How To Store Wine If You Don’t Have A Cellar

How To Store Wine If You Don't Have A Cellar

Many people have impressive wine collections stored in wine caves or cellars that meet the criteria for protecting the wine. If a wine cellar is not a possibility, you can cultivate some very creative ideas to store your wine. 

Wine must be kept within a specific temperature range. Wine should be kept in a safe, convenient area where the wine is not compromised or damaged. 

You should also know that wine bottles need to be kept in a certain position so that the wine does hit the cork. You can also keep it in a wine fridge, which is specially designed for wine. Read this article and discover more about how to store wine if you do not have a cellar. 

How Would I Store Wine Without Having a Wine Cellar?

Wine needs to be kept somewhere with a cool temperature that does not fluctuate. Even if you do not plan on saving the wine for years, it is important to store it correctly. The following includes information about the best (and worst) way to keep your wine safe and palatable.

Keep Away from Light

Sunlight is not suitable for wine, as wine is sensitive to damaging light rays, especially ultra-violet rays and fluorescent lighting. If wine is subjected to light enough to change, it is called “light-struck.” When wine is light-struck, it tastes and smells bad. 

Research has demonstrated that even if wine is only exposed to the sun for a short period, it still negatively affects the wine. You should also keep wine away from windows and sunrooms. 

Wine is kept in dark-colored bottles to protect it from the sun, as transparent glass does not protect from visible light. Green glass is somewhere in the middle, while amber-colored glass provides the most protection. 

Store Somewhere with a Cool and Steady Temperature

Cooler temperatures, such as 14 to 18 degrees Celsius, or near 57 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit are the most appropriate for storing wine. The most critical factor in keeping wine is storing it somewhere at an even temperature. 

The kitchen and the laundry room are not good for storing wine. Many people do tend to keep their wine on a wine rack in the kitchen. However, the kitchen is typically one of the most well-lit rooms in the house, which can degrade the quality of the wine. 

As far as humidity goes, somewhere between 50 and 80 percent humidity is optimal. 

Keep Away from Exterior Walls

Keep your wine away from any area close to the windows or near places where light can affect it. You would be wise to store wine in closets or storage spaces under the stairs. If the temperature is too warm, the wine can become flat and lose its naturally palatable taste. 

Ideally, you want to store wine at temperatures between 48 and 68 degrees. These temperatures cover all wines from white to red and sparkling wines. This temperature range is nice, and even and your wine will not be exposed to either extreme. 

Keep Wine in Position

Store your wine bottles on their sides rather than keep them upright long-term. When kept upright, the wine is not hitting the cork. The cork begins to dry out, which results in a wine that is poor in quality. It is fine to do this for a very short time.

For the most part, if the cork does not stay in constant contact with the wine, it can become dry. However, bottles with screw caps can be kept upright and not have any issues. 

Do Not Store in Garages or Storage Sheds

While it may seem like storing wine in your garage or shed is a good idea, it is not recommended. These areas are typically very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. The overall temperature fluctuates too much. 

These areas may also be used to store harmful items, such as cleaning products and petrol. These substances can travel through the cork and end up in the wine. 

Do Not Store Wine on Top of the Refrigerator

It may be convenient for you, but not for the wine. Keeping wine on top of your refrigerator can compromise its integrity. The vibrations that your fridge gives off when the compressor cycles on and off or when the ice maker makes the ice can change the natural state of the wine. 

When it changes the state of the wine, it affects the aging process. Another reason you should not store your wine on top of the fridge because the refrigerator produces heat. While the compressor is trying to keep the inside of the fridge cold, it emits heat.  

Also, the top of your fridge is most likely close to light fixtures. Light bulbs emit a lot of heat, which ages the wine prematurely. 

Keep Your Wine in a Safe Place 

Keep Your Wine in a Safe Place 

A vacant storage area in your house can be used for storing wine. If you can find a dark and stable place in temperature, this is the perfect place to store your wine. You may want to consider a separate cooling unit specifically made for keeping your wine.

If it is a small space, this may be an affordable option. The more money and time you put into your wine-drinking ritual, the more you may want to consider options that involve purchasing a nice storage space. 

A wine cooler is a standalone unit you can store wine in. The pricier units may have various temperature zones in which you can keep your red wine at a specific temperature and your white wines cool and chilled. 

If you cannot have a wine cellar, a wine cooler is a great option. The type of refrigerator should depend on how much wine you need to store and how much room you have to keep it. You can go with a more basic option, but you may want to get a fridge with special features. 

If you purchase a fridge with these features, you will control the temperature and the humidity in the refrigerator. The following are some popular fridges available for purchase. 

NutriChef Countertop Red & White Wine Refrigerator

This cooler can hold up to 24 bottles of wine. You can adjust the temperature, and there is vertical and horizontal storage. The fridge is free-standing. 

Koldfront Wine Cooler

This fridge can hold 24 bottles of wine. It contains shelves that pull out. It has a dual temperature, and it is free-standing. It is both stylish and efficient. 

Wine Enthusiast Slimline Upright Bottle Wine Cooler

This fridge holds 18 bottles, And you can modify the temperature. It contains shelves that pull out. It has Vertical and horizontal storage, and it is slender enough to fit into small spaces.

What if You Do Not Have a Wine Refrigerator? 

There are some creative ways to store wine if you do not own a fridge. It would be best to find the right place to store your wine, so it is convenient for you. The following are unique ways to keep wine:

Cabinet Door

You can flip a cabinet drawer on its side and position it into the wall, and it will look like a more expensive DIY project. You can store your wine in the drawer. It will offer the setup some personality.

Custom Made Wood Hexagons  

Each sleeve can be placed one on top of the other or on the side with wood hexagons. You can store your wine in a hexagon. They can also be placed vertically or next to another hexagon. 

French Riddling Rack

These racks are charming as wine bottle displays. You can also get creative and place an empty bottle from a special occasion on the bottom and put some pretty flowers in it. This setup looks classy on a buffet in the dining room or the front entrance.  

Wine Bottle Cubbies

You can place these in any area with space, but they will not be too conspicuous. They look terrific going from the floor to the ceiling. 

Wall Mounted Wine Bar 

This bar is the ultimate setup for the avid wine bottle collector who cannot afford a full wine cart. While this is vertical wine storage at its finest, you will still need to rotate the bottles to maintain the integrity of the wine. 

Brass Hanging Rack

This rack is an excellent option if you have certain wines you want on display. It hangs on the wall and looks positively divine. Make sure you have some nice vintages in your collection. 

Wet Bar 

This option features glass-enclosed liquor and wine storage. Wine bottles look sheik and well put together when up high up in classic storage space. It also works well for entertaining. Who doesn’t love a wet bar?

Vintage Library Cabinet 

This piece of furniture looks stately and inspired, as you can take bookshelves and make them into cozy cubbies for your wine bottles. The drawers are great for storing single bottles. 

Can you store wine at room temperature?

Even though it is not recommended, you can store wine at room temperature. It can be stored this way for years. The main criteria necessary for it to remain intact includes:

  • Controlled Air Temperature
  • Controlled Light Exposure
  • Limit Vibrations
  • Be mindful of humidity levels

Technically, room temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While this is not an ideal temperature to store wine, it is doable if you make the above efforts. Below describes how to store both red and white wines:

Red Wines  

Red wines can be stored at room temperature if they are kept out of direct light. Red wine is good at room temperature when it is held at 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be in a dark place with low humidity. 

White Wine

White wine is usually better chilled, but you can keep it at room temperature. You can also keep white wine between 48 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit. It also needs to be said that plenty of people keep white wine for years and then chill it and serve it.  

Rose Wine

You should store rose wine around 46 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. If a rose is kept out, you should put it in the fridge for a few minutes prior to serving to reach the proper temperature. If you keep the rose in the refrigerator, you may need to keep it out for a few minutes before serving. 

How do You Store Wine Without a Cork?

It is common to have company come and drink wine in your home, only to find the corks are missing the next day. When this happens, you probably worry that the wine will go bad. Fret not, as there are various ways you can seal wine without using a cork:

  • Use a wine stopper
  • Tin foil 
  • Use a vacuum seal
  • Reduce Surface Area Producer
  • Use a paper towel
  • Store in fridge

Of course, you can avoid this if you purchase screw caps only. However, this will not work for everyone since your favorite wine may have a cork. Fortunately, there are ways to preserve your wine after it is opened and you have lost the cork.

Once your wine is open, you want to prevent it from prematurely aging. Oxygen is often very damaging to uncorked wine. If you cannot find the cork, you can put your wine in a mason jar and save it for future use. 

If you are inspired, make your own wine stopper. Try using plastic wrap or aluminum foil. The goal is to make the seal airtight. You can place a rubber band around the top of the bottle. This band will help it to remain in place. 

If you decide to store your open bottle of wine in the fridge, you will still need to make your seal with plastic wrap or aluminum foil to seal up the wine. All these options will make it so that the wine may last for several days or a week.


We do not all have the space or money for an extensive wine cellar, so improvisation is essential. If stored correctly, your wine collection will be ‘fruitful’ and thrive for years to come. 


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