Can you mix shutters and curtains?

Shutters & Curtains

When it comes to home interior designing, there is no better fun than to start thinking about how the house will appear as a finished product. With so many appliances to choose from, the way the furniture will bring a certain appeal to specific rooms, there is also the possibility of choosing various window styles as well. That being said, there is one small question that is asked when it comes to interior designing:

Can you mix shutters and curtains? The good news is that you can mix both shutters and curtains together in many ways, be it color schemes, the formatting of the curtains, and more. However, you should also know the dos and the don’ts on how to apply them in order to create that pleasuring aesthetic you always dreamed of. 

By understanding the dos and the dont’s when it comes to mixing both shutters and curtains is important as it again creates the appeal of the interior you always want to portray. That way, you are by no means farther, but rather, closer from the dream aesthetic you always dreamt of having!

Can You Mix Shutters & Curtains?

As stated, the answer is a definite yes. 

Shutters are perfect for ensuring nice security as well as privacy when it comes to window space and is perfect in terms of utility for when you need some natural light coming into your house. For curtains, they are more for appeal and for building a nice home-style towards a specific room, be it the bedroom, the living room, or even the dining room. 

However, there area few things to note when it comes to these combinations. Sometimes they might work and others they don’t, but that is simply because there is isn’t much knowledge in the interior designing world that can satisfy certain people and their mixing outcomes. 

That being stated, here are a few dos as well as don’ts that many interior designing experts recommend doing (and not doing!) for mixing both your shutters and your curtains.

DO: Using Contrasting Or Neutral Colors 

Often as shutters are seen, they are mostly white in their color schemes or at least variants of white colors. With that said, is becoming easier to use many contrasting colors for your curtains that can bring about a certain attitude/vibe to the overall room. It also adds a certain ambiance to the room, helping you as well as guests understand what kind of room they are now entering. 

If you are not a fan of sparks and flying color palettes, then you are also in good news as well. Since, again, window shutters are mainly white color, it is often okay to use a neutral color palette that can complement the whiteness of the window shutters. It also helps alleviate the stress of figuring out the tone and ambiance that the room will have as well.

DON’T: Hanging Them Right Above The Windows

Sure we would want to combine the shutters and the curtains to create a fine and pristine look in our house, but if you are hanging literally millimeters above the window, then we have a bit of an issue here.  It dims the room and lets in less light than it intends to and can cause window damage if it’s stuck right above the window’s frame. This also brings in a rather cheap and crowded feeling in the room. 

What is best is to leave them hanging high and in wide distances to avoid the feeling of being crowded and to assert a sort of room “dominance” to the room itself. This makes the intended room feel more luxurious, rich, and grand in terms of the scale, and it makes up for a nice appeal when given nice contrasting colors. The recommended height and wide to do this is at least 12 inches above the window.

DO: Add Style To Curtains

Simple colors might not work as they intend to, but that doesn’t mean that the combination of shutters and curtains isn’t going to work. Instead, for some room, such as kitchens and living rooms, adding a certain flair such as patterns or striped curtains, can make the difference in applying that style and ambiance you always wanted. 

What’s more, is that it helps your creativity flow, even more, when it comes to home interior design: you can create a restaurant like a theme in your kitchen if you use striped curtains that hand above the shutters. The living room can become this soft and comfortable locale with the soft quilted style patterns that makes it all the more soothing to read a book or relax.

The point is, adding style to the curtains makes all the right differences when it comes to establishing a theme and a flair to the room you intend to use them for.

DON’T: There Is No One Size Fits All

As much as we like to admit to ourselves that each and almost every curtain works on every room we set our eyes upon, the reality is that not all curtains work best for every room. Sometimes the stripes don’t work on the living room, nor do the minimalistic design appeal work for a bedroom. You just have to make sure which works best with which room and its overall aesthetic appeal in order to fully determine the types of curtains you’re willing to use for the window shutters. 

DO: Let The Curtains Fall To The Floor

No one wants the room to feel incomplete, especially if the curtains do fall at least close to ground level. Not only do you want to create this grand and open space feeling to a certain room, but you also want to make sure that it feels complete, and by letting the curtains fall to the floor, you get that feeling of both completion as well as being comfortable. 

DON’T: Overcrowd The Room

What we mean by this is that we thought we would want you to have the time of your interior designing lives to create masterful and pleasuring ambiances for each of the rooms, we also don’t want you to overcrowd them with curtains. Sometimes, less is more, and in this case, the rule stands pretty clear.

The more you overcrowd yourself with tons of curtains, the more you’ll feel cramped and have less room, much like how you don’t get enough light if you hang the curtains directly above the shutters. In fact, much like that particular case, the same goes with this case as the more curtains, the less light enters the room, making the room much smaller than it really is. 

So again, less is more.

DO: Keep Things Symmetrical

Symmetry is the number one factor in all of the interior house designs. Making sure everything is all equal in its parts allows for more a nice and very well-founded aesthetic going and makes it easier to create an ambiance throughout the rest of the house. 

That being said, the same idea is to be used for the curtains as keeping them align, and neat gives a more welcoming tone to the house and allows for a nice and refreshing atmosphere. This is true with bedrooms as having that sense of symmetry means that everything at home seems to be in perfect balance. 

Sometimes using other furniture and even applying artwork helps to create this symmetrical vibe going as well and can further enhance the tone of the room. It even allows for more eye-pleasuring visuals for family and guests as well.


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