How Much Does it Cost to Build a Basement Bar?

Cost to Build a Basement Bar

Renovations and makeovers do mean money needs to be spent. Let’s see the estimated cost to build a basement bar.

The final cost heavily depends on what kind of basement bar you want to have as a result. It also depends on how much renovation is needed and how much custom or paid work you will do. In a nutshell, the cost of building a basement bar varies.

Let’s take a look at these variations below.

Building & Renovations: Cost

Here are some estimated cost details on building basement bars:

  • A home bar can cost anywhere from $500 to $22,500.
  • The average cost of building your bar at home is $8000.
  • Custom renovation and works cost between $5000 to $20,000.
  • Ready-made units cost between $800 to $6000.
  • Paid labor and hired designs cost between $200 to $8000

Now that you know the estimated price ranges for building the basement bar, let’s go into the further costs for electricity and plumbing.

Electric & Plumbing: Cost

Building a basement bar will require electric and plumbing work as well. These, too, come with an additional cost:

  • New electric wirings cost $450 to $1000.
  • Light installations cost $120 to $1000.
  • Electricians cost $50 to $100 every hour.
  • Plumbing installations cost $300 to $1800.
  • Sink installations cost $250 to $600.

Straightforward basement bars may not need electricity. However, if you want refrigerators, lights, and electric kitchen appliances, you need electricity in your basement bar. Proper electricity and plumbing will increase the value of your basement bar.

Basement Bar Furniture

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Basement Bar

Here are some estimates on some basement bar furniture. Prices vary from store to store; usually, find a better deal online.

  • The sofa cost $400 to $1200.
  • Small Sectional Sofa cost $500 to $800.
  • Large Sectional Sofa cost $700 to $2500.
  • Bar Unit Cabinet costs $250 to $1650
  • Bar Table costs $75 to $250.
  • Bar Stools cost $60 to $300 Each Stool.
  • Bar Carts cost $70 to $280.
  • Wine Rack costs $30 to $100.
  • The wine Refrigerator costs $150 to $4000.

This list gives an idea more, like what you’ll spend on basement bar furniture. With the right furniture and decor, your basement bar will

How to Save Money When Building a Basement Bar?

Right Size Bar Cabinets

Knowing the desired outcome of your basement bar will help you decide where you can save money.

Here are some tips to save money when building your basement bar:

  • Stick to buying premade items.
  • Convert cabinetries you already have into basement bar cabinetries. 
  • Get creative and DIY your basement bar artwork and decorations. 
  • If possible, do some of the handy work yourself.

Custom-built objects are more likely to please your style, especially if you have a specific style. Custom items built by craftspersons will ensure the items fit well in shape and size and look into your basement bar. However, premade items will save you more money than custom-made items.

This includes the bigger things, like fridges and bar counters, and the small things, like artwork.


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