How to Hide a Trundle Bed: 5 Brilliant Hacks

Hide Trundle Bed

Having a trundle bed tucked away can be a great way to have space for guests to sleep if you lack a formal guest room or often host large get-togethers and need the extra bed. With their wheeled legged and slim design, trundle beds save on space and are easy to move, and there are numerous creative storage solutions for them. 

Here’s a list of 5 brilliant hacks to hide a trundle bed in your home:

  1. Under-bed trundle
  2. Faux-drawer pull-out
  3. Bottom bunk trundle bed
  4. Platform pull-out
  5. Sofa slider

As convenient as trundle beds can be, you don’t want to deal with a temporary bed that constantly gets in your way or detracts from your home décor. So, keep reading to learn about these amazing trundle bed hacks to discover which one will work best for your interior design style and needs.

Under-Bed Trundle

The simplest way that you can store your trundle best is to keep it hidden underneath another bed in your home. If you already have a guest room or you just need an extra bed for family or friends that you’re comfortable sharing a room with, this straightforward trundle storage is a great option.

 Trundle beds are simply low-profile beds on a wheeled platform. So, the main concern here will be making sure that you have the necessary clearance under the larger bed frame and/or a low enough trundle bed.

 Depending on the style of the bedroom where you’ll be keeping your extra bed, open storage, where the sides and legs of the trundle bed are visible when tucked away, may be sufficient. Most standalone trundle beds are designed to be streamlined and minimalistic, so if you coordinate the bedding on both beds, having open storage of your trundle bed can look quite seamless with the rest of the room.

 On the other hand, if you’d prefer a more discreet way of storing your trundle bed, you can always add a simple bed skirt to hide the sides and legs from view. 

 Additionally, if an approachable DIY project appeals to you, consider making your own trundle bed. This will allow you to customize the height and design of the trundle bed to fit your space and decor, and there are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials available online. Also, if you already have a workable bed that simply needs a height adjustment, you can easily cut down or remove the legs and attach rolling legs that will allow you to move and store your new trundle bed easily.

Faux-Drawer Pull-Out

Now, if you want to store your trundle bed under another bed in your home but you’re looking for a more sophisticated option, step your interior design game up and try a faux-drawer trundle bed.

There are countless examples for design inspiration that you can check out online to explore the unfitness options that this hack provides. In general, have a faux-drawer trundle bed means that the second mattress sits on a low-to-the-ground bed frame that sits on a sliding track that runs underneath a larger bed frame.

 Then, on the outwardly facing side of the trundle bed, fake drawer panels and handles give the appearance of under-bed storage that disguises the bed inside. This option is amazing for keeping your extra bed hidden and consistent with your decor. By changing the color and texture of the paneling and the drawer handles, you can modify the look of the bed from sleek and modern to classic and traditional.

 That’s true whether you decide to buy a premise version or choose to DIY your own. The ways that you can personalize this are seemingly endless, and if you take your time when buying or building your own, it will definitely pay off in the end, delivering satisfying interior design while providing convenient guest space for visiting family and friends.

Bottom-Bunk Pull-Out

Another twist on the under-bed trundle is the bottom-bunk pull-out version. If you tend to have multiple family members saying over or your kids have friends who stay over to sleep frequently, you’re likely to have little guests running around that will appreciate this option. 

 Unlike older guests, younger guests will be more likely to see to a low bed attached to their best friend or cousin’s bed as an adventure rather than a challenge to their knees and backs. Also, a bottom-bunk trundle provides a great way to stash more kids in one room, which can be a logistical help during the holidays.

 If you explore the many trundle-bunk bed combos that are on the market, you’ll see that many of them incorporate the faux-drawer design element previously mentioned. Many of these bed combos have high-design value and visual appeal, so rest assured that this secret 3-in-1 bed option doesn’t have to make your kids’ room look too much like a summer camp cabin when the trundle bed isn’t in use.

 If your kids already have a bunk bed, you can also still go the DIY route and build or modify an existing bed to act as a bottom-bunk trundle. Although these types of trundle beds typically sit in a bed base on a sliding rack, you can make a simply wheeled bed as long as you make sure that the dimensions fit under the bottom bed frame. Doing so this way may even make more sense long-term, as your kids will likely grow out of the bunk beds but a trundle bed will always be a convenient thing to have tucked away for visits with numerous guests.

Sofa Slider

The first few options we’ve gone over have all focused on how to hide a trundle in a bedroom, but actually, many trundle beds are designed to stack hidden underneath sofas. People who own trundle beds expect to often host several guests at once and/or have limited space that they need to get maximal use.

 Having a spare guest room can be a luxury, especially with the number of people working from home these days. If you don’t have a spare guest room or your extra bedroom is dedicated to work/school or something you aren’t interested in constantly rearranging, a sofa slider trundle bed is a great compromise.

 You might be thinking: why should I get a trundle bed if it’ll be kept underneath the sofa? That’s the same as getting a day bed or fold-out couch.

 If that’s a question in your mind, consider this. Unlike a day bed or a fold-out couch, which both compromise their construction as a bed to fulfill their purpose as living room furniture, neither option is suitably designed for comfortable sleep. In contrast, using a sofa slider trundle will allow you to get a sturdy couch will a real, but low, bed that will be much more comfortable for your guests.

 Because it doesn’t have to fold up and you can use any bed that will fit underneath your couch, you have a lot more options when it comes to trundle beds in comparison to choosing a day bed or fold-out couch. As a result, your guests will sleep a lot better, and you won’t have to compromise on form or function, as many of these trundle beds come with a front sofa panel that completely covers what lies behind it.

Platform-Pull Out

Finally, another option you should consider is creating a platform pull-out. This option is a bit more involved than the others on this list, but if you check out the many examples people have featured online, you’ll see that the results can be well worth the effort.

 If you are short on space, creating a level platform across a space like your bedroom, spare guest room, home office, or general living areas can be a great way to make use of as much space in your home as possible. As many people who have set up hobby projects in their home may already know, trying to organize your papers and possessions and moving around in a space occupied by a guest bed can be cumbersome.

 If the area where your guest bed is located is frequently used for other purposes, the floor space the bed takes up can be quite wasted. Building a corner-adjacent platform, whether for your office, a hang-out space, or your bedroom, can allow you to essentially work right on top of your trundle bed without losing the space it takes up when in use.

 Then, the trundle bed can sit on wheels and/or a sliding rack so that it can slide out from under the platform, providing an extra bed without getting in the way of your day to day activity. 

At the end of the day, however you choose to hide away your trundle bed, that’s what it should be for you: convenient, accessible, and useful. If you make sure to choose the trundle hiding hack that works best for your space and your needs, you’ll get the most out of owning your trundle bed. 


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