How Do You Match A Pillow To A Couch?

How Do You Match A Pillow To A Couch

The couch is a comfortable and cozy seat for chatting with friends or family, or it can be a formal couch reserved for guests and special occasions. Dressing up the couch with pillows anchors it and adds to its beauty. How do you match the pillow to the couch?

Match a pillow to a couch by choosing two or three dominant colors in the room and use the colors to tie the couch into the room’s style. Choose pillows in matching neutral, contrasting, or analog colors. Select solid-colored pillows for patterned or striped couches or the other way around.

Adding pillows to a couch is not only stylish but also functional. A softness behind your back, extra support under your arms, and a soft landing for your head, pillows on the couch do all of that! Read on for guidelines and ideas on how to match pillows to your sofa!

How Do You Match A Pillow To A Couch?

A couch is usually the largest piece of furniture in a room and, at times, is also the focal point! Dressing up the couch to make it more visually attractive is essential in creating a beautiful and stylish ambiance in the room.  

Adding pillows to any couch is the best way to accessorize and show off the couch by adding a touch of drama, toning down a busy room, or quietly adding a dash of color to a neutral or minimalistic space. Pillows are less costly; you can change them to give the couch a new facelift or match the season or festive occasions.

But how do you match the pillow to a couch? It’s not too daunting if you follow these basic guidelines:

How Do You Match A Pillow To A Couch?

How To Choose The Pillow For A Couch?

When choosing the color scheme for pillows, find the dominant colors in the room and build off them. Pick up on hues from the wall color, an area rug, or find inspiration from other upholstery in the room. Choose 2 or 3 dominant colors to help tie the couch into the room’s style. 

Once you choose your colors, keep to a similar tone by adding darker and lighter shades in solid colors or patterned fabrics. 

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Choosing Solid Color Pillows For A Couch

Add solid color pillows to all couches, including striped and floral. Rooms filled with colors, such as patterned curtains or a patterned couch, tone down the color by adding solid-colored pillows in softer and lighter shades of the same or contrasting colors to the couch. Solid colors will draw attention to the couch and create a uniform look.

In rooms that are more subdued with neutral colors and a solid-colored couch, choose pillows in either pastel colors for a soft touch of color or the same neutral color as the couch. Or choose a darker neutral shade to showcase the light color of the couch (beige couch, add coffee or chocolate brown-colored pillows). 

Choosing Solid Color Pillows For A Couch

Add pillows in bright contrasting colors (white couch with purple and pink pillows) for an eye-catching result. Use analog colors such as blue and green or orange and yellow for a splash of color to a tan, white or blue couch. Matching the pillows to the dominant colors in the room and the couch will create a balanced and cohesive color palette.

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How To Choose Striped And Patterned Pillows For A Couch?

Pair solid-colored couches with striped and patterned pillows in bright, pale, or neutral colors. 

Choose Striped And Patterned Pillows For A Couch
  • Patterned fabric comes in big, bold flowers, polka dots, chevrons, geometrics, or monochromes. An example would be a blue couch with a bright yellow sunflower patterned pillow or a gray couch with a pink and white chevron patterned pillow.
  • Choose patterned or striped pillows of the same muted colors for a neutral-color-toned couch and décor such as white, beige, or tan. Animal prints or beautiful embroidered tapestry fabric make stunning pillow covers against neutral-colored couches. 
  • Striped pillows can be bold, bright, or pin-striped in contrasting or analog colors. (Red and white, or orange and pink). Pair gold and beige or black and silver stripes on dark or light-colored couches for a glittering effect.
  • Mix and match patterned or striped with solid-colored pillows (blue couch with pink and purple florals, match with a lighter or darker shade of purple or pink solid-colored pillow).  
  • Or, in the center of the couch, place a large print and a small print pillow of the same coloring with two solid pillows in the same hue to create a sense of depth. Place the large print on the outer side and the smaller print in the center with solid colors on either side. 
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What Decorative Pillows Can I Choose For A Couch?

Pillows embellished with fringe or lace trim look lovely on beige or white couches. Or you could add a navy blue with a gold fringe pillow to a yellow or mustard color couch for a stunning effect.

Other embellishments, such as beads, buttons, handwoven brocades, rope braids, tassels, or sequins, add extra dimension and a bit of bling to the décor. Embellished pillows will match well with solid-colored couches.

Are Pillow Textures Best For A Couch?

Mixing soft and coarse-textured pillows will make the couch more attractive and inviting. Choose textures such as linen, cotton, wool, velvet, faux fur, tweed, or leather, but opt for the textures you like to touch. 

Pillow Textures Are Best For A Couch

An example would be a solid-colored navy-blue couch, adding a velvet solid-colored burgundy pillow and pairing it with soft pink floral linen. Add a soft beige faux fur pillow for a warm, plush look and feel. 

Choosing heavier fabrics that won’t slide off the leather for leather couches is essential. Avoid silky or satin fabric; instead, opt for velvet or tweed, or the best option would be to use heavy down-filled pillows (duck or goose feathers).

How To Choose Size And Shape For Couch Pillows?

Choose Size And Shape For Couch Pillows

Pillows should always be in relation to the size of the couch. As a rule, an odd number is the most natural and inviting pillow arrangement. For one layer, use the same solid color fabric for a square pillow on the sides of the couch and a contrasting color or pattern/stripe for a lumbar-shaped pillow in the center of the couch, or vice versa. 

For two layers, place a larger pillow at the back and the smaller pillow in front at the sides of the couch. Place another large square pillow behind the lumbar pillow in the center for balance. Keep the patterned and solid-colored pillows symmetrical for a pleasing look easy on the eye.

For Long and deep couches, choose pillows one size larger than regular couches. On sectional couches, place 3- or 4-layer pillows in different sizes on each end, or you can place three layers down the full length of the couch. Mix and match solid and patterned/striped pillows to the color of the couch or accent colors in the room.  

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You could match asymmetrical (uneven) pillows when opting for more than one layer on the couch. As mentioned above, a square pillow behind the lumbar pillow, or you could place a round pillow in front of a larger square pillow at the sides of the couch. Instead of a square, use round pillows to create a fun and bohemian look for a single-layer placement. 

Here are some examples of how to match pillow size with couch size:

Couch Size (Width)PlacementPillow ShapePillow Size
Regular – 72″- 89″Sides2 x Square22” x 22”
Regular – 72″- 89″Center1 x Lumbar14” H x 20” W
Regular – 72″- 89″2nd Layer Sides2 x Square20” x 20”
Regular – 72″- 89″2nd Layer in middle1 x Square22” x 22”

* You could add a 3rd layer. Choose pillows in 1 size smaller than for layer 2

Couch Size (Width)PlacementPillow ShapePillow Size
Small – Less Than 72″Sides or Side2 x Square17” x 20”
Small – Less Than 72″Center in Front1 x Lumbar13” H x 19” W

* You could add a 2nd layer. Choose pillows in 1 size smaller than for layer 1


When matching a pillow to a couch, choose 2 or 3 dominant colors in the room to bring the couch into the room’s color palette. Match solid-colored pillows to floral or striped couches and add floral, striped, or solid colors to plain-colored couches.  

Mixing patterned and solid-colored pillows and different pillow sizes and shapes to adorn the couch is like creating art. The key is to keep the colors and patterns well-balanced to create a cohesive and uncluttered feel to the room.

Pillows add style and comfort and bring out the beauty of a couch!


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