How Much Do Reclining Sofas Weigh?

How Much Do Reclining Sofas Weigh

Whether you are in the market for a couch, looking to transport a couch you have, or are wondering out of curiosity, it can be useful to know how much reclining sofas weigh. Especially when you’re trying to move a reclining sofa, knowing how much weight you are dealing with can be the difference between successful transport and severe injury. So, how much do reclining sofas weigh?

Reclining sofas will weigh around 350 pounds. If you have a reclining loveseat, you may not have to deal with as much weight, while a four or five-seat reclining sofa can weigh much more. With a typical three-seat reclining couch, the weight is unlikely to stray far from 350 pounds.

Continue reading to learn more about how much reclining sofas weigh. This information is useful for placing, moving, or transporting your couch. Avoiding injury while moving a sofa is important. It is also essential to make sure other factors, such as a trailer you might transport the sofa on or the floor on which the couch will be sitting, stays in good shape.

How Much Does A 3-Seat Reclining Couch Weigh?

A three-seat reclining couch is going to weigh around 350 pounds. Thus, it is safe to say you should not be moving a piece of furniture that large all by yourself. Still, there are other factors that can affect the weight of your three-seat reclining couch: 

  • Material
  • Size
  • Cushions

The material with which the reclining couch is made heavily influences how much it will weigh. The chances are that most couches you have had were built with a wooden frame. This is typically the standard method of building the base frame of the couch, and then supplemental materials are added to cover it. Other times, however, couches can be made of a type of metal and, in rare cases, strong plastic.

A Reclining Sofa’s Typical Construction

For a reclining sofa, the materials used to make the couch capable of reclining will almost always be made of metal. So, that is guaranteed additional weight that sets a reclining sofa apart from a traditional sofa. Whether the rest of the frame is wooden or metal just depends on the manufacturing process.

When considering the fabric surrounding a reclining sofa, the type of material used is negligent to the weight. Yes, it does change the overall weight of the sofa, but think about it; If fabric the size of a bedsheet was thrown onto the couch, it would not make it any easier or more difficult to lift the reclining sofa. Fabrics are not important for gauging the weight of your couch as they can include textiles such as: 

  • Linen
  • Leather 
  • Polyester 
  • Cotton
  • And more

Another aspect that will affect the weight of your reclining sofa is how big the sofa is. As mentioned, a three-seat reclining sofa weighs around 350 pounds. However, as this is not the only type of reclining sofa, it is important to discuss different sizes.

The Size of the Sofa Makes A Difference When Tallying Weight

A two-seat couch, or loveseat, will weigh substantially less than a three-seat reclining sofa. The difference of that one space can cut the weight of the reclining sofa by ⅓, making most loveseat reclining sofas around 230 pounds. Still, this is a sufficient amount of weight. Similarly, a four or five-seat reclining sofa can weigh up to 500 pounds or much more.

The cushioning on your couch will also be a determining factor for its weight. One cushion alone may not seem like too much trouble, but if you have six or more cushions on your couch, that extra weight can be a nuisance when in the process of transporting them. If your cushions are not stitched to your couch, it is much easier to remove them before trying to move the frame of the couch.

So, three-seat reclining sofas weigh around 350 pounds, but miscellaneous construction features could add to or subtract from that weight making it more or less. In any case, if you are planning on moving a reclining sofa, the chances are that you should not be attempting to do so by yourself.

Why Is Knowing The Weight Of Your Reclining Sofa Useful?

It is important to figure out how much your reclining sofa weighs because having this information is beneficial whether you need to consider: 

  • Any heavy lifting 
  • How much support your floor has 
  • Or anything else like how much weight the sliders you’re going to place under it can handle

Most importantly, it is useful to know the weight of your reclining sofa if you are planning on moving it. Whether you buy it in-store and want to take it to your home without help from a delivery crew or you are moving from one home to another, you need to know how much your reclining sofa weighs.

As you have learned, a reclining sofa will typically weigh more than a traditional sofa. So, its size compared to its weight may be deceiving. Even with just two fairly strong people, it can still be tough to pick up and move your reclining sofa. Not only is it a difficult task because it is awkward, but it can also pose the threat of muscle, back, or joint injury.

Another reason you may want to think about the weight of your reclining couch involves the strength of your home’s framework. Of course, it is extremely rare that the weight of a couch is going to fall through an upper-level room, but it is still something to consider.

Suppose you live in an old house with thin, wood floors above a basement. Over time, a house suffers its fair share of wear and tear, and a heavy reclining sofa can further damage any parts of your home that may not be as stable as they used to be. If there are parts of your home where the floor caves in even slightly, you should consider a different area for the placement of your reclining sofa.

An additional but uncommon situation could also involve placing your reclining sofa outside. If you put it on a flimsy, poorly built wooden deck, that much weight can damage the entire structure sitting outside of your house. As a general rule, just make sure the area where you want to put your reclining sofa is strong enough to support the weight of both the sofa and the people on it.

Lastly, transporting your reclining couch requires the knowledge of how much it weighs. Depending on the type of trailer you have, the sofa may be too heavy. 

How To Move And Transport A Reclining Sofa

To move or transport your sofa, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Even if you are lucky enough to get it off the ground, you cannot comfortably move while holding a bulky, 350-pound piece of furniture. Doing so can result in serious injury to yourself and major damage in and around your home.

If you are moving your reclining sofa to your car in front of your house, you can get by without additional help aside from a few extra people. It is a good idea to have three physically capable people lifting the couch and carrying it to where it needs to go. 

However, maybe you are in an apartment building, and the long hallways, elevators, and stairs make it difficult to comfortably carry the reclining couch. Using a flat furniture dolly will make this process much easier. Simply lift the reclining sofa enough to place it on the dolly and roll the sofa where it needs to go. It might still be a good idea to have one or two more people helping you push and control the path of the dolly.

Lastly, make sure the trailer you use to transport your reclining sofa is strong enough to bear its weight by checking the weight capacity of your trailer before using it.


A three-seat reclining sofa weighs around 350 pounds, while smaller and larger reclining sofas will weigh less or more, respectively. Knowing how much your reclining sofa weighs is important for knowing where you can put it in your home, as well as the measurements you must take for moving or transporting it. As long as you make it a point to be careful in these situations, you should have no problem.



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