How Do You Choose A Rug For A Study Room?

How Do You Choose A Rug For A Study Room

With the advance of modern technology and other global influences, many people now work from their home office or study room. Creating a comfortable, quiet, and personal space in the study room benefits productivity and creativity. An essential part of the furnishings is the warmth and comfy feel that a rug brings to the aesthetics, but how do you choose a rug for a study room?

When choosing a rug for a study room, you should consider the room’s overall size, desk size, rug placement, décor, and room style. The position of the desk in the room and the type of rug, color, and pattern to suit the décor will all impact the rug choice.

The study room was once a quiet place to read or work on assignments. Now in modern times, it is also utilized as a home office. But why choose a rug for this room, and what do you look for when choosing a rug? 

How Do You Choose A Rug For A Study Room?

A rug acts as an anchor in a room and harmonizes the furnishings. Choose a rug that will fit in with the size of the room and the furnishings, and it must enhance the décor and express your style and personality.  

Adding a rug with a splash of color will transform the room and determine the ambiance of your study space.   Bright colors improve productivity and creativity, whereas subdued and neutral colors add a quiet calmness to the room.

Choose A Rug For Floor Protection

If your study room floor has a hardwood finish, you will need to protect it from indentations that can cause damage. The bottom of the desk can leave an indentation because of its weight, and a chair will leave scratch marks on wooden or hardwood floors from the continual dragging of the chair over the floor. Even chairs with casters will leave a mark on daily use.

Can A Rug Enhance The Comfort Level In A Study?

In cold or hot weather, a warm and soft rug under the feet is a luxurious feel that should be a part of the study room furnishings. A rug provides the room with insulation and will give your work and study space a warm and comfortable feel.

A Rug Enhance The Comfort Level In A Study

To minimize the noise in the room, choose a thicker rug that is most effective for soundproofing. You could add a rug underlay for softening to maximize sound reduction.

How To Place A Rug In A Study?

The desk is usually the focal point of a study room, where a rug can enhance the focus on the desk. The size and shape of the rug, and other equipment in the room, such as a copier, printer, or coffee station, should all be part of planning where to place the rug. Desks come in different sizes and designs and should be considered when positioning the rug.

The ideal placement would be under the desk and chair, leaving at least 18”- 24” larger than the desk size. Remember to place chairs intended for guests on the other side of the desk, on the rug. Use runners in front of equipment or a coffee station if they do not fit on the area rug. Also, ensure that the rug is not in the way of the door that opens into the study room.

For desks against the wall, the rug is placed in front of the desk and under the chair so that a smaller rug would be suitable. Placing the rug here, you can still feel the softness under your feet. 

Rugs come in different shapes – round, square, and rectangular. Mix different shapes, e.g., a round rug with a square desk, or place a square rug turned in a diamond shape in front of a desk that stands against a wall for an eccentric look.  

What Is The Right Size Rug For A Study?

The Right Size Rug For A Study

Below is a summary of desk sizes and the rug size that is best suited. All the rugs are placed under the desk and chair, except when stipulated otherwise. There should be at least 18” of space between the edge of the rug and the base trim of the wall.

Desk Type and its PositionDesk SizeRug Size

Wall desk (against the wall) Computer Desk (center) Writing Desk (center)
5’ x 2’.5” 4’ x 1’.8” 5’ x 2’.5”
4’ x 6’ (under the chair only) 5’ x 8’ 5’ x 8’
Executive Desk (center)
6’ x 2” (at the front) and 3’ x 1.3” (at the side)

8’ x 10’ 8’ round rug
Corner Desk (center)
4’ long (on one side) and 5’ long (on another side)

4’ x 4’ 4’ round rug

A rug should give a welcoming and comfortable feel but still be functional, so choosing the right size rug is essential to create this harmony.   

What Color Rug To Choose For A Study?

A study room does not need to be a serious space, so adding your personal touch and style to the rug’s color and shape will determine the room’s ambiance. Various colors bring a different feel to the room; the right color will enhance the work and study environment. Here is an example of some of the colors for a study room rug:

  • Yellow is the color for maintaining attention and encourages creativity
  • Orange will increase alertness
  • Blue creates a sense of well-being
  • Green and Purple have a calming effect
  • Brown will help to reduce fatigue
  • Off-white gives a positive feeling

Rugs can be solid colors or come in various colored designs and patterns. Consider the color of the walls and furnishings when choosing the rug color.

Choosing A Patterned Rug For A Study

A study room usually has fewer soft furnishings, so create an impact with a patterned rug! The pattern on the floor will add depth while keeping the rest of the space simple. A Moroccan rug will add a splash of color, or a Monochromatic black and white graphic rug will add some focus on the floor. 

Moroccan Rug

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Monochromatic Rug

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To add more vibrancy to a neutral space, consider choosing a Persian rug in vibrant colors of pink and blue. If you prefer a more calming environment, choose earthy colors of brown, tan, cream, and white in the form of a beautiful Jute or Sisal rug. You could play around with different textures and add a sheepskin rug for a warm and cozy feel.  

Persian Rug

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Jute or Sisal Rug

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A striped grey and cream rug will stand out beautifully against deeper-colored walls of rich plum and forest green. Multicolored rugs in striking bold colors will enhance peacock blue or sunny yellow walls for that extra pop of color.

Multicolored Rugs

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An area rug is the best fit for a study room, but the size of the room, desk size, and other furnishings will determine which rug to choose. The choice of color or pattern of the rug should be in harmony with the décor of the room to create an ambiance suited to your personality and preferences. 


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