How To Select Curtain Color For Bedroom?

Curtain Color For Bedroom

A bedroom is a personal space to relax and unwind after a busy day, so choosing the right color theme and décor for furnishings and curtains is key to creating a calm and peaceful haven. But how do you select curtain color for the bedroom?

Select curtains for the bedroom by choosing complementary colors to match the room’s existing décor and wall color. Choose light or dark colors on the same or opposite side of the spectrum. Different colors are matched to create an ambiance of personal preference and choice.

Color is an essential factor to consider when choosing bedroom curtains. But what should be considered before making this choice?   Read on for ideas to help you decide.

How To Select Curtain Color For The Bedroom?

When choosing a color for the curtains in your bedroom, consider the room’s décor, like the furniture (light or dark), the wall color, and the soft furnishings (bed covering).  

The curtains and the décor should complement each other to create a harmonious and visually appealing look.  

Create a balanced and complementary look by choosing an existing accent color for your curtains, E.g., the accent color from an area rug, a piece of furniture, or the soft furnishings, or choose a color from decorative pillows or throws or a shade darker than the wall color.

Begin by visualizing the feel that you want for your room. Do you want your curtains to be the focal point, or do you want them to blend in with the décor? Here are a few ideas and tips to help you select curtains for your bedroom!

Choosing Neutral Shades For Bedroom Curtains

Choosing Neutral Shades For Bedroom Curtains

If you are looking for a more neutral look in your bedroom, you don’t always have to tie in the color of your curtain with the room’s accent colors. You can opt for sheer curtains of a neutral color like white or beige that won’t make a bold statement but rather blend in with the rest of the décor. 

Layer sheer white curtains with outer curtains of thicker material for privacy and a more formal look. Choose a neutral color such as white, gray, or beige for the curtains and create an elegant and relaxed feel to the room. White curtains will look fresh and invigorating and make small rooms appear larger.  

Beautiful white sheer curtains with lace edging or embroidered stripes or emblems will look stunning in the bedroom. Sheer curtains also come in soft pastel colors to add a soft touch of color.

How To Choose Complementary Colors For Bedroom Curtains?

If your bedroom color is predominantly neutral with white, tan, or beige, opt for a complementary (opposite) color on the color wheel. Choose bright green, blue, or black for white tones, and match beige tones with navy, gold, red, or black. Tan will match white, black, yellow, soft pink, or teal.

Colors in a bedroom also match well with curtains in opposite colors and create a visually striking look. E.g., You could choose red curtains with navy bedding and pale blue walls for more colorful hues or pale yellow walls paired with bright blue or purple curtains.

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Choosing Dark Color Curtains For The Bedroom

Choosing Dark Color Curtains For The Bedroom

Dark colors will always dominate a bedroom, and very little light will penetrate through. If the furniture in the room is solid and heavy pieces and the ceilings are high and expressive artwork adorns the walls, then heavy dark-colored drapes will look good in this bedroom.  

Matching dark and light colors of the same color in a bedroom creates a lovely cohesive look. An example is hanging dark burgundy curtains against a light purple wall and adding accent shades of purple to the soft furnishings. Or, if the wall is painted light green, hanging emerald-green curtains will create a lovely contrasting look, and the curtains will stand out in the room.

When To Use Light Color Curtains For The Bedroom

Choose more gentle pastel colors for a soothing effect; these colors look great in bedrooms with a neutral tone. Pastels support the calm ambiance of the room but will still give you a slight visual impact.  

Light-colored curtains are well suited to bedrooms with direct sunlight as they bounce the sun’s rays away, keeping the room cooler. Pair light-colored curtains with walls painted in a darker shade for a more colorful impact: E.g., burgundy walls with soft pink curtains.

When To Use Light Color Curtains For The Bedroom

Choosing Bright Colored Bedroom Curtains?

Solid, brightly colored curtains will energize the room with splashes of vibrant color. Bright colors look great with neutral-colored walls, and the soft furnishing is a paler shade of the same color as the curtains. The colors that are best for the bedroom are:

  • Red is a warm color for energy and passion 
  • Green is an excellent refreshing color for relaxation
  • Blue is a cool, calm, and peaceful color
  • Yellow is a warm and inviting color
  • Turquoise is a cool color for inner harmony
  • Purple creates a pale pink light which is very calming
Bright Colored Bedroom Curtains

Don’t use too many bright and vivid colors in the bedroom, as this could overwhelm you and give the room a less calming ambiance. Avoid hanging bright-colored curtains in bedrooms that receive a lot of sunlight as the colors fade, or opt for lined curtains.

How To Choose Patterned Fabric For Bedroom Curtains?

Be cautious when you choose patterned fabric for your curtains. Think of patterned curtains as wall art to add color and visual appeal to the room.   You can add curtains with patterns if the soft furnishings and area rug are solid colors.   Add a decorative pillow in a different pattern but with the same coloring as the curtains.  

 Patterned Fabric For Bedroom Curtains

Big and bold patterns will make the curtains a talking point if the rest of the room is a soft and muted color. At least one color of the pattern should be the same or of a lighter shade than the wall color. An example would be light gray walls with pale soft green or blue furnishings and patterned curtains in dark blue, light gray, and bright green shades.  

Color-striped curtains look beautiful in bedrooms, and one of the stripes should match the wall color. Remember that too many different patterns in one room will create a distracting and clashing effect!

Choosing A Monochrome Effect For Bedroom Curtains

If you want a monochrome look for a unified and soothing space, pair curtains with a darker shade than the wall color. For example, opt for burnt-orange-colored curtains if the walls are a shade of apricot. Or, if the walls are burgundy, choose curtains of a pale pink color.

Choose Curtain Rods And Tiebacks For Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom Curtains Be Short

Choose curtain rods that tie in with the room’s color scheme. If the furniture is white, choose white curtain rods; if the furniture is wood, choose a darker wood color.  

If the room has gold tones, use brass-colored rods; if the light fixtures are metal and the room has gray accents, stainless steel rods will blend in well. For a timeless and classic look, choose a brushed metal curtain rod to match any décor.

Tiebacks accentuate the curtains, so choose a color that compliments the curtain color. Solid-colored tiebacks match patterned curtains; select the same pattern as the bedcover or decorative cushions for solid-colored curtains. 

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Selecting a color for the bedroom curtains should be easier with the guidelines and ideas discussed in this article. Always match the color of the bedroom curtains to the wall color, furniture, and the room’s soft furnishings. Choose matching, contrasting, bright, dark, or light-colored curtains to create a harmonious feel and personal style for your bedroom.


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