How Long Do Recliner Sofas Last?

How Long Do Recliner Sofas Last

Recliner sofas make for a comfortable and relaxing piece of furniture. Whether you want the comfort or practicality of this piece of furniture, you may be considering which option of recliner is best. You want a recliner to last you throughout the years. So, are recliner sofas a good way to spend your money?

Recliner sofas last typically from seven to 15 years, but the average lifespan is about 10 years. The lifetime of a recliner sofa depends on the frequency of use and the material of the sofa. Longevity can also depend on the quality of the sofa recliner you buy.

When buying a reclining sofa there are certain details to look for to make sure you are purchasing a sofa that is durable, comfortable, and worth the money. Keep reading to learn more about recliner sofas and to understand how to make your recliner sofa last longer. It is important to take into consideration the material, frequency of use, and types of reclining sofas available before making a purchase.

How Reliable Are Power Reclining Sofas?

Typically, recliner sofas last around 10 years. The lifespan can range anywhere from seven to 15 years. When buying a sofa recliner, knowing your options and what will last throughout the years of wear and tear. 

There are many different variables to take into consideration before making this large purchase. Each detail plays a different role in how well your sofa recliner will hold up, so it is important to know what to look for if you are on the market for a sofa recliner.

Sofa Recliner Materials

The material plays a big role in the wear and tear of the reclining sofa. This is also important for not only comfort but outward appearance. Typically, recliner sofas are made of one of the following materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Microfibers
  • Leather

Each material offers different recliner durability. It is also suggested to buy reclining sofas with a cushion density of 1.9 or higher to prolong the lifespan of your sofa. 


Vinyl is typically used to mimic leather upholstery. This material does not hold up well and tends to crack and tear after some use. If you are looking for a reclining sofa that will hold up, avoid buying anything made of this material. 

Vinyl is a very cheap material. Vinyl should be avoided for all major furniture purchases because it will not hold up throughout years of use. Depending on how frequently your reclining sofa will be used, this material will typically only last about two to five years. 

If you are planning on making your reclining sofa the most used piece of furniture, do not buy vinyl.


Synthetic microfibers generally hold up well throughout years of use. This is likely the most practical material for reclining sofas. This material is the easiest to clean and is durable throughout wear and tear.

Microfiber material looks best for a more formal setting. If you have a family or are prone to messes, there are also stainless versions of this material. 


Leather upholstery is going to be the most durable fabric for your reclining sofa. This fabric will hold up the most throughout the years and will not wear down as easily as other fabrics.

If you have a pet or plan on frequently using your sofa recliner, leather would be the best choice.

While this is the most expensive fabric, it is going to hold up the best throughout the years. If you are looking for a sofa recliner to last for a long time, leather is the best choice. Leather will significantly expand the life of your sofa recliner.

How Often Will You Use Your Sofa Recliner?

How frequently you plan on using your reclining sofa will also determine how long your sofa will last throughout the years. Whether you plan on using it often or more as a decorative piece, this will affect your reclining sofa in different ways.

If you are planning on frequently using your reclining sofa, this will obviously decrease the length of time that your sofa will last. With frequent use, it is best to purchase a reclining sofa with microfiber or leather upholstery. These materials will hold up better throughout years of frequent use.

If you are not planning on using your reclining sofa often, you could go the more affordable route and purchase a reclining sofa with microfiber upholstery. With infrequent and little use, your reclining sofa will last longer. 

Different Types of Reclining Sofas

There are three different types of recliner sofas. There are:

  • Motorized 
  • Latch
  • Manual

Each of these types of sofas plays a different role in durability. Deciding which recliner you prefer will help in your decision on which sofa recliner to buy. 


Motorized reclining sofas are reclined using a motor within the couch. While these are easier to use than a latch or manual recliner, you could run into electrical malfunctions after some use.

These recliners are best for the elderly or people who struggle with mobility problems due to these being easier on the arms and do not require much effort to recline. These recliners can be the easier option, but they are more expensive and may have troubles in the future. If you are looking for a sofa recliner that will last you throughout years of use, these may not be the best option.


Recliner sofas that recline by pulling a latch are the most common type of recliners. These simply recline by pulling the latch. 

This type of recliner is going to be the best option if you are looking for a sofa recliner to last as long as possible. If the latch malfunctions, it is going to be an easier and cheaper fix than a motorized recliner. 


Manual recliners simply recline just by pushing backward on the back of the seat. These work similarly to a latch recliner just without the latch. These typically will last as long as a latch recliner but just require more effort to recline. 

This recliner is going to last about as long as a latch recliner. Depending on your preference, the latch and manual recliner are both great options and are more affordable and durable than a motorized recliner. 

Quality Recliner Sofas

This reclining sofa, made by Blackjack Furniture, is a latch recliner made of faux leather. This recliner is affordable, but due to the material of this sofa being polyurethane it may not hold up well throughout the years.

This reclining sofa from the AC Pacific Bill Collection is upholstered with microfiber. It is a latch recliner. This sofa will hold up well throughout the years especially with hardwood and metal framing. 

This reclining sofa from Seacraft is on the more expensive end. It is made of real leather and is a motorized recliner. It also has many other additional amenities. This reclining sofa comes with a USB port, cup holders, plug-ins, and more. Since this sofa is made of leather it will hold up well with frequent use. You may eventually run into electrical problems due to being a motorized recliner.


Reclining sofas are the ultimate piece of furniture that offers comfort and practicality. These make a great addition to living room pieces or in-home theater pieces. They offer maximum comfort and typically become the most frequently used piece of furniture. 

Since most recliner sofas are worth a pretty penny, you want to make the most of your money. When you go to your nearest furniture store be sure to ask a lot of questions about the fabric and durability of the sofa. Do not be afraid to test out the furniture and recliner if allowed. Most pieces of furniture go through durability tests, so keep that in mind to ask your salesperson. 

They are definitely worth the investment and when taken care of properly can last up to 10 years or longer!


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