How Do I Get My Patio Furniture To Stay In Place?

Do I Get My Patio Furniture To Stay In Place?

Inclement weather conditions can cause your patio furniture to blow around your garden. Securing it in place will keep the furniture from becoming damaged while simultaneously saving you time that would otherwise be spent running after the furniture spread around the garden.

You can employ several methods to ensure your patio furniture remains where it should. Firstly, ensuring you purchase heavy furniture will make a big difference. Barring this, you can plant a windbreak, secure it with bungee cords or anchors, or use simple sandbags to weigh it down.

Patio furniture is a major asset that brings a different dimension of enjoyment to your outdoor living spaces. You must protect these investments as far as possible. This includes preventing the furniture from being blown around. You should also keep your furniture safe from sun damage, rain, and the accumulation of dirt.

How Do I Get My Patio Furniture To Stay In Place?

Several options are available to you that will help keep your patio furniture in place when the weather makes a turn for the worst. Some of these methods are more expensive than others, and some are more long-term solutions than quick fixes. 

By investigating the different options, you will find the solution that works best for your circumstances. This includes the specific aspects of your outdoor space and the furniture itself.

Purchase Heavy Outdoor Furniture

urchase Heavy Outdoor Furniture

Suppose you have not yet purchased your outdoor furniture. In that case, you are in a fortunate position. You can specifically select furniture that will not easily be moved when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Some materials used in outdoor furniture are heavier and therefore less easy for the wind to move than others. When purchasing your furniture, bear this in mind.

Heavy materials that are less likely to be affected by strong winds are wrought iron, dense and solid wood, solid steel, and cast aluminum. Check the weight of the furniture when viewing it. If it is difficult for you to pick up, the chances are it will be equally difficult for the wind to move it.

Deck Down Anchors

Deck Down Anchors are specifically produced for the purposes of keeping outdoor furniture in place. Bear in mind that these will only work in the instance that your outdoor area has a deck and not another type of floor finish.

These cleverly-designed anchors are secured to the legs of the furniture in question, and then the other end is slid through the anchor attached to the deck itself. While these devices are great at keeping your furniture in place, it can become a more difficult task to move the furniture whenever this may be required.

Plant A Windbreak

While this is more of a long-term solution than a quick fix, a windbreak can go a long way in keeping your furniture in place. This is a less direct approach that requires no intervention with the actual furniture.

By planting a windbreak along the windward side of the property, you will significantly reduce the amount of wind that is able to pass through the space. With less wind in your outdoor areas, the furniture is far less likely to be moved around.

A planted windbreak has the added advantage of significantly boosting the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces by creating a green barrier that simultaneously provides privacy.

Stack Your Furniture

While this is not the ideal solution as it will require you to move your furniture every time the wind becomes strong, stacking your outdoor furniture may be a temporary solution that will not require any financial expenditure.

By stacking your furniture in a corner, you are keeping it away from the direct forces of the wind, making it less likely to be moved should the wind start to pick up in strength. The added advantage of stacking your furniture is that you will increase the weight, making it more difficult for the wind to move.

Weighted Umbrella Bases

How Do I Get My Patio Furniture To Stay In Place?

If the only item of outdoor furniture that needs weighing down is your umbrella, always ensure you opt for a weighted umbrella base. These bases are made of an extremely solid material such as granite or concrete, or they are hollow and filled with either sand or water to give them the weight they need to stay in place.

An extremely heavy umbrella base also presents the opportunity for other items to be attached to it in order to anchor these items down.

Heavy-duty Furniture Covers

Heavy-duty furniture covers will not only protect your furniture from dirt, moisture, and any other adverse effects of inclement weather, but they can also allow the wind to pass over the furniture without causing it to be lifted or moved. 

With a cover in place, the entire furniture set can also be tied together to add further security. This can be achieved by using bungee cords that will ensure the items all remain attached together as best as possible.

Earthquake Gel

This ingenious substance was originally invented to prevent glass surfaces from sliding and breaking during earthquakes. It can be applied to the bases of furniture items in order to ensure that they remain in place. Bear in mind that this can make it difficult to move the furniture with any regularity.


This is somewhat of an unattractive option, but it remains simultaneously effective and affordable. Placing sandbags on top of your outdoor furniture will increase its overall weight, thus preventing it from being easily lifted off the ground during strong wind conditions. 

When employing the use of sandbags, it is always best to do so when you have furniture covers in place, as these will protect the furniture from becoming damaged by the sandbags.

Stake & Anchor

Stake & Anchor
Stake & Anchor

If your outdoor furniture is placed on grass, you can make use of stakes that are driven into the ground (whether steel or timber) and then attach these stakes to the legs of the furniture. This will ensure that the furniture remains in place no matter the weather.


Previously, you might have thought it was a complete lost cause and that you would simply have to resign yourself to collecting your windblown furniture from several locations around the garden every time the weather turned bad. Thankfully, there are several options available to you that will assist in keeping your patio furniture in place no matter the weather conditions.

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