Should A Bench Be As Long As A Table?

Should A Bench Be As Long As A Table

A bench at a table is a flexible option for a cozy meal with friends and family. Whether indoors or outside, sitting on a bench instead of a chair is fun and an intimate way of sharing a meal. If you decide to use a bench at your dining table, the bench length you choose is important.

A bench is usually not as long as a dining table. A standard plank-style wooden bench is four to five inches shorter than a dining table. The length of a bench depends on the overhang of a table, which is between two to four inches on each side. There are many different designs for benches.

The standard measurement for the length of a bench is less than the table’s length. If a bench is custom-made, a table’s actual length indicates how long a bench should be. Different bench designs and table shapes influence a bench’s length too. We’ll look at free-standing benches and ways of incorporating these in seating arrangements.

Bench Sizes Depend On The Length Of Tables

A Bench Under A Table Is A Space-Saver

How long a bench at a table is or should depend on the table’s length. One of the first considerations is to see what size table you can fit into the space you’re using as an eating area. You’ll most likely get the table first and not have a bench for which you’ll have to find a table. But either way, the bench’s length relates proportionately to the table’s length. 

You’ll also have to consider how many people you want to include in your seating arrangements. The number of people you’ll want to sit at a table depends on the size. Standard tables can seat four and up to 12 people. The length measurements range from 68 inches for a four-seater table to 110 inches for a twelve-seater table.

Considering these average table measurements, a six-seater table with 72 inches can take a bench of 68 inches. This depends on the design or style of the bench and the table (see below). A twelve-seater table can have a 106 inches long bench which will mostly be custom-made, or even a replica Shaker meeting house bench can do.

These above standard measurements for table lengths, less a table’s overhang between four and five inches, will indicate how long a bench should be. A bench can be the actual table’s length with modern tables with no overhang, but most benches are shorter. However, it’s a matter of choice with these general measurements as a guide.

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Bench Length Relate To Shapes Of Tables


A dining table is a focal point in a home as family and friends meet here for a meal and share stories. Whether choosing a classic farmhouse-style bench or a modern BoHo variation on this traditional one, the type of bench and length is proportionate to a table’s length. Commonly a bench’s length is shorter than the table’s (see above). 

There are many instances of choosing to have a bench at a table rather than a set of chairs. And the table’s size will indicate how long a bench needs to be most functional. The length of a bench also relates to its uses in a dining area.

Though benches are generally used outdoors, a tradition of indoor benches has been ongoing. The reason often put forward is that benches, as a less formal option, are also more friendly than formal settings in a dining area. Also, in kitchens, as shared preparation and eating spaces, and on patios, benches are readily used as seating. 

The length of a bench at a table will depend on the shape of the table. A rectangular bench is not customarily put at a round table. Mostly benches are used parallel to the length of a rectangular (or square) table. Though a circular table does set a mood of coziness, this shape does not easily lend itself to a rectangular bench. 

So too, square and oval tables can accommodate a bench. And the length of such a bench would depend on the size (length) of the table. In these cases too, how long a bench would be next to a square or an oval table would be less than the overall length of the table. There are, however, also different styles of benches with backs, which can be used at tables.

Different Shapes Of Benches Conform To Table Lengths 

Different Shapes Of Benches Conform To Table Lengths

Benches are commonly used outdoors and increasingly popular for indoor dining too. Benches are sold as units, with dining tables alternative to dining chairs. Benches work well for kids, too, especially in bigger families. This seating arrangement is less formal and, for many, more functional.

A range of benches inspires intimate dining; in all instances, benches’ lengths are shorter than those of tables. Commonly, benches are without backs, allowing for two-direction usage – facing the dining table and sitting back into a room. The backless benches are not as comfortable as those with a back.

So besides the traditional backless benches made of wood and either stained or painted, there are the classic simple Shaker or Amish benches with spindle backs. These handcrafted benches might be acquired before you get a table, and when thinking of a table, it’s good to make sure these are shorter than a table for best use.

Whether you have an antique Chinese bench, a deacon’s bench, a church pew, or a shabby chic kitchen bench with built-in storage, the size of the table will be bigger than the length of the bench. There are also other options for benches, such as modern designs with chrome legs and built-in upholstered seating. In all instances, benches are shorter than tables.

Decorators suggest that benches will make getting more people around a dining table easier. And benches are now readily placed in casual dining areas and the more formal dining rooms. The atmosphere created is less formal, even chatty. The bench should, however, not overpower the table in size.


Dining room tables are spaces in a home that bring families and friends together for a great meal and happy memories. A bench next to a table enhances this sense of intimacy and friendliness. The right size bench beside a table is important for comfort and ease of movement.

An oversized bench to a table is a misfit as much as a bench that’s too small and needs additional chairs, which then clutters the seating arrangement at a table.


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