The Best Hidden Toy Storage for Living Rooms

Toy Storage for Living Rooms

Toys can take up a lot of space and begin to overwhelm your living space if you are not careful.  While toys are quite minimal when children are very little, as they grow, the size and the number of toys do.  Because of this, many people are left wondering what they can do to either minimize the visual of the toy or hide them.

When it comes to hiding toys from view in the living room or other areas of your home, there are many creative options on the market to help.  Choosing the best method for hiding toys will depend on both the size of the toys being hidden, your style preferences, and the size of the space you are trying to hide them in. 

In this article, you will learn about some of the best options when it comes to hidden toy storage for your living room. 

Types of Hidden Storage

Typically, we think of storage options that are not only practical but aesthetically pleasing as well.  When it comes to hidden toy storage, the same thoughts come into play.  There are many ways to secure toys. 


If you have ever looked for a basket for any purpose, you will likely find hundreds of options in size and color.  Baskets appropriate for toy storage are no exception.  There are baskets with hard or soft sides as well as with and without lids. Depending on the space you are keeping the basket in, you may opt for an option with a lid or without. 

Baskets are versatile for storing small toys because they can be left on the floor or strategically placed on a shelf.  Depending on the size of your baskets, you may be able to use a trendy box style shelf that has a cubby for each basket.  If choosing this option, you want to make sure the style and size of the baskets fit with the shelf to ensure a clean look. 

Globo Cotton Basket

This basket has an amazing, clean look that fits well into many design styles.  It is a rather large basket, so it would need to be placed in a location on the floor.  It would be ideal for toys, stuffed animals, or even blankies. 

Cotton Rope Storage Basketshelf

These baskets come as a set of two and are of a small size.  They would look wonderful on a shelf in the living room. There are no lids on the baskets, so you would want to make sure they could both hold the toys in question as well as fit into the desired shelf. 


If baskets are not your style, you could also resort to placing a cupboard in your living room.  When you think of a cupboard, you may be thinking of the kitchen or a large standing object.  While these are both options that you could use, it is not likely.  

When choosing a cupboard, you need to keep aesthetics as well as safety in mind.  The larger the cupboard, the more important it is to secure it so it doesn’t accidentally tip over when little hands are getting toys.  

Cupboards are a great option if you don’t want to deal with many bins or baskets when it comes to storing toys away from sight. In addition, you can find cupboards that easily fit into your décor, whether it be modern or antique. 

Wood Wall Storage Cabinet

This cupboard has a rustic, farmhouse appeal with barn-style doors that slide to be opened or closed.  It appears that it would be easy to secure to the wall or floor to prevent mishaps from occurring.  You may wish to put a child safety latch on it to prevent pinched fingers from the door. 

Accent Storage Cabinet

This cupboard is unique in that it could serve two purposes.  It is a long cupboard with closing doors on each side and two open shelves in the middle. Second, because there is a large flat top, you could use it to display photos or other decorations in the living room. 

Built-in Cabinets

If you live in a home with adequate space, you may opt to put in your built-in cabinets.  This is a great way to include the storage right into your decoration theme.  Typically, built-in cabinets are positioned beside a focal point in the room, such as a fireplace or a location wired for the TV.  

When choosing built-in storage, you will want to make sure it can serve a dual purpose, such as hidden storage as well as a decorative flare.  It is also important to consider how you could utilize the storage once there are no more toys to put into it.  Also, consider the size of the toys being stored.  It may be beneficial to include a built-in that will house large toys, as these can be the most difficult to camouflage. 

(Source: Crazy Wonderful)

Coffee tables

Gone are the days of a simple coffee table.  Now you can find coffee tables that double as hidden storage with either the use of shelves under the top or a removable top that reveals a deep storage chamber. 

It is important to remember that although pleasing to the eye, these coffee tables can be cumbersome if you need to move them, especially with extra toys on board in the hidden compartments.  

(Source: Ryobi Tools)

Lift Top Coffee Table

This coffee table appears to be quite normal until you lift the top off, which is attached to hinges so it can remain in place once open.  Because there are open shelves on this coffee table, there is not a huge amount of hidden storage, but it would be enough for board games, books, or other activities that are small in size. 

Sliding Door Coffee Table

The unique feature of this coffee table is the location of the storage.  All storage is underneath the table itself.  It almost has a trunk-like feel.  To access the storage area, you need to slide a door to the side.  This cannot hide toys, but it is also crafted, so it is easy to access without moving anything from the top of the coffee table. 

Window Seat

If you have the luxury of large windows or a series of windows in your living room, you may be able to have window seats constructed.  Not only will they add a unique design feature to the room and added seating, but they are also fantastic ways to hide toys.  Most window seats are about 24 inches high, which means you have a lot of extra space under them for storage. 

This is one of the most multi-purpose options for hidden storage because window seats are both secure and can be functional in day-to-day life at your home.  You can use the window seats to store various items as time goes on.  

(Source: Start at Home Décor)


It is important to remember that bookshelves do not just need to be used for storing books.  If you have a few empty shelves in your living room, you can easily turn these into hidden storage locations.  When using shelves, you will likely want to invest in several decorative baskets to help hide the toys.  These baskets can be cloth, wicker, wood, or even woven cotton.  The type you choose depends on your style. 


Most living rooms have at least one ottoman, if not more.  While most ottomans are a solid piece of furniture created to rest your weary feet on, there are options that were made to be used as hidden storage.  These ottomans have a top that easily lifts off to reveal a large space to store things.  Typically, this space would be used for extra blankets, but you could also easily store toys. 

Tufted Storage Ottoman

This ottoman has a formal appearance with a tufted seating area.  It comes in a rectangular shape with an easy-to-remove top.  Small legs hold up the ottoman on each corner, so there is space under the piece of furniture.  

Wide Square Ottoman

This ottoman is quite large, so the space you are placing it in will be a factor.  The lid of this ottoman does not come completely off. Instead, it is held in place by metal brackets when lifted.  There is a lot of space for storage in this ottoman because of its size. 

Ottoman Cube

If you are working with limited space, you may choose to use a smaller, cube-shaped ottoman to stow away toys.  This is a 15-inch cube, so the number of toys that could fit inside would be quite minimal. 

(Source: Fatherly)


One decorative touch that is quite popular in homes is the use of a trunk.  Typically trunks are made of heavy wood, and they are often a focal point in a room.  Because of their increased popularity, you can find trunks in a variety of sizes and styles.  The unique aspect of using a trunk as hidden storage is that it can be used to put things on top of as well and may even double as an ottoman. 

Pyramid Storage Trunk

This trunk is made of heavy wood and is not shaped like a typical rectangular trunk.  Instead, the sides slant inwards, providing an upside-down pyramid appearance.  It could easily double as a storage table or coffee table. However, if you are storing things inside, you need to consider the true function as a table. 

Classic Storage Trunk

This trunk has the exact appearance you may imagine when you think of a trunk. It is a rectangular piece of furniture with a deep storage area.  It would compliment many different design styles as well.  Because of the flat top, it could easily double as a coffee table or storage cabinet. Again, it would be best to think about what you are putting on top because it will need to be moved each time the trunk is opened. 

(Source: Just the Woods)

So Many Options

As you can see, there are many different options available when hiding toys in your living room.  When you get ready to choose the best option for you and your home, you need to do the following things.

Measure the space you are putting the storage in.  There is nothing more visually unappealing than furniture that is too large or too small for space.  It will also make movement in the room difficult if the correct size isn’t used. 

Think of the toys that you are trying to conceal. If you have very minimal storage needs, then it would likely not benefit you to research window seats and built-in cabinets.  For the time being, maybe a shelf with baskets would suffice. 

Budget: Storage options can be very expensive.  Before you begin “shopping,” you need to develop a budget and stick to it.  Remembering, as your child grows, so will the size of the toys, at least until the only toy option is electronics that are quite compact. Find items that fit within your budget and the necessary dimensions. 

Style is an important part of finding the best storage. For example, if you have a farmhouse theme in your home, you will likely not want a modern storage option because it won’t fit with the rest of your décor. 

It would help if you also remembered that styles could change frequently. Therefore, you want to choose something that can be timeless.  This will ensure that you aren’t on the hunt for storage each year styles change. 

If you keep these things in mind when you begin searching for the best option to use for hiding toys in your living room, you will likely be much more successful and happy in your pursuit.

How Can I Hide my Big Toys?

Hiding small toys is quite simple.  With a few baskets, drawers, or shelves, you can likely hide most of the small toys in your living room.  However, large toys present a challenge when it comes to storing and hiding them. 

It is important to understand that not all toys will be able to be hidden.  For example, if you have a 4-foot tall play castle in your living room, you will likely be hard-pressed to find any storage option that completely hides it, aside from throwing a blanket over it or moving it.

For other large toy options, the best things you could use would be:

  • X-tra Large Toy Boxes that look like chests or ottomans. 
  • Window seats 
  • Tall built-in cabinets

As you can see, these options are likely permanent because they are not easily moved.  Because of this, you want to make sure they fit with the style of your home.  It is also important to look at the size of toys you are trying to hide and determine if moving them to a different location would be a more viable option. 

Why Hide Toys?

If you thrive on keeping a super tidy house with very few things out of place, there is no question about why you would want to hide toys from view.  However, many people don’t mind organized chaos and likely don; ‘t mind the view of toys.  


Many people prefer to hide toys, not to keep the fact that they have children a secret, but rather to protect themselves and others.  Yes, you are reading that correctly; hiding toys can be a form of protection. If you have ever stepped on a stray lego or action figure, you can sympathize with the need for tucking these little weapons away and out of sight. 


If the living room is the location you choose to gather with your family or friends to relax, the last thing you want to see is an unruly pile of toys in the corner of the room.  Studies have shown that a disorganized space can cause added stress and make it difficult for people to unwind from their day.  


The number one reason people would prefer to hide away toys is that they thrive on organization.  If there are piles of toys scattered around the room, there is likely no organization which is tough for many.  By having a specific place for toys, the element of organization is evident. 

Cost of Hidden Storage

When you visit a store and begin looking at storage options, you may feel a bit of sticker shock.  While many options are expensive, you will be happy to know there are also many budget-friendly options.  When choosing storage and the amount you want to spend, you need to think about how long you want to have the storage option.  If this is a temporary option, you will likely not want to spend a lot.  However, if you want a long-term option, it would likely help to spend a bit more. 

Final Thoughts

Hiding toys in the living room does not have to be a difficult venture. However, it does need to be thought out and studied before jumping into a storage option.  You need to keep in mind the size of toys you are hiding and the length of time you wish to keep the storage options.  Another important thing to factor in is safety.  You want to make sure the storage option you choose can be baby-proofed to help limit risk. 


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