Is It Worth Lofting Your Bed? (Let’s Find Out)

Is It Worth Lofting Your Bed

A lofted bed is one that is put up either in a loft space, looks like the top of a bunk bed, or is on a raised platform, typically with shelving or storage space underneath. It is an excellent space-saving technique that can help utilize more vertical space in the home that would otherwise be wasted.

It is absolutely worth lofting a bed as long as the following concerns are met:

  • There are no health risks associated with climbing ladders or stairs
  • There is ample ceiling height
  • It is in a home where adjustments can be made

Lofted beds get the bed up and off the floor, utilizing that unused vertical space as well as giving extra room underneath it. Most lofted beds are up at least 5ft to accommodate the space underneath. Keep reading to learn more about lofting a bed and to determine if it is worth it.

Are Lofted Beds Worth It?

Lofted beds can come in a variety of styles when they are prebuilt, from sturdy metal frames to a slab, platform style with lots of shelving underneath it. These options are best in homes where a big building project isn’t feasible, such as in a rental or when ceilings would need to be raised in order to accommodate a proper loft.

Custom loft beds can be anything the designer wants them to be, from just a small space that only fits a bed to essentially a small room that is held up above other fixtures, rooms, or even in a space such as an attic.

This style of bed makes ample use of all of the vertical space available, allowing for a lot of storage or even entire rooms to fit underneath. Therefore, a lofted bed is definitely worth the time, energy, and money that would go into having one.

Can a Bed be Lofted with Short Ceilings?

A bed can be lofted at any ceiling height; however, it might change the style significantly. Most lofts are at least 5ft in order to accommodate ample space underneath them, so if the ceilings are not much taller than that it would not be quite enough space to have a loft built without raising the ceiling and tackling a large project.

However, there are prebuilt loft beds that are like short bunk beds without the bottom bunk, which is an option for lofting a bed, namely in a child’s room. There are also lofted, platform beds that are essentially beds on top of a set of cabinets that can be only a few feet tall, making for a great solution to lower ceilings.

Additionally, using a thinner mattress can help add space in the loft while also retaining comfort. Typically, a bed in a loft does not have a box spring underneath it or a bedframe, so that can be foregone as well. Be sure that any additions such as shelves are kept thin and minimal if they are in the bedspace, as well as ensuring that sitting comfortably is possible. Otherwise, there’s a high risk of constantly hitting heads when trying to get up or lay down.

Do Loft Beds Have to be Small?

There is an incorrect assumption that if a bed is lofted, it has to be a smaller one. However, Queens, Kings, and California Kings can still be lofted just fine given there is ample space to do so. It might be a little difficult to get the mattress up to the loft if it is a bigger one, but it is not impossible. Be sure to have help when pulling up any mattress to ensure safety.

The loft itself doesn’t have to be small enough to barely fit the bed either. A common space for a loft is in a small attic for example, which can be basically a small room in and of itself. Depending on the height of the ceilings, a loft can be as big or as small as necessary.

Where Can a Bed be Lofted?

Beds can be lofted anywhere there is ample ceiling space. This can turn the upper half of a living space, kitchen, or even a dining area into someone’s bedroom. Platform beds with storage underneath make for a space-saving, double-duty piece in a nook or other small, awkward space.

Where Can a Bed be Lofted

Be sure to check building codes if tackling a big building project, especially when lofting over areas where people are going to frequent. Also, consider hiring a professional in these circumstances to ensure everything is safe and to code. 

What are the Benefits of Lofting a Bed?

Lofting a bed utilizes the vertical space in a room that is often overlooked as possible usable space. It’s like putting a miniature bedroom up above everything else and is even starting to take a foothold in chic hotels. 

Even if a bed is merely lofted on top of a short platform, that gives quite a bit of space underneath to utilize for storage or other needs. When they are higher off the ground, it can essentially grant an extra room without needing to change the floorplan of the house.

Are Lofted Beds Hot?

It depends on the location of the bed and how much airflow the space has. Typically, a lofted bed is not very hot at all, however, in summer they can get pretty warm. This is especially true in attic spaces where there is not much in the means of ventilation. 

Be sure to keep the lofted bed away from any ceiling fans as that could pose a significant hazard, even if the space gets warm. If heat is an issue, consider finding more ways to open up the space such as adjusting any security, using lighter fabrics, or consider installing a small window to let in air.

How to Not Fall Out of a Lofted Bed

A common concern when lofting a bed is how not to fall out of it. Unless restless sleep is a problem, it typically isn’t much of an issue. However, for additional security, there are methods to help secure the bed so that accidents won’t happen regardless.

Utilize Guardrails

Typically, a lofted bed that is higher than a few feet will come with its own set of guard rails to help sleepers stay in the bed where they belong. Install them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and it will be all good to go.

Even building a custom lofted bed makes it possible to take inspiration from prebuilt beds and their guardrails. Typically, a metal framed bed will have traditional rails that are smooth and easy to install. Wooden ones come with slatted, wall like barriers to prevent rolling off.

Build in a Wall

Whether it is a short, half wall or a full wall, building in a wall with the loft not only makes it so that the sleeper won’t roll out of the loft, but it can also make the space look more appealing from the outside. It hides away the bed and with some clever painting, can also make the entire thing disappear.

Additionally, there is also the option to build in a wall out of clear material such as plexiglass. It will make the loft look and feel more open while also adding in a layer of safety and security.

Install a Security Net

Another option is to install a security net. These nets are often more like a mesh material but can also look more like a traditional net. They are simple to install but be sure to find one that doesn’t tangle easy or doesn’t have holes big enough to pose a choking hazard. They often help give a more beachy or nautical feeling to the whole aesthetic so are often fun ideas to consider.

These options might also be a little different depending on if a bed is being lofted for an adult or for a child, as children need more safety but can have smaller and lighter weight lofts than an adult can.

Lofting a Child’s Bed

Bunk beds are common and popular choices for families with children. That means it’s exceptionally easy to find a lofted bed to suit a child’s needs prebuilt and ready to go. They come in a range of styles from simple to complex, fun designs such as houses, ships, and even trucks. The space underneath can then be used for a desk space, play space, or even storage for clothes, toys, or books.

They can also be built and customized to suit the needs, wants, and style of the child and their room. Typically, a lofted bed for a child is going to be much shorter than that for an adult and needs some more security as well.

Be sure to give something up with the bed to help make the space feel like a room in and of itself. Allow older children a small shelf, especially if they have glasses or need to have water with them overnight. Hang pictures or stuffed toys in hammocks up near them.

Lofting an Adult’s Bed

An adult’s bed is simple to loft. Use a prebuilt frame, convert a loft space, or build a lofted bed in the desired location. Be sure to account for the weight it’s going to be withholding and call in a professional if needed. Install security measures to ensure nobody is going to fall off if that is a concern, add a ladder or stairs depending on space and preference, and fit the bed in place.

Also, think of the loft as a room in and of itself. Build in shelves to use as end tables, add in storage, hang pictures, and generally treat it as if it were not lofted. Color selection of the walls and the fabric on the bed can make the entire thing disappear into the ceiling if it needs to or building a solid wall can help it retain privacy.

Additional Things to Consider When Lofting a Bed

There is always a lot to consider when tackling any sort of building project, and lofting a bed is no different. Even when lofting a prebuilt bed instead of making a whole loft from scratch, keep a few things in mind.

  • Don’t put the loft close to a ceiling fan
  • Don’t give so little headroom that it is impossible to sit up comfortably
  • Don’t worry if it isn’t super lofty feeling
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Don’t be too concerned about falling out
  • Don’t forget to consider it a viable space
  • Don’t forget the space underneath it

Loft beds make excellent use of the often-forgotten vertical space of a room. Safety is always a concern when putting one into the space, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone with more experience or even a professional. The big draw of a lofted bed is the space underneath it, so also be sure to consider that as well.


A lofted bed is a fantastic way to use up a lot of vertical space in a room whether it be close to a ceiling or only a few feet off the floor. It can add an additional living space while still making more functional space underneath it for storage or even entire rooms. They don’t even have to be installed in rooms with extremely tall ceilings, as there is more platform style that come with storage underneath. 

Lofted beds work great for anyone of all ages with all size requirements. They’re like tiny rooms in and of themselves and should be treated as such. They are great uses of space and are worth the time, effort, and funds put into them. Not to mention, they are great for anyone of all ages.


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