Is The Thuma Bed Really Worth It? We Find Out

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If you’re a fan of interior design, home furnishings, and the best new items for great sleep, you may have heard of the Thuma bed. The Thuma bed has quickly become one of the most popular beds on the market today. Offering durability, simplicity, and style, we decided to find out whether the Thuma bed lives up to its reputation.

When it comes to great beds, the Thuma bed is definitely worth the price. It offers sturdy support, hassle-free setup, and a minimalist aesthetic, making it one of our favorite new bed options. With an eco-friendly mission and sustainable packaging, Thuma is currently the bed company to beat.

When you learn how easy it is to set up a Thuma bed, you will surely slide into feelings of relaxation and relief. If you or someone in your family is considering purchasing a new bed and want to know all about the Thuma bed, continue reading below to learn more about what makes the Thuma worth the price.

All About Thuma Beds

Thuma beds are the new bed frame trend that is sweeping the globe. Made in San Francisco, these beds are made of beautifully grained solid wood and put together using traditional Japanese joinery techniques. Without using any tools, glues, harsh adhesives, or hardware, these beds are easily put together by only two people.

The Thuma bed is not only minimal and contemporary in style, but it is also very functional. All of the corners of the bed are rounded. This is done by the manufacturers to make sure that it is less likely that you hit your legs, shins, or knees. 

The Thuma bed also comes with a special headboard called a pillow headboard. This headboard is not attached to the wall or the bed itself. Instead, it comes detached and must be slid into the space between the mattress and the wall. This helps to create a buffer for your head while sleeping. Since it is low and padded, the headboard helps reduce noise that might come both from the room and from your mattress.

A midcentury design with East-Asian influences, the Thuma bed eliminates the need for a box spring. Instead, it offers a lot of clearance underneath for storage of nearly 10 vertical inches of clothing, shoes, or belongings.

How Much Does a Thuma Bed Cost?

A Thuma bed is moderately priced when it comes to other high-quality luxury bed frames on the market today. While this is the case, what the consumer pays for is the durable and reliable quality that will last you for years to come.

The Market Price

The price of a Thuma bed when purchased directly from the manufacturer depends on bed size and is as follows:

  • Twin Bed Frame: $695
  • Full Bed Frame: $795
  • Queen Bed Frame: $895
  • King Bed Frame: $995
  • California King Bed Frame: $995

Even though these are the usual prices, Thuma occasionally runs promotional events where they offer steep discounts and sales on either one or more of the same size Thuma bed. Financing is also an available option, and details about financing can be located on the Thuma website upon checkout.

Are Thuma Beds Good?

While there are other less expensive minimal wooden bed options available today, the Thuma bed is one of the only beds that will deliver when it comes to the longevity of life. 

A well-made product with an extensively thought-out design, the Thuma bed is worth it. It offers simple building and safety features. The bed also has eco-friendly materials and a lifetime warranty, making it one of our favorites.

Keeping it Simple

The Thuma bed is a stand-out in its field because of its simple yet dazzling use of joinery. This ancient technique used in a contemporary and updated way allows the Thuma to do the following:

  • Be assembled in 5-10 minutes
  • Be assembled without the use of tools
  • Be delivered compactly and in multiple smaller boxes
  • Be easily moved
  • Hold up to 1,500 lbs
  • Remain quiet and squeak-free

Not only does its simple design make the Thuma bed convenient from set-up to use, but it also allows for a safer assembly process since it eliminates the need to handle hinges, metal, screws, or welding of any kind. 

It also means that later down the line, you will not end up cutting yourself on a rusting metal piece sticking out of the bed frame since there is no hardware used whatsoever.

Environmentally Safe Materials

The Thuma bed is one of the best beds on the market and worth the price because it is made from environmentally conscious materials by expert craftsmen. Not only do they use recycled and repurposed rubberwood from local rubber tree farms, but they also utilize local factories for their production needs. 

The feet of the Thuma bed are crafted from retired rubberwood, as well as the slats of the bed. Thuma doesn’t use MDFs or veneers on the bed, so you can truly see the natural wood, giving the base a sleek and sophisticated look.

The slats are covered with eco-friendly felt created from recycled plastics, making this even more of an environmentally friendly option.

By minimizing their carbon footprint, Thuma sets an example for how companies can reduce emissions. They also show others how to reduce factory waste, therefore benefiting the environment.

Sustainable Packaging

Along with environmentally safe and responsible materials, the Thuma bed is worth it because they also use sustainable packaging. Rather than packaging all of their bed pieces in styrofoam to ship their products, Thuma uses the shape of the bed to their advantage. They put the bed pieces together like a puzzle in their boxes to eliminate the need for styrofoam packaging or peanuts. The cardboard used to ship the Thuma bed can all be recycled.

A Lifetime Warranty

The Thuma bed is worth it because, unlike most bed frames, it comes with a lifetime warranty. The Thuma company believes in the integrity of their Japanese joinery techniques and the high quality of the wood they use to make the bed. 

If there are any defects present in your Thuma bed upon receiving it, the company will send you a new bed at no cost. They may also refund the bed frame price completely, meaning a financial loss will never occur.

Guaranteed Customer Service

Another one of Thuma’s perks that makes it worth the purchase is the Thuma company’s guaranteed customer service motto. Stating that they believe in the joy of bedtime, the company has vowed to have Thuma bed representatives available 24/7 to answer questions and resolve problems. 

If you are planning to buy a Thuma bed or have already purchased one, make sure to keep the company’s information handy in case you need to speak with them day or night. To contact the Thuma company, check out their website’s FAQ section, email them at, or send them a letter through the post to 1592 Union St., San Francisco, CA 94123.

Trial Period and Return Policy

New Thuma owners have a gracious period of 100 days to try and test the frame before they decide they are satisfied with the product. If, for any reason, within 100 days you decide this bed frame isn’t right for you, you can return it for a full refund. 

To do so, you can contact the company’s customer service team. They will then provide you with instructions on how to return the product to get your money back.

The Assembly Process

The Thuma bed consists of three main parts. These are the frame, slats, and headboard. The bed is shipped in three separate numbered boxes to organize the assembly process.

Though it’s possible to put the bed together with just one person, we suggest you have someone help to expedite the process. Like the boxes, all of the parts are also conveniently numbered and organized. The frame comes with a humorous set of instructions that are sure to bring a smile to your face as you put together the base. 

With the carved wood, it’s easy to slide everything into place in order to establish the frame. In most cases, you may not even need to whip out a toolbox in order to put your frame together. The bed only requires a couple of screws, so just a simple screwdriver will do.

Setting up the bed is quick and easy. The entire process from start to finish can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Afterward, just lay down your mattress, and you’re ready for a good night’s sleep!

Who are Thuma Beds Good For?

If you’re the type of person that likes to keep things for several years, the Thuma bed is for you. Its sturdy wood base and convenient design help it withstand the tests of time. As long as you give it a dusting once in a while and keep it away from and free of moisture, your bed frame may outlive you.

This frame is also great for people that move around frequently. Because of its ease in building, you can easily break it down, pack it up, and then reassemble it in a new location. The lightweight wooden pegs just slide out and back in, so there’s no need to worry about losing small pieces that are required for assembly.

In addition, this bed is good for anyone that finds it challenging to put together furniture. With its simple and detailed instructions, numbered parts, and tool-free assembly, anyone can master the art of building this bed frame in just a few minutes.


If you still have some questions about the Thuma bed, we are here to offer you a helping hand. We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions from interested individuals like yourself.

Read on to know more about the Thuma bed and if it is really worth it for you.

Is the Thuma Bed Quiet?

The Thuma bed includes roll-out cushioned slats that add additional strength and comfort. These slats are designed with a special eco-friendly product called “Eco-fi felt” which is made from recycled plastics.

Aside from the environmentally friendly benefits of this material, it works to reduce movement and noise from your bed frame. The Eco-fi felt makes the Thuma bed extremely quiet in comparison to bed frames with slats made from other materials.

Does the Thuma Headboard Move?

The Thuma offers a headboard called a “Pillowboard.” The Pillowboard is a separate piece that consists of 100% polyester pebbled linen weave covering and a tapered foam filling. The headboard sits within a zippered cover so that it can be removed for easy washing and cleaning.

Because the Pillowboard is not attached to the base of the bed, it may be unstable. It simply sits behind the base of the bed between the frame and the wall. Because of this, it is essential that you set your bed up against a wall in order to utilize the headboard.

When building the frame of your bed, you should build it as close to your chosen wall as possible, allowing only enough room for the headboard to pass. This will ensure that your headboard is securely behind the frame and it does not move.

How Much Weight can a Thuma Bed Hold?

The Thuma bed is extremely sturdy and can hold a surprisingly large amount of weight for its simple frame. 

Thuma bed frames can withstand up to 1500 lbs! 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Thuma bed?

Thuma doesn’t make a large quantity of beds, so they don’t have warehouses storing their goods. Because of this, it may take some time to arrive, depending on what they have in stock at the moment. 

If an item is in stock, it can take as little as 1-5 business days for delivery. In some cases, it may take a couple of weeks before the bed is shipped. If this is the case, the company may send you complimentary gifts or offer free shipping because of the wait. 

Thuma ships their beds in three separate boxes, so it’s important to be sure that you receive all three. In some cases, the boxes may not all arrive at the same time, creating a longer wait before you can put your bed together and enjoy it.

Do Thuma Beds Work With Any Mattress?

Thuma beds are extremely versatile and can support any mattress. This includes the following:

  • Bed-in-a-box
  • Spring
  • Foam
  • Hybrids
  • Traditional mattresses

Mattresses of all thicknesses will work with the bed, as well. Larger mattresses may cover a bit more of the headboard, whereas thinner mattresses can offer a more stylish approach. 

In addition, the Thuma bed will work with the following bed sizes, making it suitable for any room of your home: 

  • Twin (39” x 75”)
  • Full (54″ x 75”)
  • Queen (60″ x 80”)
  • King (76″ x 80”)
  • CA King (72″ x 84”)

Do You Need to Use a Box Spring with the Thurma Bed?

Though it is possible to use a box spring with your Thurma bed, it is not necessary nor recommended. The Therma bed already has slats that are perfectly spaced at 3″ to offer the most comfort, support, and breathability. Anything else may interfere with the performance of the frame.

Thuma also recommends that you don’t use bed skirts with their bed frame. The frame is artistically crafted and meant to be seen. Featuring a natural and neutral walnut tone, the frame consists of 100% natural wood. The original grains offer a unique coloration that differs across frames. Depending on the lighting, the frame can appear lighter, darker, or more neutral. 

Where Does the Name Thuma Come From?

The name Thuma has an interesting history. It was passed down from a grandfather that was a remarkable woodsmith. These pieces were incredibly detailed in natural wood and came together using geometric patterns and shapes. The joinery worked without using any metal hardware.

After several years, these pieces have withstood time, proving the incredible craftsmanship involved in their creation, design, quality, and longevity.

The Thuma name upholds this reputation by adhering to the same passion for craftsmanship, detail, and appreciation as the original designer.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

After much deliberation, we have decided that the Thuma bed is worth the financial investment; however, this comes down to each individual and what they require to meet their needs. 

The Thuma bed is worth its market value because it offers many perks like a strong and sturdy base made of environmentally friendly materials. It also delivers a beautiful Japanese minimalist aesthetic, eco-friendly manufacturing methods and packaging, and an incredibly short and easy assembly process. Its lifetime warranty, attentive customer service, and timeless style means that it will continue to be fashionable for years to come.

If you have been considering making the purchase of a Thuma bed for your home, this is your sign that the Thuma bed really is worth it.


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