Office Desk Vs Gaming Desk: A Comparison

Office Desk Vs Gaming Desk

Desks are important pieces of furniture for office workers and gamers alike. Getting the right one is essential in both cases to get the best out of them, but how do they compare?

Office Desks:Gaming Desks:
Adjustability:Universal standardsFully adjustable
Comfort:Basic comfort levels, slight variationsCustomization for comfort
Durability:SturdyBuilt to last

Read on to find out more about how gaming desks and office desks compare to each other and check out what the best choice for you would be.

What Makes a Desk a Gaming Desk?

A gaming desk is a computer gaming table that has been customized to offer ergonomic gaming. These desks have different benefits than traditional office or gaming tables, including the ability to tilt up and down as well as being height adjustable so players can find their perfect playing position. 

Gaming desks are also more comfortable for long periods of time because they often use ergonomic materials and adjustable features that can make them feel tailored to your needs. Let’s take a look at some features that define gaming desks:

  • Gaming desks are customizable, allowing gamers of all heights to enjoy themselves comfortably. Many of them have their unique particularities too.
  • They feature high-quality materials like ergonomic foam cushions that offer great comfort for long gaming sessions.
  • They usually have enough space for several monitors, keyboard layouts, controllers, computers, and consoles. You can pick the size that’s best for your gaming needs, as there are also compact versions.
  • Everything on them, from the materials to the extra features, is designed specifically for gaming. All of them include at least a few features to make gaming sessions as fun and comfortable as possible. These can range from more storage cubbies or snack pockets to wire organizers and integrated plugs.

What Makes a Desk an Office Desk?

There are various types of standard desks, and picking one will depend on your specific needs. Office desks are frequently encountered in the workplace, and many times they’re part of an unoriginal and cramped cubicle. However, you can have more input into the type of office desk you would have in your home if you’d like to purchase one.

Office desks are geared towards doing work on them, but they don’t just have to be professional if you have them at home. You can also use them for writing, reading, drawing, and a long list of other activities. In the home and at work, office desks are meant to carry your computer or laptop, and everything you need alongside it, from stationery to files.

Let’s look at the characteristics of an office desk:

  • A good office desk is meant to increase productivity, so it’s designed to create an efficient workspace, no matter the size. It usually has enough surface to cover a computer set-up and plenty of drawers for storage.
  • Office desks involve a lot of sitting around, so ergonomics is an important part of the setup. The height on the desk and the chair that goes with it are very important to get right. In professional spaces, these will get adjusted for you, but at home, you’ll have to see what best works for you.
  • There is a lot of versatility to be found in shapes and sizes, even if most adhere to specific standards. There will be an office desk for you no matter how much space you have for it.

Comparing Office Desks and Gaming Desks

Office desks and gaming desks can seem to cater to different worlds, but each type has specific elements that make them the best of those worlds. They can differ in the characteristics that they offer, from the level of adjustability to the number of features they offer to the cost, but they will cater to you when you need them.

Types of Desks

When you look at desks, there are several types you will encounter, so let’s take a look at the options you may consider to provide you with insight into the market.

Office Desks

There are plenty of office desk types, ranging from the most distinguished to the most basic. These are some of the most popular ones:

  • Computer desks and laptop writing desks
  • Executive desks
  • Compact desks
  • L-shaped or U-shaped desks
  • Standing desks
  • Credenza desks
  • Corner desks
  • Cubicles

Gaming Desks

There are also several types of gaming desks, usually based on their shapes. Here’s what the most popular ones are:

  • L-shaped curved corner gaming desks or L-shaped straight corner gaming desks
  • Curved rectangular gaming desks
  • Cubicle rectangle gaming desks
  • Standing gaming desks or foldable gaming desks


These are some other desks you may encounter that are either combinations of previously mentioned types or options that don’t fit under either category.

  • Hallway desks: Practical desks that aren’t in constant use and that fit in narrow spaces.
  • Hutch desks: A combination of functional desk space and focused storage space.
  • Double desks: This is a type of workstation desk that is designed for the use of two people.

Differences Between Gaming Desks and Office Desks

When comparing gaming desks and office desks, differences and variations become apparent quickly, as might be expected. The main distinction is that the office desk is designed for work while the gaming desk is designed for play, and this defining characteristic is at the root of most of the contrast between them.


Office desks can have some adjustable features. Height is the main one, and it’s essential to get it right for each individual to ensure the maximum level of efficiency and comfort for the user. Other than this, few other elements are customizable in office desks. 

They frequently have to fit industry standards, and even those made for home use will have limited adjustability. Sometimes, you may encounter office desks that offer zero space for adjustments, especially in offices with cubicles. This can remove most chances at individuality and even accessibility.

Gaming desks make adjustability one of their main features. Many of them are fully adjustable, from height to width to surface. This can make them easy to use and easy to transform. They will also feel like they offer a much more personal touch. You’ll be able to adjust elements, remove elements, and stretch elements. 

Adjustability can be an essential feature for most, especially those who require special accessibility needs. 


Both these types of desks are designed with comfort in mind to a degree. Once again, office desks have to adhere to industry standards, while gaming desks take comfort design much further than their counterparts.

Office desks will have ergonomic features, particularly in the seating aspect. On average, lower-quality materials are used to create the desks. These materials make the desks serviceable, but they don’t go much further than that. They can feature smooth surfaces and rounded edges to help with extended time spent at them, but they’ll stop short.

Gaming desks, on the other hand, are designed for long gameplay sessions. For this purpose, the comfort element becomes paramount. Sitting in the same position for hours every day will take its toll on anybody, but gaming desks go out of their way to prevent that. With many of them, you can even switch from standing to sitting without losing any time.

The level of customization we’ve already seen in the adjustability category helps increase and maintain the comfort of the user throughout the session and beyond. Don’t forget to stretch your legs when you’re done, though!


Office desks are sturdy and designed to prevent the need for immediate repairs and reinforcements, but they once again find themselves limited. While they can take a lot of wear through the years, they can only deal with the one inflicted by a person working at it. 

They are also made on a lower-price scale, which doesn’t affect the durability other than when it gets beaten by the long life of gaming desks. The higher quality of gaming desks, combined with their design to withstand the onslaught of gamers, will make them last far longer than office desks on average.

While not all gamers take their feelings out on their gaming desks, these will still be exposed to more wear than office desks, and they can resist them without showing it as quickly. Both gaming desks and office desks are built to take the weight of several pieces of equipment on them, but most gaming desks can take more because they are expected to have plenty.


Pricing is where office desks tend to win the comparison. They are usually far more affordable than gaming desks, but this can highlight the difference between them even more. While office desks feature in the cheaper range, this is due to the generic way they are produced. 

The lack of high-quality materials and absence of features saves your wallet from getting too light, but as with most things, you’ll get what you’re buying. When looking at gaming desks, you’ll quickly have to face the stretching of your budget, but this is due to the numerous features that they offer and the quality of the designs.

Most gaming rigs are as costly as their high quality would indicate, but they are usually a worthy investment. Office desks will keep everything on the same level that you paid for, while gaming desks will surpass it. The decision will come down to what you will consider best for you, judging by the use you will make of the desk.


Office desks come in different sizes, which means they can also be very compact. While some gaming desks can be on the smaller side, most require plenty of space to get the best out of everything they offer.

Office desks are more versatile in this regard. Some can be huge, while others can fit narrow spaces perfectly. This, of course, means that they can be limited in what they can offer across their surface.

When you’re looking for a new desk, you’ll have to consider how much space you have for it and how you can best have it fit in your current living arrangements. Gaming desks will include plenty of storage within them that will usually be absent with office desks. 

The latter type will usually have some shelves and enough surface space to fit a few items, but with gaming desks, you’ll have access to numerous crooks and crannies. With gaming desks, you can easily turn them into multifunctional storage spaces and extend their usefulness.


Office desks are known for being functional, and not as much for offering many features. Those are where gaming desks shine. You’ll usually find the standard features on office desks, like cable organizers for the numerous wires you’ll be using, and keyboard trays that free space by tucking under the desk when not needed.

Gaming desks will offer numerous features, and you should include those details on the list when you research your next desk purchase. Some gaming desks have a full-surface mousepad that extends the limits of how far you can reach with a mouse. Some have integrated LED lights, while most of them will have enough cable ports for all appliances.

Some gaming desks include cupholders, headset hooks, and racks for controllers and games. You can even have trays on the underside of your gaming desk that will provide you extra help in organizing your cable and power cords. 

You can opt for smudge-proof and stain-proof finishes, and if you want to be completely safe you can go for the waterproof option. You can add cable anchors and desk mats, and you can make your gaming desk look even better with a sheen that imitates the look of leather.

Do You Really Need a Gaming Desk?

When you choose your next desk, bear in mind that you won’t always need to get a gaming desk. A traditional desk will suit many users well without the extra bells and whistles. However, if you see yourself reflected in the following criteria, a gaming desk will be a good choice for you:

  • You are an avid gamer or a streamer and you frequently engage in lengthy gameplay sessions. You’re also seeking comfort levels that allow you to play for longer.
  • You have plenty of gaming gear and tend to switch between PC gaming and consoles, and you have at least two monitors.
  • You like to use both mouse and keyboard and controllers while gaming, and want to simplify the process of alternating between them.
  • You want to personalize your desk as much as possible with accessories, features, and integrated lighting. 

How to Choose a Gaming Desk

Choosing a gaming desk can take some time because you’ll have to make sure it offers you everything you need. You’ll also have to see the space you can fit it in, and where it would be best to put it. Look at the size options and measure how they would look in your home. Check out the different shapes of gaming desks too.

Look at the features they offer, and decide which you want most. You can opt for an expansive selection of them, or just the bare minimum, depending on what you would like to use. 

The main thing to consider is the price. While most gaming desks can be on the pricier side, some will be more affordable than the others, so you’ll have to see if the cheaper ones offer you what you want, or if you’re better off saving for a more expensive model for a little while longer. 

Most retailers will sometimes offer deals on gaming desks, so keep an eye out for your preferred ones, and set up email alerts for them if you can. This will keep you in the loop and ready to act.

You should also judge the level of comfort they have and the adjustability options. If you want to invest in your health, you can get one that can be easily switched between sitting and standing.

How to Choose an Office Desk

If you’d like to purchase an office desk, especially if it’s for your home, space will be an important aspect to keep in mind. Measure the area where you’d like the desk to be placed, and find the perfect fit for you.

If it fits your budget, opt for higher quality materials, rounded edges, and a smooth surface. You should also get as many ergonomic materials as you can. This will help your body deal with the tolls of having to sit in the same position for a long time while working.

The rounded edges and smooth surface will protect your hands and wrists more than sharp ones do. When choosing, make sure that you identify what you’ll be using the desk for most, and opt for the best choice for that. You should also read up on reviews to see how well the desk options fare in terms of durability.

Can You Use an Office Desk for Gaming?

If you don’t have a large amount of gaming gear and aren’t looking to spend most of your day on gaming sessions, you can game at most desks, including office ones. All you’ll need is a comfortable chair, the game of your choice, and either a controller or your mouse and keyboard.


Office desks and gaming desks are meant for different things, but comparing them doesn’t have to be all contrasts. When buying either one or the other, make sure that you get the best choice for your needs.


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