14 Living Room Sets Suited for An Apartment

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14 Living Room Sets Suited for An Apartment

Everyone needs furniture in their living room for lounging, socializing, and relaxation, but when you have limited space, as is the case in most apartments, you can’t afford to have bulky and oversized sets. You’ll want pieces with plenty of room for all inhabitants without absolutely dominating your living room, and we’re here to help you find the perfect sets.

It can be challenging to find a living room set that suits your apartment, which is why we’ve chosen fourteen of the best options to make the process easier for you. Each set varies in size, style, and inclusions, so there’s a little bit of something for everyone. 

What Is Apartment-Size Furniture?

Apartment-sized furniture is simply any kind of furniture that is a suitable size, and sometimes weight, for an apartment space. 

As most apartment rooms are significantly smaller than the average home, its furniture is typically smaller as well. Additionally, many will have convertible features so the owner can make the most out of a space with limited furniture pieces. This is where living room sets come in. 

For a size comparison, the average apartment in the U.S. was 941 square feet in 2018, with the average bedroom measuring 132 square feet. This is about a third of the size of the average living room in U.S. homes at 330 square feet in 2018

Since we are focusing on apartment-friendly furniture here, we’ll be using the average apartment room size as reference measurements to ensure all of our choices can fit appropriately in most apartments.

Springfavor Loveseat and Ottoman Set

This loveseat and ottoman set by Springfavor is a great, budget-friendly option for individuals living in relatively small apartments or purchasing apartment furniture for the first time. 

The set has a sleek and modern appeal with its gray linen fabric upholstery. In terms of size, it is definitely one of the smaller options on our list regardless of if you opt for the two or three-seat set. Its compact size allows you to tuck it away in your living room corner and still have ample space to decorate and move about. 

However, its small size in no way affects the set’s overall quality. The materials are easy to clean, durable, and just as comfortable as a set twice its size. The storage ottoman allows you to cleanly tuck away belongings, such as blankets and pillows, and can even function as a third or fourth seat if necessary.

DimensionsOverall: 52″ W x 58″ D x 33.5″ H
Ottoman: 18″ H x 29″ W x 23″ D
Three seat option overall: 75” W x 58” D x 33.5” H
MaterialLinen fabric with wooden frame and foam interior
What’s Included1 – Left Arm Couch 
1 – Right Arm Couch 
1 – Ottoman
1 – Middle seat (Optional)
Colors• Dark Grey
• Light Grey
Sectional Sofa Set 52" Small Loveseat with Reversible Ottoman...
  • Loveseat Sofa Reversible Modular Sofa:This Sectional Couch Set included Left Arm Couch + Right Arm Couch + Ottoman.Ships in 3 boxes
  • Reversible Sectional Sofa & Chaise with Ottoman - In order to save space, this set of small sectional sofa has designed an ottoman for you.Convertible Sectional...
  • Space Saving Sectional Loveseat Sofa - Overall dimensions:52"W x 58"Dx 33.5"H.The Ottoman size:18"Hx29"Wx23".This L-shape sectional sofa with ottoman is perfect...

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HONBAY Reversible Sectional Couch and Ottoman Set

If you like the set Springfavor has to offer but you’re looking for something slightly bigger to fill your living room space, then we highly recommend HONBAY’s set.

This option comes with the same features as Springfavor’s three-seat set but at a slightly increased size and reduced price. 

The reversible sectional couch offered here also shares a comfortable and modern aesthetic with its gray linen fabric and has a significant amount of placement versatility. You can either opt to have the left two-seat section paired with the longer right-seat section to create an L-shaped couch, or you can split these pieces and place them at different points in the living room. 

HONBAY’s ottoman for this set is an exceptional find as it offers twice the amount of space for storing objects as the Springfavor ottoman. This means you can keep your living room neater and more organized, not to mention more comfortable, with the purchase of this set.

DimensionsOverall: 78.5″L x 53″ W x 35” H
Approximate ottoman: 55”L x 20” W x 17.8” H
MaterialLinen fabric with wooden frame and foam interior
What’s Included1 – Left arm two-seat couch
1 – Right arm one-seat couch
1 – Ottoman
Color• Grey
HONBAY Reversible Sectional Couch with Ottoman L-Shaped Sofa for...
  • What is HONBAY Sectional Couch? Crafted from sturdy wood frame, showcases 3 seats sectional sofa with two ottomans, working well in any corner or small space....
  • Extra Storage Space! Add a bit of class and comfort to your home with this elegant sectional couch. The rectangle bench comes with a storage compartment, adding...
  • Free Sectional Couch! You can place square ottoman on left or right of sectional sofa to fit against the wall. It allows you to use those corner areas and can...

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Best Choice Products Sectional Sofa and Ottoman Set

The set offered by HONBAY is certainly hard to beat considering its size, features, and price. However, if the modern linen fabric couch isn’t the look for you, then consider purchasing this tufted faux leather couch by Best Choice Products. 

The seating and size are relatively comparable to the previous listing, with this set measuring slightly larger. But it is the suave and sophisticated air this leather set exudes that really interests buyers. Those of you who enjoy the cool feel of these types of couches will love the Best Choice Products set.

Its size is optimal for apartments with slightly larger living rooms since the entire set measures a little on the longer side, and it allows just as much placement versatility as any other sectional couch and ottoman.

In fact, some people love these types of sets because it allows them to push the ottoman up against the seats to create one large, flat couch that can easily double as a sleeping space for guests. At the very least, it provides users with a vast amount of leg space while they sit and binge watch Netflix shows or have a gaming marathon. 

All in all, this set is a great find for your apartment that will provide that extra charm without requiring the extra dollar signs necessary for a real leather couch. 

DimensionsOverall: 84.25” L x 56” W x 33” H
Ottoman: 49.25” L x 24..5” W x 15” H
MaterialFaux leather 
What’s Included1 – Left arm two-seat couch
1 – Right arm one-seat couch
1 – Ottoman
Colors• Brown
• Black
• White
Best Choice Products Tufted Faux Leather 3-Seat L-Shape Sectional...
  • MODERN STYLE: Stylish L-shaped sectional sofa is made with a modern-contemporary, faux leather design that will complement any living space
  • MODULAR DESIGN: Matching ottoman bench can be used to kick your feet up for relaxation or pushed against the sofa to create a large chaise lounger
  • COMFORTABLE: Soft foam cushioning and supple faux leather makes this set a viable lounging option for hours of comfort

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GOOD & GRACIOUS Sectional Sofa and Ottoman Set

The perfect combination of quality, design, and space can be found in this homey sectional sofa and ottoman set offered by Good & Gracious. 

Although this option is one of the pricier sets on our list, it is absolutely worth every penny. However, the biggest plus or drawback is that this is a relatively large set, so it’s really ideal for those of you who have a significantly sized living room in your apartment. 

This set would probably fit in most average-sized apartments, but you might find the space to be a bit cramped once you try to add an entertainment center and any other furniture you want, so a living room that is slightly above average is best. 

If you have the space in your apartment, we highly recommend the Good & Gracious’ set as it allows for more seating than any other set. As opposed to the L-shaped sets previously mentioned, this set has a uniform corner shape you can tuck against your wall or use to border off the living room from other areas of the apartment. 

The ottoman does open for storage, but it is a bit smaller than the previous listings, particularly the set by HONBAY. However, a nice little bonus with this set is that it also comes with two decorative pillows for additional living room charm. 

DimensionsOverall, for both couches: 81.1” L x 31.5” W x 35.04” H Ottoman: 29.5” L x 24” W x 19” H
MaterialPolyester fabric with wooden frame and foam interior
What’s Included1 – Left Arm Loveseat
1 – Right Arm Loveseat
1 – Corner Wedge
1 – Storage Ottoman
2 – Pillows
Color• Taupe Gray
GOOD & GRACIOUS Large Sectional Sofa Set Living Room Corner Sofa...
  • Versatile: Perfect sectional for living room, den, apartment or loft. This convertible sectional sofa set is large enough for your family and also saves space....
  • Sturdy, Soft and Comfortable : This sectional couch is made of 100% polyester fabric and has a solid wood frame. Comfortable cushioned back and firm padding...
  • Storage Ottoman: The added storage in the ottoman greatly increases the practicability of the sofa, which gives you extra space to store things. Also, you can...

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Poundex Sectional Sofa and Ottoman Set

This sectional sofa and ottoman set by Poundex is very similar to the previous listing but differs slightly in style and size. 

The set comes with a left and right chaise sofa and a decently sized ottoman for additional seating. This is one of the largest sets on our list, so it might not fit in the average person’s apartment living room, but if you have an exceptional amount of space, it’s definitely a great find. 

In terms of style, the set has a homey modern design and is made with durable and comfortable fabric accented with bold silver nail heads. 

One downside is that the ottoman in this set doesn’t appear to have storage capacity like the others on our list, but this is a minor difference that certainly won’t make or break Poundex’s set as a quality option. 

If you have an exceptional amount of space in your apartment living room and you want to seat as many people as possible, this set is a great choice. It’s particularly well-suited to large families and apartments with a large number of roommates who all enjoy spending quality time hanging out on the sofa. 

DimensionsReversible L/R Chaise: 75″ L x 34″ W x 35″ H 
Sofa: 70″ L x 34″ W x 35″ H 
Ottoman: 35″ L x 24″ W x 19″ H
MaterialPolyester fabric with wooden frame and foam interior
What’s Included1 – Left/right reversible chaise sofa
1 – Sofa
1 – Corner Wedge
1 – Storage Ottoman
Color• Gray
Poundex Sofas, Grey
  • Seat Cushion Filled with foam and inner Spring for durability and comfort
  • Tufted Seat and Back
  • Desinger carefully selected linen-like polyfabric for wearability, seam strength, beauty and comfort

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YAHEETECH Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Set

Don’t worry; this list isn’t just limited to sectional couch sets for your apartment living room, but we couldn’t move away from the style without mentioning Yaheetech’s faux leather set first. 

We move back to the classic L-shaped sectional couch design for this option, but what makes this set different from any other options mentioned previously is its unbeatable features and sleek, minimalist design. 

To start, Yaheetech’s living room set is unique because the couches are futons rather than the bulky, plush couches we mentioned before. This is ideal for individuals who don’t have a lot of room for large furniture or simply prefer a slimmer look and feel to their lounge area. 

Another difference to point out here is that this set does not come with an ottoman like the others. Instead, it has some show-stopping features, like cupholders, and the long right-sided couch can be adjusted to three different angles or recline its top until it lays flat. 

This allows you to use this side as a bed or move it in front of the two-seat left-sided couch for a footrest the way you normally would with an ottoman. 

This is also an extremely budget-friendly option for those of you who are just moving into your first apartment, maybe during or directly following your college years, and want a comfy set without blowing holes in your wallet.

DimensionsOverall: 65.75”L  x 45.28” H x 32.09” W
MaterialFaux leather with steel legs
What’s Included1 – Left arm two-seat couch
1 – Right arm one-seat couch
Color• Black
Yaheetech Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Couch Sectional Living Room...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】: The faux leather sofa set is made of high quality artificial leather, steel, polyurethane and Plywood material, sturdy and durable...
  • 【MULTIPURPOSE SOFA BED】: The sofa couch features click clack mechanism and can be adjusted to 3 angles( 105°, 140 °,180 °); the home couch (105°) can be...
  • 【ULTIMATE COMFORT】: The faux leather upholstery envelops soft foam and strong springs, providing a comfy cozy spot for sitting and sleeping. The tufted...

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Betsy Furniture Bonded Leather Recliner Set 

Alright, we hear you. Enough of the sectional couch and ottoman sets. While they’re great for maximizing comfort and space, they’re definitely not the be-all-end-all when it comes to furnishing an apartment living room.

Betsy Furniture’s three-piece set finally gives you and your apartment mates the opportunity to all hang out in the living room without sitting directly next to each other or awkwardly alone on the sectional sofa. 

This is essentially a luxury set that comes with a three-seat sofa with two recliners, a two-sofa that fully reclines and features cupholders, and a one-seat recliner for private lounging. 

There’s no doubt that this set is of exceptional quality and has pretty much everything you could as for in a comfortable and convenient living room set for any apartment. While the set certainly comes with a lot of plush pieces, they’re actually each small enough to fit in a standard apartment living room with the proper placement. 

Typically you’d make a sort of horseshoe formation with them so the box out the living room and all members can face each other while interacting. 

If there’s any drawback to this set, it’s the fact that it’s the priciest option on this list, hands-down. Of course, you get what you pay for, so if you want a really nice set that allows you to relax and has exceptional features, this is the one for you. 

Dimensions3-Seat Sofa: 85” W x 40” D x 39” H
2-Seat Sofa: 75” W x 40” D x 39” H
Recliner: 41” W x 40” D x 39” H
MaterialBonded Leather
What’s Included1 – 3-Seat sofa with two recliners and cup holders
1 – 2-Seat sofa with two recliners
1 – Recliner 
Color• Brown
Betsy Furniture 3PC Bonded Leather Recliner Set Living Room Set,...
  • LUXURY COMFORT: this sofa set provides great comfortable with Brown Bonded Leather upholstery, pillow top backrest and armrests, and pocket coil spring seat...
  • SPLIT BACK DESIGN: the split back design allows you to recline one seat back from 90 ° to 160° while keeping others upright; the 3-seat sofa have 2 reclining...
  • ELEVATING FOOTREST: the footrest extends from the front to let you stretch your legs for healthy blood flow; pull out the lever on the arm to open the footrest...

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AC Pacific Reclining Living Room Set

If you absolutely love the Betsy Furniture set, but you don’t have space for three pieces or the money for such a hefty, high-quality set, don’t worry. AC Pacific’s got you covered. 

While it still costs a pretty penny, AC Pacific’s two-piece reclining set allows you to still obtain all the luxury, comfort, and convenience of the previous listing with only one less piece of furniture. This set only includes a three-seat couch and a two-seat couch, so you lose out on the recliner but still maintain a fair amount of seating. 

The seats are firm and comfortable, and each comes with its own recliner, excluding the middle seat of the three-seat couch. This makes it the optimal choice for those that use their living room space to relax and wind down from a long day.

You also miss out on the cupholders featured in the previous set, but that’s nothing a little end table won’t fix now that you don’t have to worry about cramming an extra piece into the apartment. 

In the end, there are few sets that could truly rival this one in the comfort and quality departments, so if you’re looking for a living room set that will provide blissful lounging for years to come, we highly recommend this option.  

Dimensions3-Seat Couch: 81” L x 38” W x 39” H
2-Seat Couch: 59” L x 38” W x 39” H
What’s Included3-Seat recliner couch
2-Seat recliner couch
Color• Grey
AC Pacific 2-Piece Reclining Living Room Upholstered Sofa, Set...
  • Durability: This contemporary sofa and Loveseat has been constructed on a reinforced corner blocked and glued-solid sided wood frame that rests upon a reclining...
  • Seating and support: a sinuous springs system that has been placed above a foam Encased Seat unit comprising of 1. 8 density foam that sit atop a layer of...
  • Function: Includes a manual reclining Chaise footrest that allows for a comfortable reclining position that relives stress and pressure from the lower Back and...

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Container Furniture Direct 2-Piece Sofa Set

While all of the previous options mentioned on this list could fit perfectly into any apartment living room, they mostly reflect very simple, modern designs in basic colors. We’d like to introduce Container Furniture Direct’s two-piece sofa set for those of you who want a set with a little more character.

This set has everything to offer an owner who wants to lounge in style. The two sofas follow mid-century design with button-tufted velvet upholstery that gives them a unique vibe you rarely see in living spaces. 

But one of the best points about this set is the array of vibrant colors it comes in. You can opt for an elegant goldenrod, a suave eggplant, a royal Prussian blue, and many more.  

Each couch is perfectly sized to fit into any average apartment living room, and they even come with matching sets of bolster pillows for added comfort and aesthetic. It’s a great set for adding some tasteful color and pop to your living room space, especially paired with a while carpet or other muted or neutral colors to help it stand out. 

DimensionsSofa: 69.68″ W x 33.07″ D x 31.69″ H
Loveseat: 57.87″ W x 33.07″ D x 31.69″ H 
MaterialVelvet upholstery and wooden frame
What’s Included1 – Sofa
1 – Loveseat
4 – Pillows
Colors• Goldenrod
• Eggplant
• Gray
• Prussian Blue
• Ross Blue
• Space Blue
Container Furniture Direct Mid Century Modern Velvet Upholstered...
  • Transform the Look of Your Place with the Midcentury Modern Sofa and Loveseat Set by Container Furniture Direct, Presenting a Sophisticated Design and Fabulous...
  • Sofa Measures 69.6" inches L x 33" inches W x 31.6" inches H and Weighs 82.2 lbs. Requires Home Assembly. Includes One Sofa Only.
  • Loveseat Measures 57.8" inches L x 33" inches W x 31.6" inches H and Weighs 71.9 lbs. Requires Home Assembly. Includes One Loveseat Only.

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AC Pacific Crystal Collection Mid-Century 2-Piece Living Room Set

Here we have the only duplicate store option on the list, but since AC Pacific has such amazing living room sets, it’s really no surprise we couldn’t just pick one. 

This is another two-piece living room set for your apartment that is very similar to the one offered by Container Furniture Direct but has some distinct design differences. If you liked the set option previously listed but weren’t head over heels for the bold color choices and chic design, we recommend AC Pacific’s set instead. 

These two sofas are still built with the unique mid-century design, but they look much more suited to an ordinary living space with contemporary features, whereas the previous set would fit more with old-fashioned and eccentric aesthetics. 

Another difference is that these couches are much more plush for maximum comfort versus Container Furniture Direct’s set that really optimizes on appearance over user support. If you’re looking for a living room set that doesn’t sacrifice design for comfort, you’ll want to go with AC Pacific’s option here. 

The sofas are a little bit on the larger size, but they will do wonders for your living room aesthetic and keep you blissfully comfortable for hours of lounging. 

DimensionsSofa: 86″ W x 35″ D x 34″ H
Loveseat: 61″ W x 35″ D x 34″ H
MaterialPolyester blend fabric and hardwood frame
What’s Included1 – Sofa
1 – Loveseat
4 – Accent pillows
Colors• Charcoal
• Gray
AC Pacific Crystal Collection Upholstered Charcoal Mid-Century...
  • The Charcoal Sofa Measures 86" X 35" X 34" and the Loveseat Measures 61" X 35" X 34". The Entire Set Weighs 191 Lbs and Arrives with Only Minimal Assembly...
  • A Beautifully Designed Mid-Century Modern Set, the Living Room Set Breathes New Life Into Your Home. Elegant, Chic, and Timeless, the Living Room Set Enhances...
  • Clean Lines, Beautiful Curves, and a Carefully Tufted Back Cushion make the Mid Century Living Room Set the Perfect Fusion between Modern and Classic Style....

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Morden Fort Accent Chair and Sofa Set

Another fun option for those of you who like to think outside the contemporary aesthetic box is this set offered by Morden Fort. 

Both pieces in this set are a tad smaller than most options on this list, but what they lose in seating space they more than make up for in character. There are few living room sets that will give your apartment such a distinct and unique vibe as this one. 

The craftsmanship is gorgeous as the beautiful Dutch velvet sweeps over this couch’s wooden frame for a luxurious feel and elegant appearance in Chesterfield-style fashion. Luckily, both the couch and accent chair are equipped with more than enough cushion for this set to be just as comfortable as it is visually pleasing. 

You can order the set in a number of colors, but we strongly recommend their light blue option for that bold statement piece in your apartment that guests can’t help but admire. 

DimensionsSofa: 82” W x 34.5 D x 30” H
Chair: 38.5” W 34.5” D 30” H
MaterialDutch velvet fabric with rubber wood frame
What’s Included1 – Sofa
1 – Chair
Colors• Beige
• Velvet Beige
• Gray
• Light Gray
• Light Blue
Morden Fort Modern Contemporary 2 Piece of Accent Chair and Sofas...
  • Dimension :Chair:38.5”*34.5”*30” Sofa:82”*34.5”*30”. It is too big to send them together for prevent carrier's occupational injury so it has 6...
  • Chesterfield style: designed with the traditional Chesterfield style of this seating group with prevalent button-tufted accenting, scrolled arms and turned legs...
  • Cozy and Longevity: Seat cushions filled with high resilience foam and polyester fiber wadding provide comfortable, Overstuffed construction for extra comfort...

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oneinmil Lounge Chair Set

While a great deal of apartments have living rooms, a vast number of them might have spaces so small it should probably be called a living corner instead. 

If your apartment has a living room that is clearly below average in size, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the luxuries of a living room set. A great alternative to the couch and loveseat sets for these cramped spaces would be to opt for a lounge chair set instead. One of our favorite choices is actually offered by oneinmil and will undoubtedly fulfill all your comfort and aesthetic needs. 

There’s no doubt that lounge chairs have much less seating capacity than the previously stated sets that include two to three pieces of furniture, but for some people, this is all they really need. Especially if they live alone or with one other person. 

The nice thing about lounge chair sets like this one is that they provide their own distinct aesthetic you don’t get with sofa sets. Where those give off binge-watching vibes, lounge chairs add an air of intimacy to your living room space. 

In the case of oneinmil’s set, you get all the comfort of a plush, ergonomic seat with the visual appeal of their mid-century design without taking up massive amounts of space you don’t really have. It’s honestly a win-win.

Dimensions34.25” W x 29.92” D x 33.66” H
MaterialWool fabric with metal base
What’s Included2 -Lounge Chairs
Colors• Brown
• White
oneinmil Set of 2 Velvet Accent Chair, Living Room Single Sofa...
  • You will receive two boxes if order two chairs set.
  • 🧶【Skin-friendly Fabric】- Soft wool fabric cover will give you a comfortable touching experience and superior material high-density sponge filled in...
  • 🧶【Ergonomic Design】- The ergonomically designed curved silhouette provides maximum comfort. And the soft, tufted designed cushion support helps to...

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JustRoomy Reading Chair Set

While the lounge chairs offered by oneinmil are fantastic options, we understand if you’d prefer to have a set that is a little more substantial in size. Plus, while the oneinmil chairs are ergonomically designed, they do lack popular design features, like armrests. 

With JustRommy’s reading chair set, you’ll get all of this and more. Reading chairs are also great options for those of you living in small apartments, and either have no use for a sofa or can’t fit one in your space. 

JustRoomy’s set is built with a high-density sponge filling for comfort and also sports a mid-century design that would complement nearly any design aesthetic you could have. 

They are decently sized to suit most users without dominating your small space. These chairs also come in an array of fun colors and designs, so you can really make your apartment pop, especially with the colorful pops or rhombus designs.

We highly recommend pairing these chairs with a coffee or end table to really create an intimate and personal space, or you could purchase them as accent pieces and create your own set if you already own other furniture pieces, like a sofa, and just need extra seating in your apartment living room. 

Dimensions29.9″L x 30.3″W x 32.7″H
MaterialTextile fabric with wooden frame
What’s Included2 – Reading Chairs
Colors• Navy Blue
• Orange
• Colorful Dots Pattern
• Colorful Rhombus Pattern
JustRoomy Upholstered Modern Accent Chair Mid Century Tufted...
  • DIMENSIONS: 29.9"L x 30.3"W x 32.7"H (Assembled), 22"L x 21"W x 17.7"H (Seat), Back Height: 16.5"; Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • MID-CENTURY MODERN STYLE: Featuring a beautiful tufted squared back, simple lines and tapered legs, this mid century accent chair delivers exquisite visual...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Just need to screw in the legs and it's ready. Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth.

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Yongqiang Curved Chair Set

The unfortunate reality of accent or living room chairs is that they are rarely suited to laying down for a peaceful and relaxing rest. You might have enough room to lean one way or another, but for the most part, their design forces you to sit up. 

This is less than ideal if you want to wind down in your apartment living room after a long day. But, if you don’t have space for a sofa, you might think you’re doomed to the fate of uncomfortable chairs. Thankfully, Yongqiang saves you from this fate with their curved chair set. 

These chairs are cleverly designed almost like recliners, so you can comfortably lay back while in them for hours on end. Although it’s not curved enough to feel like a bed, it’s better than uncomfortably sitting up-right in other chair designs when you just want to hang out in your apartment’s social space. 

We concede it’s not as relaxing as sprawling out on a sofa, but you have to make do with what you’re given when you have a small apartment. Yongqiang’s set lets you do just that.

Plus, not only are the chairs incredibly comfortable, but they’re elegantly styled as well, making them exceptional accent pieces in your home that will match and enhance most designs. 

Dimensions39” L x 27.2” W x 32.7” H
MaterialTextile fabric with wooden frame
What’s Included2 – Curved Chairs
Colors• Cream
• Gray
Yongqiang Set of 2 Accent Chair for Living Room Bedroom...
  • Cream Button tufted upholstered chairs Set of 2.
  • Modern casual design, slight curved lounge Chair.
  • Made of fireproof sponge, cotton linen fabric, and solid wood legs.

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