How to Buy Bedding for a Daybed: Everything Considered

Bedding for a Daybed

Buying bedding for your daybed does not have to be a terrible experience, and it should not keep you from getting a daybed. Daybeds are versatile and attractive pieces of furniture to have in your home. They work for a bedroom, a reading nook, or even a home office. The bedding you choose for your daybed will only accentuate the room it is in. Now the question is, where do you start when you want to buy daybed bedding?

How to buy daybed bedding? Before you buy bedding, consider the décor of the room, the size of the bed, and the warmth needs. The sheet set will be fairly standard. You may even want a blanket layer. But the comforter is where you’ll look for something special in style, size, and warmth.

Deciding on what kind of bedding to get for your day bed depends on the type of daybed you have, the size the daybed is, and the style of bedding you want for it. These are but a few of the things that need to be considered before picking out your daybed bedding. 

Does a Daybed Require Special Bedding?

The bedding required for a daybed does not have to be anything too special. The sheets for a daybed are generally the same fit as any regular set of sheets. The pillow covers and shams do not really matter in this case because it is whatever size pillow you decide on. The comforter is where you run into some trouble. If the comforter isn’t meant for a daybed, it will have a lot of excess fabric hanging off the corners or bunched up at the ends. 

There are plenty of comforters that are meant to be used on a daybed. Especially if you are only planned on sitting on it most of the time or using the daybed as decoration. They are easy enough to find by just typing in “daybed comforter” into your google search bar and you will get a whole lot of options to buy. But there is more to consider before you do that.

Daybed Bedding Sets

Most of the bedding you will be able to find for a daybed is a bedding set. A set like this will usually include the linens, sham pillows, a bed skirt, and the comforter. This is probably where you will get more bang for your buck. By getting a daybed bedding set you guarantee that all of the pieces will fit correctly as long as you buy the correct size for your mattress. There really is no going wrong with this option because you get everything you need in one go.

A lot of customers complain that the bed skirt is more trouble than it’s worth. If you don’t know what a bed skirt is, it is the fabric that you place under the mattress so that it hangs over the bottom half of the bed in order to hide the gap between the bed and the floor. It is mostly for aesthetics, but it really pulls the look together. A bed skirt comes in handy when you are using the space beneath the bed for storage or you have a trundle bed that has not been made up. 

Daybed Bedspreads and Comforters: What’s the Difference?

A comforter for a daybed is generally only used for sleep. This is because they are oftentimes very plush and fit the bed just enough to cover whoever is laying in the bed. They are also shaped like a comforter you would usually use for your regular bed, so if you were to make your daybed up with a comforter you would have a lot of excessive fabric. In order to combat that you would simply fold in the corners and tuck them to make a triangular shape. 

A bedspread isn’t meant to be used for sleep. It is usually made out of the same material as a comforter, but a bedspread is extra-long and can sometimes even free you from needing to get a bed skirt as well. That is because a bedspread can be made so long that it will reach the floor when the bed is made. You can also find them short enough that you can use a bed skirt if that is what you prefer. The decision is yours to make and there is plenty to choose from. 

Bedspreads are usually used for a daybed that will primarily be used as a seating area instead of a bed. An example of this is if you use a daybed in a reading room that doubles as a guest room. Unless you have guests often, the daybed will likely stay made up. In some cases, people even get a daybed for decoration in their sunroom or to take up extra space to make their home feel cozier. You don’t even necessarily need to use the daybed, but they sure are comfortable. 

Daybed Bed Skirts and Why They Are So Nifty

Bed skirts for daybeds can come one of two ways, to cover all four sides of the bed or to only cover the front. They are often called dust ruffles and pettiskirts and bring together the entire look of your daybed. Bed skirts were made for decorative purposes, but they work well for other things, too. One purpose a bed skirt serves is to keep dust from getting under your bed. The great thing about this is that it lessens the amount of cleaning you need to keep up with. 

Be skirts are also great to cover the trundle bed or the legs of the daybed in order to keep your daybed looking clean and pristine. This is also helpful when you use the space under the bed for storage. A daybed bed skirt works well to cover the mess without making it look like you are hiding anything under there. They are meant to reach the floor, just barely brushing the floor. If they are any longer, they wrinkle and bunch up at the very bottom.

Bed Skirts That Only Cover the Front of the Daybed

Some bed skirts are only meant to cover the front of the daybed. Because of this, you will likely be able to see under the bed on either end of the daybed. An instance that is good to use a bed skirt that only covers the front is when you use a trundle bed with your daybed. A trundle bed is less likely to look disorderly in the overall image a daybed has in your home. So, it is less of a necessity to cover it. In this case, it doesn’t even matter if the trundle bed is made up. 

These bed skirts are oftentimes cheaper because it is only one short piece of fabric. They usually have a very simple style to them, either with a plain, tailored, gathered, or a pleated design. There are a few ways that you can put them on your day bed. The first is with velcro strips attach to bed support under the mattress. This technique can be extremely convenient when you need to get under the daybed regularly to get into storage, pull out the trundle bed, or clean. 

The next technique you can do to put your bed skirt in place is to use special pins. This technique will only work on daybeds that are made of wood or upholstered. It won’t work on a metal daybed because there won’t be anywhere for the pins to push into. This technique is best for a daybed that is primarily used as a decorative piece of furniture because taking the bed skirt off of the bed can be inconvenient. 

The last technique you can use is a different style of bed skirts. This kind of bed skirt is much like a sheet with a frilly edge. The sheet lays flat on the daybed frame underneath the mattress. This type of bed skirt works well in a child’s room because you can’t detach it from the rest of the sheet. 

Bed Skirts That Cover All Sides of the Daybed

The other type of bed skirt covers all sides of the daybed. The ways this type of bed skirt can be put on the bed work the same way as the bed skirts that only cover the front of the bed. By pinning or velcroing the bed skirt to the bed, you give yourself the opportunity to have some easy access to the space underneath the bed. The only setback to these two techniques is that it will take an awful lot of pins or velcro to attach the bed skirt to the bed. 

Bed skirts that are similar to bed sheets are handy because you don’t need to worry about maneuvering around the side panels of the bed in order to put the bed skirt in its place. As long as the bed skirt is laid out flat on the base of the daybed frame and the sides of the bed skirt fall over the edges neatly when you lay the mattress down on top of it the ruffles will fall elegantly.

You may run into an issue with the edges bunching up it isn’t the right size or design for the daybed. You also want to be sure you measure the distance between the top of the base of the daybed to the floor to be sure that you buy the correct length for your bed. If the bed skirt is too short, then you will still be able to see under the bed and it defeats the purpose of putting a bed skirt on the bed. If the bed skirt is too long, then it will bunch up on the floor and look tacky.

Can a Regular Comforter Fit on a Daybed?

The size of the mattress allows for a regular comforter to fit on a daybed. The problem is that regular comforters are not meant to be tucked and drooped over a mattress as a daybed calls for. It is completely possible to use a regular comforter as a daybed cover, especially if you do not mind the fabric that is bunched up in the corners. It will fit the bed just fine and serve its purpose when you need it to.

On the other hand, if the bunch up fabric does annoy you and you are handy with a needle and thread, you can easily transform a regular comforter into a daybed comforter with a few snips and a sew. The first thing you will need to do is lay the comforter out on the daybed upside down and let it hang like it is supposed to. Mark the front corners with vertical lines where the comforter hits the corners of the bed and cut along the lines.

Next, you will need to measure across the front of the comforter and the length you want it to fall. The length is important to know because if you have a bed skirt, you will need to measure to just above that. If you don’t have a bed skirt, you will want the comforter to reach the floor. Once you have your measurements, cut along the lines to make the comforter the perfect size for the daybed. 

For the corners of the comforter that you initially cute, you can use bias binding. You will need four of there to measure one inch more than the corners you cute. After you cut your bunding, pin all four to the corners of your comforter. Once they are pinned sew them to the comforter. 

Next, use the same binding and cut a piece long enough for the bottom of the front portion of the comforter. Fold it over the edge of the comforter, pin it, and then sew it in place.

Once all of your sewing is done, all you need to do is lay it out right side up onto the daybed. This is how you keep the comforter from bunching up in the corners. It is a quick and easy, do it yourself trick that might save you a few dollars. 

When to Use a Regular Comforter

In some cases, daybed bedding isn’t practical to use on a daybed. That might sound a little crazy, especially because now you know how to make your own, but it’s true. If you plan on using the daybed to sleep in, you will want a regular comforter. A daybed comforter does not work all that well for sleep because the corners the keep the bedding from bunching also cause restriction when you are sleeping with it. 

Not only does it cause restriction, but the excess fabric that hangs over the edge of the bed to hide the mattress can pull the blanket off of you in the middle of the night because of all of the extra weight. It is even heavier if you do not have a bed skirt and need a longer daybed comforter to hide the trundle bed. A daybed comforter just isn’t practical to sleep with. It is oddly shaped and top-heavy.

If you plan on using the daybed to sleep in on a daily basis, you would be better off just using a regular comforter. If you use a regular comforter you won’t have to worry about putting the blanket you sleep with away and making the bed with its specialized daybed comforter. Just laying the regular comforter out on the bed and folding one side down will make it look neat enough during the day without the hassle of switching out comforters twice a day every day. 

What is the Difference Between a Daybed, a Futon, and a Sleeper Sofa?

Daybeds are really unique in their own ways. In comparing them to other types of furniture that have similar features it is easy the charm daybeds hold. Unlike the daybed, futons and sleeper sofas are couches that convert into a bed. The daybed does not convert, but it does have the ability to double in size using a pop-up trundle bed. For a futon or a sleeper sofa, there is no way to make the bed larger; what you buy is what you get. 

Additionally, futons tend to be less comfortable because the bars that support the mattress can be easily felt through the mattress. Futon mattresses need to have the ability to bend in half, so they are oftentimes thinner than a regular mattress and don’t always last as long. Because of the design of a futon, they don’t often have additional features such as storage and they don’t traditionally have a spare bed.

Similarly, a sleeper sofa’s mattress folds into the couch, so the mattress has to have the ability to fold, which means the mattress is usually thinner and less comfortable. Fortunately, there are not bars digging into your body on a sleeper sofa. Because it is a couch when the bed is put away, there is no possible way to add storage or an additional bed like you can with a daybed.

Daybeds have many irreplaceable features that make them the best option out of the bunch. When they aren’t being used, they give your home a cozy atmosphere and double as storage. When they are being used, depending on the size you get, you can sleep an additional four adults in your home. It would be a tight fit if you tried doing that with a sleeper sofa or a futon. 

Possible Rooms and Uses for a Daybed

Daybeds are popular for guestrooms because they take up such little space and do well for additional storage. Additionally, daybeds are perfect for sleeping double the amount of people you would normally be able to have over. Even though they are perfect for the spare bedroom, there are many other ways to use a daybed. 

The Reading Room or Sunroom

Because daybeds take up such little space and are extremely comfortable, they are perfect for a room that you might lounge in for extended periods of time. To make matters even better daybeds tend to brighten up any room they are in. That means that by putting light-colored bedding on a daybed, you can automatically make your room feel more open with a much lighter atmosphere. 

A Patio

If you didn’t know it, some daybeds are made for outdoor use. The material of the bed frame is made to last in rain or snow, and you can even get an outdoor mattress and bedding to go on it. This type of fabric is less cozy than a daybed meant to stay indoors, but it can definitely bring your patio to a whole new level. Moreover, outdoor daybeds aren’t always square-shaped. You can find large round or oval daybeds with attached canopies to lounge in. 

Teenager’s or Child’s Room

Daybeds make the perfect bed for the young generations. It gives your teenager a sense of uniqueness and is perfect for any sleepovers your younger child might have. The trundle bed makes it the perfect type of bed to use for such an event for any age kid. If your children don’t often have friends stay the night, then you could easily convert the space to storage for extra clothes or toys. It is not recommended for a child under the age of three to sleep in a daybed. 

Your Bedroom

Though you might not have considered it for yourself, a daybed could be a great option for you personally. They are comfortable and you can easily double the size of the bed with a pop-up trundle bed. If a trundle bed is out of the question for you, there is the option of looking into a queen or king-sized daybed with storage built into the bed. This will give you a unique and cozy atmosphere a daybed can give while not sacrificing your bed size and gaining additional storage.

Throw Pillows and Why They Are Handy

If you plan on using your daybed as primarily a seating area and only occasionally an extra place to sleep more people than it is a good idea to add some throw pillows to the sides and back of the bed. Without the pillows, the bed can be uncomfortable to sit on because you will be leaning against a hard wood or metal surface and it tends to dig into your body. 

For a short period of time, this won’t be a problem, but if your daybed is in your reading room, sunroom, or on your patio it will make any long term lounging uncomfortable. This is especially true for a daybed on a patio. These kinds of daybeds are often round with an attached canopy, so they almost need to have pillows on the daybed to be able to layout without damaging the canopy. 

Throw pillows in your child’s room might also be a good idea as a preventative measure. Kids are accident prone, so some extra padding on the hard edges of their daybed might save you from any unpleasant accidents or scary injuries. Throw pillows can also add a lot of color and life to your daybed design without dumping too much money into it. To give your kiddos room that extra splash of color without breaking the bank is just another positive result of throw pillows.


Daybeds are the ultimate bed. They are so versatile that you could probably have one in every room of your house and use each one differently. With the use of a trundle bed, you gain extra sleep areas. Without the trundle bed, you can gain extra storage. The style and design of a daybed bring a warm and sometimes cheery atmosphere to your home and they are very comfortable. 

The great thing about daybeds is that you can use any kind of linen set you want with them. The mattress size is the same as a regular bed mattress. They only difference in bedding is the shape of the comforter. Essentially, a daybed comforter is a large rectangle with each corner cut out. This design allows the comforter to lay flat on the bed without any bunching or excessive fabric droop. 

If you don’t want to buy any special bedding for your daybed, that is perfectly fine. If you are going to be using the daybed on a daily basis, it might actually be in your best interest to continue using a regular comforter. If you want the special bedding but can’t afford it, all it takes is a few cuts and a little bit of sewing to any comforter of your choosing, to make a perfectly good daybed comforter. 

At the end of the day, the decision is yours. If you want a bed set that will lay flat on your daybed in a neat and tidy fashion, you will need to buy the special bedding for it. If it doesn’t matter to you whether or not there is extra fabric than a regular comforter will work perfectly fine. 


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