Everything You Need To Know About Left Arm Facing Sectional Sofas

Everything You Need To Know About Left Arm Facing Sectional Sofas

Decorating your living room can be a fun thing to do when you first move in. You can choose the theme, colors, and accents, but the sofa is one of the most important pieces. Sectional sofas have returned in popularity, and sometimes you can find yourself with a left-facing type.

With sectionals, you will find that the way you organize your room maybe a little more limited. You can’t do layouts as you would with a regular sofa without making your room feel smaller. Here is everything you need to know about a left arm facing sectional sofa.

What Does It Mean To Be Left Arm Facing?

There are two types of sections: a right-facing and a left-facing armchair. This refers to which side the arm is placed on the sectional piece. So a left arm facing sectional is an arm on the left side of the sofa with nothing on the right side when looking at the furniture. 

A right-facing sectional is the opposite. The sofa’s arm will be on the right side rather than the left, and there will be nothing on the left side. Traditionally, sofas come set up as a right-facing sectional, but you will find many available left-sided sectionals as well.

You will see other sectionals that don’t even have a left or right arm facing and are more L-shaped. These types of sectionals usually have recliners on either end rather than having a chaise on one end.

Which Way Should My Sectional Face?

It is often best to make sure that the left side is up against the wall with a left-facing sectional. When you put the arm of the sectional where it is at the open side of the floor plan, you are decreasing the size of your room. Here is why.

When you put the arm of the chair free-standing and away from the wall (unless you have a huge living room), you are cutting off space in your room. It makes the room feel crowded like you don’t have free access to the living room.

Usually a left or right-facing sectional will have a chaise. If you aren’t for sure whether or not your sectional is left-facing, identity where the chaise is. The chaise will be on the left side with a left-facing sectional.

There is no exact science to which your sectional should face, whether left facing or right facing. This is all depending on what would fit best in your living room. Both types are quite popular, and often you can choose which side the arm is on.

The Best Layout For A Sectional

Sometimes sectionals can limit how you layout your living room, but it doesn’t always have to be so. This layout can change depending on your floor plan and the size of your sectional.

The biggest thing to remember when setting up a sectional is not to put the right side of a left-facing sectional against the wall. This not only looks strange but will make your sectional feel crowded with less space. You don’t want your guests feeling that way when they are over.

You don’t have to have the left side against the wall if you don’t want to. You can just have the back of the sectional against the wall and still have the seating feel open. You want to make the sectional the centerpiece of your layout and then place your furniture appropriately based on that placement.

Try not to go too bulky on any surrounding furniture as it will just make your living room seem more crowded. A small side table at each end will do and if you have an ottoman, make that an area where someone can set their things. You don’t want to overdo it with your furniture.

Best Floor Plan For A Sectional

You can have your sectional in all sorts of floor plans. The success of decorating your living room with a sectional is based on how you organize the room, but the best types of floor plans for a sectional are open or a large living rooms.

If you have a smaller living room, be careful with the size of your sectional. It can take up a lot of space and make your area feel more crowded than necessary. Just keep in mind that if you do get a sectional, it can take up quite a bit of space. 

Open floor plans and a larger living room allow you more freedom to pick a sectional as well as decide where you want to place it. You will also have more options of other furniture to accent your sectional. You don’t have to resort to smaller pieces.

How Much Are Sectionals?

Sectional couches are like buying a full sofa set, so the price is about the same as getting a sofa set. This can range from two thousand dollars to an upward amount of eight thousand dollars. It all depends on what style, fabric, and size of the sectional you are choosing.

You may find some under two thousand dollars, but they are usually smaller or made of cheaper fabric. These cheaper sectionals will not be name brands. You can find some on clearance for a great price, but there is the risk that they may have scratches or blemishes already on them.

Putting A Sectional Together

Putting A Sectional Together

Unlike many a traditional sofa, you will have to put your sectional together if it hasn’t been put together by a professional. This is because you won’t transfer your sectional from the store to your house or apartment. 

These parts of the sectional are configured to be attached with metal brackets. If you are doing it independently, you can do this, but it is easier to have a helping hand to hold the sections in place while connecting them through the brackets.

You should only need a Phillips screwdriver or a flat tip. The company will let you know what you need, and if they don’t, make sure to ask for the tools you will need to assemble your sectional. They should also be giving you layouts of how to assemble it.

From there, it shouldn’t take too much to install your sectional. You just need to attach the brackets using the tools and parts provided. Make sure the screws and brackets are secure so that your sectional doesn’t accidentally separate when you sit down on it.

Sectionals Vs. Traditional Sofas

Sectionals and traditional sofas have their pros and cons. This is all depending on what someone wants and how it fits into their style. Here are some of the differences between sectionals and a traditional sofa:

SectionalsTraditional Sofas
More seating room.Limited arrangement within the living room.More room to spread out and lay on.SturdierCan mismatch types of seating within the sofa sets.More options for floor plans.Can limit seating.More fabric options.Can exclude any unwanted styles within the set.

Both sectionals and traditional sofa sets can be around the same price. If you decide only to buy a couch within the sofa set, you will be saving some money, but it will not be near the seating amount as if you were to get a sectional.

In the end, it boils down to your preference. Sectionals have become increasingly popular as they were out of style for a while due to their bulkiness. But with a bigger floor plan, a sectional might be a better option.

The Best Fabric For A Sectional

You will find that the price of your sectional can change drastically based on the fabric. If you are looking for durable and long-lasting fabric, leather is the route to go. Leather is great when you have children or pets because it is easy to clean and maintain.

Remember that leather will cause the price to go up, though. Real leather is quite expensive. You can get fake leather, but fake leather often ends up chipping or peeling off as it wears down. You can decide whether the costs are worth the leather or not.

For cheaper options, look at cotton or wool upholstery on your sectional. You will find that these will save you money. These aren’t as easy to clean as leather, but they will also provide you with varying colors and patterns that leather can’t do.

How To Find The Best Sectional For You

Putting A Sectional Together

There are many brands and styles out there that are well-made and beautiful, but in the end, you need to find the one that best suits you. One sectional that is perfect for one person may not be perfect for you.

Here are the considerations you need to think about when choosing the sectional that best suits you:

  • Do your research.
  • Who lives with you.
  • Think about size.
  • Make a list.
  • Figure out your budget.

Do Your Research

When buying a large piece of furniture, you will want to do some research. Research the brands and take into consideration some of the reviews. You can gather information about your favorites and see which one will best suit you.

You don’t want to bring home a piece of furniture you spent a lot of money on to find that it breaks easily. Don’t consider all the reviews, but you may want to steer away from that brand if there are hundreds of bad reviews.

Who Lives With You

Everyone loves to get a durable piece of furniture, but you may want to consider what fabric to get depending on who lives with you. If you have children and pets, you will want to steer away from certain fabrics that capture stains and spills. You want something easy to clean.

Different types of leathers may be the best option, but other fabrics are easy to clean you can choose from. Nylon is quite durable and cheaper than leather. You may want to stay away from silk or wool fabrics as these are harder to get rid of any stains.

Think About Size

Not only should you consider the size of your living room, but you will also need to consider the size of your sectional. If you misjudge the size of your sectional, then it could make things difficult for you when arranging your room.

The more space your sectional takes means that you will have less room for other pieces of furniture. You don’t want to overcrowd your living room with large-sized furniture. Take into consideration all your furniture and what would complement your sectional the best.

Make A-List

Make a list of what you want your sectional to have. If you want it to have a specific fabric or color, write that down. This can help you narrow down between choices. Make a list of things you won’t budge on and a list of items you would compromise with. 

You can also make a list of things you don’t want to get rid of any sectionals on your list. You don’t want to be bothered with a long list of options. This can add unnecessary stress.

Figure Out Your Budget

A sectional is a big commitment moneywise. For a brand new sectional, you will be spending several thousands of dollars. Any reputable brand will be selling it even more, and don’t even think you will find a cheap leather sectional.

Everyone likes to find the best deals, but you will still need to fork up some cash unless you want to buy something used. Figure out what is within your budget. Finding the max, you will spend will help you eliminate any sectionals that were on your list.

How To Decorate Your Sectional

How To Decorate Your Sectional

Your sectional will be the focus of your room. This is because your sectional is the largest piece of furniture, so it is best to make this piece the attraction. You can decorate it in so many ways that will add color and flavor to your room.

Here are some ways you can decorate your sectional:

  • Implement throw pillows.
  • Add a blanket.
  • Decorate the ottoman.
  • Add different fabrics.
  • Accent with patterns.

Implement Throw Pillows

Pillows are not only great to add comfort to your sectional when you have guests over, but they are great to decorate to spice things up. The wonderful thing about pillows is that you can switch them up or change the colors and patterns when you get tired of your old themes.

Try using pillows of different sizes, textures, patterns, and colors to give your living room some life. This can accent your room and make it seem brighter. The brighter your room, the more welcoming and larger it will seem.

Add A Blanket

Blankets are both conventional and can also help add some layers to your living room. It is great to have a blanket around that you can grab when you are cold. It is also great to have available for guests so they can use it without needing to ask. It makes your house feel homier.

You can use a blanket to accent the color of your sectional, or you can use it to brighten up the room. Add a blanket with patterns to give your room new life. You can even change your blanket with the changing of seasons or holidays to change up the themes.

You can position these blankets anywhere you like. They can lay on the ottoman, chaise, or even the back of the sectional. The options are endless with a blanket and you will find that you can change it based on your mood. Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Decorate The Ottoman

Some sectionals will come with ottomans. If yours does, don’t just let your ottoman take up space. You can use it almost like a coffee table. You can add a mat to provide some color or texture. 

Add a tray with a few decorations or even some reading material. It will give your living room some class while adding a spot for storage. This can be the spot you set your remotes for easy access, or you can use this area to set other objects.

Here are some decorations you can add to your ottoman:

  • Mat
  • Vase
  • Tray
  • Books or magazines
  • Candles
  • A plant
  • A decorative piece

Add Different Fabrics

Don’t just settle with adding one kind of fabric. If you have a leather sectional, you don’t want the pillows, and other objects to all are leather. It will make your living room look one-dimensional and sort of bland. Adding a variety of fabrics will give your room depth. 

Accent With Patterns

You don’t want your room to be void of any kind of pattern or texture. This can make your room bland and seem almost like a business place. Use your decorations like pillows and blankets to accent the room with patterns. You can even hand artwork or pictures to accent the furniture.


Left arm-facing sectionals are great to have in your home. They are easy to decorate and provide a comfortable spot to lay down at the end of the workday. You can spread out and enjoy your favorite TV show while you wind down.


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