whether treating yourself to some pampering or getting ready for a productive day.

Furthermore, keeping your space tidy helps save money on unnecessary purchases. 

A makeup organizer makes finding the items you require simple, preventing you from purchasing multiples of a single product because “you thought you lost it.” It also reminds you of the expiration date so you can use them while they are still in good condition.


Fragrances Vanity

Adding a hint of fragrance creates a more luxurious space. Try adding some of your favorite fresh-cut flowers to your makeup vanity to lift your spirits while keeping the vanity area clean and beautiful. 

Alternatively, try lighting a few candles in your favorite scent to create a cozy and intimate space. Taller candles add height to your makeup vanity, making the area more enjoyable. Furthermore, the soft light created by lit candles adds a touch of opulence to your space.

Accessory Organizers

Jewelry stands

Jewelry stands add style and sophistication to your makeup vanity while giving your space an elegant and organized appearance and feel. Without convenient organization, you risk misplacing or damaging your most precious pieces.

When shopping, you might see a jewelry box serving as a makeup storage container if you look carefully. Furthermore, jewelry organizers come in various colors and styles that blend in with your home’s decor without clashing. 

Where Is The Best Place For A Vanity?

Ideally, it would be best to position your makeup vanity near a window to ensure that natural light is distributed evenly across your face. Place the vanity in front of the window in the center: if it’s off to the side, you’ll get some misleading shadows on your face’s far side.

Install dimmers on the ceiling lights if you want to place your vanity next to a window in your bathroom. These devices reduce the overall harshness of the light in the bathroom, giving you more natural light. However, avoid vanities with a backboard or an oversized mirror if you plan to place your beauty corner in front of a window because these features will block natural light from reaching your face.

Keeping your products in a cool, dry, and dark place is good because most skincare products are damaged by direct sunlight and high temperatures. UV light can disintegrate the active ingredients in certain cosmetic substances, rendering them ineffective. 

Where Is The Best Place For A Vanity

Moisture will also hurt your products because condensation breeds mold on the surface of unsealed items such as soap, bath salts, and makeup. It’s best to keep your entire makeup vanity at a temperature of 45-60°F, but a consistent room temperature of 68-77°F will suffice. Keep your vanity in a cabinet or walk-in closet to maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

You are selecting a vanity with much storage space, such as drawers and shelves. This lets you store your skincare products in the dark, shielding them from harmful UV rays. A sudden increase in temperature softens the item, while a rapid decrease in temperature hardens it. These rapid changes in the molecular composition of the product will degrade its performance.

Keep your makeup vanity away from heat devices, such as radiators, because this can damage your products. Invest in a compact and ergonomic vanity, such as a small corner vanity, to keep the furniture away from your room’s heat sources. These designs take up less space than other vanity options and can be tucked away in the corner of your room, out of the way.

Putting your makeup vanity beside your bed is a great idea if you have a small bedroom. Because of its placement, it can be used for various purposes, such as a makeup vanity, a study desk, or a bedside reading table. Bedside makeup vanities are typically smaller than other vanity models and frequently include ergonomic features. 

Where Is The Best Place For A Vanity

If you have a small bedroom and want to maximize space, place your makeup vanity at the foot of your bed, as the mirror will create the illusion of space in your room. The reflective properties of the mirror increase the brightness of your room by distributing light and making your bedroom appear larger.

If you don’t have much space but still want a luxurious dressing area, try putting your makeup vanity between your wardrobe and dresser drawers. By arranging your bedroom furniture along the wall, you maximize your floor space and make it easier to move around the room. 

How Do You Clean A Makeup Vanity?

Keeping your makeup vanity clean saves you time fumbling through your makeup routine. Furthermore, it creates a calm and luxurious space for pampering yourself. However, the cleaning products you use on your vanity top are essential for maintenance.

A solid-surface vanity top is made of a composite resin that is long-lasting and stain-resistant. Cleaning requires only mild soap or water; a mild abrasive is handy for tougher stains. Wiping up spills as they happen aids in keeping the vanity stain-free. 

How Do You Clean A Makeup Vanity?

Solid-surface vanities can also withstand mildly abrasive cleaners, so there’s no need to worry about rubbing the finish away. Consult the care section of the manufacturer’s manual for your specific vanity top, as recommended cleaners may differ depending on the brand or model.

Wooden vanity tops need far gentler cleaning products than solid surface tops do. Warm water, dishwashing liquid, and a soft cloth are all you need to clean your wooden surface. Avoid using abrasive and chemical-laden cleaning products and wire scouring pads. Oil your worktop regularly to keep it looking good and lasting long.

Glass vanity tops must be handled with a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratching the surface of the glass. Alternatively, invest in a microfiber cloth to protect your glass vanity top from scratches during cleaning. You can use a multi-purpose or glass cleaning product regularly. Never use paper towels to dry glass since they leave lint and streaks behind. 

Opt for mixing vinegar with distilled water as a more natural cleaning solution. This provides a streak-free and cost-effective cleaning agent. Soap water and a soft cloth will remove stains and spills!

How Do You Protect Your Vanity Top?

Using the correct cleaning products and keeping your vanity top away from excessive heat and moisture is vital in maintaining its condition. However, suitable protection is crucial in keeping your makeup vanity’s luster. 

Solid surface vanity tops do not need extensive cleaning and maintenance. However, if they are treated poorly, they can deteriorate over time. Some chemicals can cause damage to your solid surface vanity tops. Always consult the manufacturer’s manual before using a product on your solid surface vanity top. 

Try thoroughly washing stubborn stains with water or full-strength bleach, but don’t leave the bleach on your vanity top for more than five minutes. Prolonged contact with these chemicals will cause damage to your solid surface vanity top and require professional repair.

How Do You Protect Your Vanity Top

Wooden vanity tops need more specific protection against heat and moisture. Because vanity tops are coated in a much thinner protective coat to give them an elegant look, you must take extra precautions to prevent damage. 

Before changing furniture care products, thoroughly clean the surface of the furniture. Polish your wooden top at least three or four times a year but avoid excessive polishing as it forms a cloudy residue. Furthermore, do not interchange polish products since they can interact and leave your top feeling gummy. 

Polish provides some protection against moisture and scratches, aids in the removal of dirt and surface smudges, and improves the patina of your piece by increasing the luster of the surfaces.

Glass vanity tops are generally impervious to products and are heat-treated, so you do not have to consider protecting your glass vanity top too much. However, these tops are susceptible to scratches; therefore, it is advised that you treat them with a microfiber cloth or a soft sponge. 


The space where you pamper yourself is as important as your beauty routine. Adding personal touches to your makeup vanity will ensure you get the most out of your ritual. Therefore, your makeup vanity should be equipped with the following essential items:

• A mirror

• Good natural lighting

• A comfortable seat

• Personal mementos

• Adequate storage

• Fragrances

• Accessory organizers


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