Should I Put Drawers In My Closet?

Should I Put Drawers In My Closet?

Orderliness and ease of access top good household management. However, our closets are less visible background spaces; how we order these impacts our daily routines, especially getting ready in the mornings. Neatness and order in our closets are possible. So, should we put drawers in our closets? 

Every closet should have a set of drawers to tidy and order clothing. Compared to shelves, drawers store smaller clothing items that are not easily folded and packed away. Drawers mostly store nightwear, socks, underwear, lingerie, belts, gloves, and jewelry.

While shelves can display clothing, drawers are for those items you don’t necessarily want to show. Drawers are functional storage units for smaller clothing, sleepwear, swimwear, active gear, and even winter accessories like woolly hats, scarves, and shawls. Here are some ideas on the use of drawers in your closet.

Every Closet Should Have A Set Of Drawers

A functional closet gives easy access to clothing items that are packed away. And drawers complement such access. Clothing in closets has been seen as mirroring who we are. A purposefully arranged and organized closet reflects who we are. The contents of our closets even give clues to our personalities, and it is here that drawers can make a difference.

In a frame or built-in, drawers as box-shaped containers are pulled out horizontally to give access to what’s been packed away. Drawers are sliding units of furniture that have no tops or lids. The ease of using drawers is that they slide horizontally in and out of a frame to make finding clothing effortless.

Drawers allow you to see what’s where when you open your closet and pull out a drawer. Drawers are not put above head height but mostly from a waist height down to make it easy to see what’s in them quickly. The ease of using drawers in closets is about finding and accessing clothing, which takes away frustration, especially when you’re in a rush.

Easy Access To Clothing In Drawers Cuts Frustration

asy Access To Clothing In Drawers Cuts Frustration

Easy access to clothing in drawers makes everyday dressing, clearing spaces, and packing a breeze. Whether you’re getting dressed or packing away clothing, the ease with which this is done when using drawers in a closet also saves time. So, beyond the ease of packing, finding, and storing clothes, drawers are a must-have if you’re decluttering.

Drawers pull out for a total view of what has been packed there. Seeing what’s in drawers is useful when packing away clean items and selecting what to wear. Drawers are functional units in a closet that give an orderly clothing display. Drawers can streamline your life and stop the nightmare of searching endlessly in your closet for clothing items.

When deciding whether to have drawers in a closet, the answer is simple. The easy access to clothing when you’re thinking of what to wear, as well as the ease of packing away and sorting matching clean items, will impact your life. The orderliness of using drawers declutters spaces and the easy access to clothing in drawers is a time-saver.

Drawers In Closets Have Different Shapes

Drawers in closets are readily fitted in most built-in units. Though this is the best way, putting drawers in a closet can be done at any stage. There are custom-made and standard manufactured sets of sliding wooden boxes in frames or wire or wicker basket drawers.

Drawers can be square or rectangular, deep or shallow, but are mostly made up of different units that fit together. The depth of drawers in one unit can vary too, and most commonly, the deeper drawers are at the bottom of the unit, with those less deep at the top. The drawer’s depth relates to what can be stored, and that’s why you need these in your closet.

From the perspective of ordering clothing and stopping the frustration of not finding clothing items at a glance, drawers pull out to show what’s packed or stored. With a drawer on slides, finding clothing items appear seamless. Organizing experts recommend that drawers are the best ways to order, group, and access clothes and accessories.

So whether it is socks, lingerie, underwear, sleepwear, and even t-shirts and jewelry you’re looking for, drawers not only declutter a bedroom but give quick access to these too. Each drawer can be divided into smaller units and even hold containers that store accessories to help with easy access and less frustration.

Drawers In A Closet Versus Open Shelves 

Organizing A Closet With Drawers And Shelves

There are different thoughts on storage in closets, and some favor open shelves over drawers. Mostly the argument for shelves is that clothing is visible at once. In drawers, it is argued that you have to pull these out, and then, if not well organized, you have to rummage through them to find items.

Though most of us agree that socks, lingerie, underwear, and even personal items like jewelry, are best fitted in drawers, these items need to be well organized too. When deciding on drawers in your closet, get a set of draw dividers to order and neaten your clothing and accessories. It’ll make them easy to find and save time too.

Coming back to shelves, and what makes these sought after in closets, is that we are more inclined to keep shelves orderly. We order and repack shelves regularly. This tidying of shelves often takes precedence over doing the same for drawers. We tend to neglect the contents in drawers as these are semi-hidden.

It might be why many people opt for shelves over drawers as they can’t stand to rummage through untidy drawers, especially when they’re in a hurry to get dressed and are rushing to find clothing items. However, the untidiness aspect has also been put forward in arguing against open shelving.

Organizing A Closet With Drawers And Shelves

There is no doubt that one needs drawers in your closet. As mentioned above, whether these are built-in and bought later or a chest of drawers that fits the floor space in a closet, having drawers in your closet will change your life.

The benefits of having a well-functioning closet are sufficient hanging and parking space. These benefits can’t be overstressed. Whether you like shelves or drawers, the most useful option for organizing and ordering a closet is a combination of shelves and drawers.

Decluttering gurus agree that socks, pantyhose, lingerie, underwear, and scarves are best packed in drawers, tee-shirts, and hoodies (tracksuit tops too) displayed easily on shelves. The secret to both drawers and shelves is maintaining order through regular decluttering.

Drawers In A Closet Versus Open Shelves


One needs to put drawers in a closet, and the benefits range from decluttering a bedroom space to giving easy access to clothes and accessories. Easy access has a time-saving aspect that makes drawers a must in every closet.

You can change your life by putting drawers in your closet as you’ll no longer have to spend time looking for essential items in your closet. Nor would decluttering and organizing your bedroom be something you dread. A drawer in a closet is an asset that complements the uses of shelves and ample hanging space.

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