5 Reasons Why Game Tables Are Worth Every Penny

Game Tables

If you are a frequent board game player or like to host poker nights, you may be considering investing in a game table. Game tables can be expensive, so you may be asking yourself whether it is worth it to buy a game table instead of using a regular table.

Game tables are specifically designed for playing card games, board games, poker, and more. There are many reasons why investing in a game table is better than sticking with a normal table. Read on for more detail about why purchasing a game table will be worth every penny.

Game Tables Provide Storage for Games

Game tables typically have storage for board games, card games, and more. The storage is designed to protect and keep your games in pristine condition. This storage will help declutter any cabinets or drawers used to store games while also providing your board games with the correct storage environment. 

This storage will prevent your board games from the following:

  • Collecting dust
  • Food crumbs
  • Any humidity or liquid that could damage your games

Along with this storage, game tables also allow you to leave any unfinished game to pick up where you remain next time. Some game tables have tops that you can place over the top, so you can leave your game in the same spot to be picked back up for another time. 

A Great Way to Disconnect from Screens

It is easy to be frequently distracted by cellphones or a good TV show. While these media can be entertaining, bonding with friends and family is important for a healthy dynamic. 

After living through a pandemic and lockdown, your family or roommates may be looking for a way to bond and beat the boredom of being stuck at home. 

Young adults have begun to turn classic board games among others into drinking games. There are plenty of ways to create a fun environment for engaging in friendly competition.

With a game table, your family will be more motivated to spend time together playing games. Game tables are multipurpose, so your family can enjoy any type of game whether it be a card game, puzzles, and more.  

Game Table Design Makes for Easy Game Play 

Game tables are strategically designed to make playing card games, board games, and poker easier. Game tables are designed with the following details to provide you with the best gaming experience:

  • Felt table tops
  • Cup holders
  • Ledges

All of these qualities will make for the best gaming environment and will keep your games in the best condition avoiding any accidents that could ruin your game pieces.

Felt Table Tops

The importance of having felt table tops makes playing card games easier. The purpose of this felt is to make dealing cards across the table easier with a smooth and frictionless surface to slide the cards across. Felt table tops also allow picking the cards up off of the table easier.

These table tops prevent any cards from getting stuck on sticky surfaces. This will also protect your cards from being bent or ruined from any sticky grime on the table, unlike a regular table.

This small detail makes an incredible difference for game night. 

Cup Holders

Cup holders come in handy for many different reasons. By playing games people can become competitive and rowdy. This can easily end in spilled drinks and ruined game pieces or cards. 

Cup holders provide a convenient place to put your cup but also protect spills from competitive environments or accidental elbow bumps. 

This will help protect your table, cards, other gaming equipment, and floors from a messy situation. 


Most game tables have raised ledges on the outer edges of the table. These raised ledges are generally for keeping all game pieces together on the table.

These ledges are great for building puzzles. Building a puzzle can take a few hours up to multiple days. These ledges prevent any pieces from falling off. This also allows you to leave off from where you last started. 

Since the tabletops are felt, cards slide quickly across the surface. The ledges prevent the cards from sliding off the table. This also prevents any poker pieces from knocking over onto the floor. 

More Practical Than Other Tables

Game tables are more practical for gameplay than other tables. Due to the design of these tables, they offer a variety of benefits that not only make playing games easier but provide storage and protection for your games. 

Compared to regular tables, game tables take playing board games to the next level. They are strategically designed with many small details that make playing games fun and easy. While a regular table may seem like it is the more affordable option, it is not the most practical option for playing board or card games.

Regular tables do not offer the same benefits as game tables. Cards and game pieces can get stuck to sticky spots on the table. Spills and accidents can happen which could ruin your cards and game pieces, and they do not offer any extra storage for your games. This is why owning a gaming table is worth every penny.

Are Board Games Still Popular?

With technology and gaming systems becoming more and more popular as ways to engage in games and competition, it may seem like board games are becoming less and less popular. 

Cell phones have also become another avenue for playing games with a large group. A lot of common board games have become available as an app for phones. With all of these new developments technology-wise, playing board games the “old-fashioned” way may seem like they are dying out. 

Regardless of technology developing new avenues for playing games with family and friends, you should not believe that board games will die out and become less popular. When hosting get-togethers with friends and family, most people break out board games or cards.

Board games may not be the only option for engaging in friendly competition, they are still a popular choice among people. Board games have become popular with young adults by adding their own twist on the games making them drinking games. 

Cards Against Humanity is also a very popular choice among young adults as well. There are also a variety of board games that are used for drinking games. There are a plethora of board games for people of all ages. 

Board games are still a popular choice among:

  • Young adults
  • Families
  • Elderly people

With the recent pandemic and lockdown, board games have become a popular choice in bonding with families or roommates. Being cooped up inside, people have been looking for a way to disconnect from phone screens and fight off boredom. Because of this, board games will still remain a popular activity. Game tables elevate game playing to the next level, so they will remain a popular item in homes. 


Overall, game tables are worth every penny. The strategic design of these tables will provide you with the best board game experience. Offering protection, storage, and more are what makes game tables unbeatable when it comes to playing board games. 

Whether you are a frequent host for guests or are looking for a way to bond with your family, game tables are worth the money and provide you with an amazing playing experience. 

Board games are still popular with new board and card games coming out every year. There are plenty of board games for all ages along with classic card games. Many people still enjoy playing games as a form of social interaction. 


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