Will a Queen Bed Fit in a 10 x 10 Room? Find Out Here

10 by 10 queen bed

A queen-sized bed provides plenty of room and comfort for a fantastic night’s sleep. It also takes up more space than a full- or twin-sized bed. So will a queen bed fit in a 10×10 room?

Yes, a queen bed can fit in a room measuring ten feet by ten feet. Setting up a queen bed with the headboard against one wall in a room of this size will leave room to walk around the bed on three sides. This arrangement will not leave much room for any other furniture, but the bed itself will fit comfortably. 

While it is entirely possible to set up a queen-size bed in a 10×10 room, the process presents its own challenges. For suggestions on how to move and set up a queen bed in a small room, space-saving decoration and furnishing tips, and more, read on.

What Size Bed Can Fit in a 10×10 Room?

Beds come in nine standard sizes: Crib, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Olympic Queen, King, and California King. 

Bed SizeWidthLengthArea Square Feet
Crib52 inches28 inches10.11 ft²
Twin38 inches75 inches19.79 ft²
Twin XL38 inches80 inches21.11 ft²
Full53 inches75 inches27.60 ft²
Full XL54 inches80 inches30 ft²
Queen60 inches80 inches33.33 ft²
Olympic Queen66 inches80 inches36.67 ft²
King76 inches80 inches42.22 ft²
California King72 inches84 inches42 ft²

A 10×10 room has an area of 100 ft² (square feet). While all standard bed sizes could technically fit into a space of this size, only certain bed sizes will leave enough room to move about comfortably around the bed.

Realistically, a 10×10 room will accommodate a Crib, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, or Queen bed, leaving room for a few small but necessary additional pieces of furniture. An Olympic Queen bed, King, or California King bed leaves basically no room for anything but the bed and very little space for walking around the bed, which is not an ideal bedroom arrangement.

Therefore, a Queen is the largest bed suitable for a 10×10 room. A bed of this size will undoubtedly dominate the space, but it will leave enough room for foot traffic and minimal furniture without making the room feel like a cluttered storage closet.

Features to Look For in a Queen Bed for a 10×10 Room

Standard queen mattresses may all have the same basic dimensions, but there are still plenty of bed features you can seek out to make the most of your limited space. If you haven’t already purchased a bed, look for the following features. Even if you already own a queen-size bed, some of these features can be added or swapped out over time.

Tall Headboard

Tall Headboard

One of the tricks to making the most of a room with limited space is to take advantage of its height. A tall headboard helps emphasize the room’s height and detract from limitations in its other dimensions.

Headboard With Shelves

A headboard that includes shelves or some form of storage space is an excellent idea for maximizing your use of space in a small bedroom. If your headboard offers enough storage space, you can eliminate the need for bedside tables or nightstands. Even if it doesn’t provide enough storage space to do away with bedside furniture altogether, the more storage space you have, the better.

Some headboards include open storage space like shelves. Others have compartments that can be closed off by doors that slide or open and shut. Your use of the storage space will depend on which style your headboard offers.

If your headboard has shelves, you can fill them with books, lighting, and other items you don’t mind being on display.

If the headboard includes some form of closed storage, you can use it to store clothes, bedside items, and anything else you would typically place out of sight but within reach of the bed.

Short Footboard

A short footboard is an attractive and handy feature, especially when paired with a tall headboard. A short footboard allows comfortable seating on the foot of the bed and keeps the bed from seeming shut off from the rest of the room. It also enables the tall headboard to draw the eye upward.

Bed Frame With Storage Space

A bed frame that offers some form of storage underneath the bed is a fantastic choice for a small bedroom. Lots of bed frames offer drawers under the mattress that could easily replace a dresser. This feature provides an excellent place to store clothes without taking up any floor space.

Non-Bulky Bedding

While fluffy, voluminous comforters and blankets can feel luxurious and pampering, they may not be the best option for a queen-sized bed in a 10×10 room. In this situation, sleek, streamlined bedding is the best choice. 

You don’t want to make the bed seem any bulkier than it already does. Bedding that hugs the bed closely and doesn’t add to its size is ideal.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up on lush bedding altogether. You can find fabrics that feel ultra-soft and cuddly without the puffiness and bulk. Just try to choose luxe-feeling items that are still streamlined.

Tall Bed Frame

The same principle for seeking a tall headboard applies to the bed frame itself. Emphasizing the height of the bed will make it seem less wide by comparison. You want to make the most of the room’s height, so making the bed as tall as possible, especially when paired with a towering headboard, will aid this effect.

How to Set Up a Queen-Size Bed In a Small Room

Furniture arrangement is important in any room, but especially if you are working with limited space. You want a bedroom that feels inviting, comfortable, and roomy. There’s no reason you have to give up these characteristics in a 10×10 bedroom, even with a queen-size bed.

Finding the right arrangement for your bedroom furniture can help create an enticing space perfect for rest and relaxation.

Lay Down a Large Area Rug

If your bedroom has hardwood floors, an area rug is an excellent addition. It can add color and texture to the room without taking up any space. It also provides a comfortable landing spot for your feet on cold mornings.

A large area rug can also create an illusion of added floor space. Find the largest rug that will fit in your room and place it on the floor before you move in any furniture. If possible, place it so that it covers the floor on both sides of the bed.

Put the Bed in Place First

Once you have your area rug in place, your bed should be the first piece of furniture you bring into the room. Since a queen-size bed will be by far the largest piece of furniture in a 10×10 room, the entire bedroom has to be arranged around it.

Place the Bed Against the Longest Wall

You want to situate the headboard of your queen-size bed against the longest wall in the room, assuming it has no doors or windows in it. If possible, center the bed on this wall. This sets the bed as the focal point of the room. It also leaves room on each side of the bed for bedside tables or nightstands, creating a sense of balance.

If the longest wall in the room is unsuitable for some reason – doors, closet, windows, exposed pipes – you might consider setting the bed diagonally in a corner. This arrangement sacrifices some center space in the room but can create an attractive flow if you arrange the room around it properly.

Make sure to avoid positioning the bed in such a way that you have to circumvent the entire room to approach one side.

Try to Situate the Bed Across From the Door

The ideal position for the bed is directly across from the bedroom door. This arrangement sets the bed up as the focal point of the room.

This arrangement may not always be feasible, however. If not, place the bed against any wall other than the one with the bedroom door in it unless you have absolutely no choice.

Do Not Block the Bedroom Door

Under no circumstances should your bed block the bedroom door. The door should be able to open and close fully without making contact with the bed. Not only is a blocked door a nuisance, but it could be a fire hazard as well. 

Do Not Block the Closet Door

As with the bedroom door, if your bedroom features a closet, the closet door should be able to fully open and shut without making contact with the bed.

Do Not Block the Windows

There is some disagreement among interior designers about whether situating a bed in front of a window is a desirable arrangement or not. With a 10×10 bedroom, you want to make use of every characteristic that can add to the room’s sense of openness and space. A window is certainly a feature that can add to this sense, so you probably don’t want to block it, especially with a tall headboard.

Arrange Other Furniture Around the Bed

Once you have chosen the best spot for your queen-size bed and moved it into place, you can arrange the rest of your furniture around it. 

Make sure that you leave plenty of walking room around the bed. As with the bed itself, avoid blocking the bedroom door, closet door, or windows with any of your furniture.

Space-Saving Decorating Tips for a Small Bedroom With a Queen Bed

A 10×10 bedroom is not a cavernous space. However, that doesn’t mean a room of this size has to feel crowded, cluttered, and cramped, even with a queen-size bed. Here are some tips for making the best use of the space in your bedroom.

Use Bedside Tables Rather Than Nightstands

Bedside tables are generally smaller than nightstands, yet they still offer a surface area for lamps, alarm clocks, phone charging stations, and other essential bedside items. 

Try to find bedside tables that feature both enclosed drawers and open shelving or storage areas. Open storage adds to a sense of spaciousness, especially if you can see through to the wall. Meanwhile, enclosed drawers will keep items out of sight to avoid a sense of clutter.

Place Dresser in Closet if Possible

Dressers offer a great deal of storage space for clothing and other items, especially if you use creative folding or rolling techniques, but they can also take up a lot of space in a room. If you can manage to fit your dresser in the closet, it will open up a lot of floor space in your 10×10 bedroom.

In a standard-size closet, this should still leave plenty of room for hanging clothes and other items.

Get a Child-Size Dresser

Placing your dresser in the closet will be especially easy if you have a child-size dresser. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a hot pink Minnie Mouse dresser; plenty of kids’ furniture is attractive and understated while taking up less space than adult-size pieces.

Hang Curtains As High as Possible

Another trick for emphasizing the height of the room is hanging curtains at the top of the wall. This lengthening of the room adds to the sense of spaciousness. The curtains should be hung as far up as you can place them and should hang to about two inches from the floor.

Mount TV on Wall

Instead of using a bulky entertainment center that will take up yet more floor space, mount a flat-screen TV on the wall. Choose the wall that will put the TV in the most comfortable position to watch from your bed or wherever you usually like to watch.

Be careful about placing the TV across from windows, however, as the glare could interfere with the quality of your entertainment experience.

Paint the Walls a Light Color

To add to the illusion of spaciousness in your 10×10 bedroom, you definitely want to choose a light color palette. This is especially true for the wall colors. Painting your walls an airy color will create a sense of open airiness.

Try going with the same shade you used on the walls for the doors and trim. Continuing the color across the entire room avoids breaking it up and enhances the sense of extra space.

Go Minimalist with Furniture

In a 10×10 bedroom, less is definitely more. The fewer pieces of furniture you place in the room, the more spacious it will feel.

This doesn’t mean you should have nothing but a bed. A few well-chosen pieces can be both functional and attractive. They can make the room seem furnished and commodious at the same time.

A pair of slim bedside tables, a floor lamp, and a narrow bookshelf make lovely additions to your queen-size bed, leaving the room airy and inviting. As much as possible, try to choose furniture that takes advantage of the room’s height, and make sure to leave plenty of walking space.

Add Shelving

An excellent way to add space for storage and decoration is to add shelving to your walls. Shelving is inexpensive and easy to install, yet it can make an enormous difference in a room’s vibe. 

Find decorative shelving that complements the style of your bedding and other furniture. Stock it with books, art, or special mementos to give your bedroom a personal flair. Just don’t go overboard – you want your shelves to look tastefully occupied, not cluttered.

How to Move a Queen-Size Bed

Queen-size beds are comfy and roomy, but they’re not much fun to move. Here are some tips on getting your most important piece of furniture into that 10×10 bedroom.

Ensure you have access to a vehicle with enough room to carry a queen-size mattress and box springs. 

Most moving vans and pickup trucks will suffice.

Use a mattress bag to protect your mattress during the moving process.

The last thing you want is for your mattress to get torn or filthy while you’re moving it to your new bedroom.

Use a sheet to move your mattress.

Some mattresses have handles to make moving them more manageable. If yours doesn’t, lay down a sheet and stand the mattress up on it. You can grab the corners of the sheet to lift the mattress more easily.

Load the box springs first, then the mattress.

Set the mattress on top of the box springs if they are lying flat. If they are standing on end, put the mattress next to them; they will help the mattress hold its shape as you transport it.

Secure the mattress and box springs in place.

You can use tie-down rope or bungee cords to hold the bed in place as you transport it.


Moving into a 10×10 bedroom does not mean you have to give up the comfort and space of a queen-size bed. With a bit of planning, careful arranging, and choosing the right furniture, you can create an airy, welcoming bedroom that will be the perfect setting for a good night’s sleep.


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