Should Throw Pillows Be The Same Size

Should Throw Pillows Be The Same Size

Decorating with brightly colored and beautifully patterned throw pillows enhances the décor bringing out the beauty of the furnishings on which they are placed. Arranging the pillows can be daunting; which patterns match with which color, do they blend in with the décor, and should throw pillows be the same size?

Throw pillows should not be the same size when placed on furnishing for decorative purposes. Arrange larger size pillows at the back and smaller ones in front. Mixing different sizes of throw pillows creates interest and depth and adds a pleasing and attractive visual impact to any décor.

Decorative throw pillows, when attentively arranged, enhance the beauty of couches, chairs, and beds. Choosing the correct size and knowing how and where to place the throw pillows can sometimes be quite a feat. Below are some ideas and guidelines for selecting the best-size pillows for decorating your home.

Should Throw Pillows Be The Same Size?

Throw pillows should not be the same size. The general rule when placing pillows is to place the largest size at the back and then follow with a second layer with a pillow size 2″ smaller. Mixing up different throw pillow sizes shows décor creativity and makes a bigger visual impact.  

The size of the throw pillows will depend on the width of the sofa, bench, or chair and the size of the bed on which they are placed.

What Are The Standard Sizes For A Throw Pillow?

A pillow should neither be too small, which will look a little lost, nor too big when it overpowers the furniture. Too many throw pillows on a couch are also uncomfortable, causing insufficient seating space. Below is a size guide for throw pillows.

Throw Pillow Sizes For Beds

Throw Pillow on bed with shelves above

A guide for throw pillow sizes for different-sized beds are:

Bed SizePillow SizePillow ShapePillow DimensionsPillows Placement
KingExtra LargeSquare26″Layer 1 Center & 2 Pillows
King Extra LargeSquare/Round24″Layer 2 Center & 2 Pillows
KingLargeLumbar16″ x 24″ to 22″ x 30″Front Center 1 Pillow
Queen LargeSquare24″Layer 1 Center & 2 Pillows
QueenMediumSquare/Round22″Layer 2 Center & 2 Pillows
QueenLongLumbar14″ x 22″Front Center 1 Pillow
QueenLongBolster20″ x 7″ DiaInstead of Lumbar 1 Bolster
FullMediumSquare20″Layer 1 Center & 1 Pillow
FullSmallLumbar10″ x 18″Front Center 1 Pillow
FullLongBolster18″ x 7″ DiaOnly 1 Bolster in the Center
TwinMediumSquare20″Layer 1 Center & 1 Pillow
TwinSmallLumbar10″ x 18″Front Center 1 Pillow
TwinLongBolster18″ x 7″ DiaOnly 1 Bolster in the Center

Throw Pillow Sizes For Couches

Throw Pillow Sizes For Couches

The throw pillow sizes guide for the different sized couches are:

Seating Pillow SizePillow ShapePillow DimensionsPillows Placement
ChairMediumSquare20″ – 22″Chair – Center 1 Pillow
Sofa LargeSquare24″Layer 1 Side 1 Pillows Each
SofaMediumSquare22″Layer 2 Side 1 Pillows Each
SofaSmallSquare20″Layer 3 Side 1 Pillows Each
SofaLongLumbar12″ x 20″ In Center -1 Pillows
Sectional MediumSquare24″Layer 1 – Sides 1 Pillow Each
& Center Corner 1 Pillow
Sectional SmallSquare22″Layer 2 – Sides 1 Pillow Each
& Center Corner 1 Pillow
Sectional LongSquare/Round20″Layer 3 – Sides 1 Pillow Each
& Center Corner 1 Pillow
Sectional MediumLumbar14″ x 22″In Front Center Corner, 1 Pillow

How To Arrange Different-Size Throw Pillows?

Throw pillows only look good and make a statement when thoughtfully arranged or placed on beds or seating furniture. Pillows look best when placed in odd numbers, giving the overall look a visual balance. Below are some ideas for arranging the different pillow sizes for the best visual effect.

Different Pillow Sizes For Traditional Arrangements

Use the same shape of pillows for a truly traditional style. For a classic style, arrange the throw pillows in a symmetrical fashion, e.g., on a sofa, place two pillows of the same size on each side at the back and 3 of the same size in the center. For layer 2, arrange the same, but choose only one pillow for each side and one smaller size.

Different Pillow Sizes For Traditional Arrangement

Select a color scheme of solid or patterned fabrics and keep the same format for an overall symmetrical and balanced look, e.g., Place a solid black in one size and a bright yellow and white floral pillow of a size smaller on the sides of the couch, keeping the symmetrical placement.  

In the center of the couch, place three pillows, a solid black, patterned, and another solid black pillow of the same size.

Arranging Throw Pillow Sizes For A Minimalistic Style

Keep the arrangement simple with no clutter for a minimalistic look. Only arrange 1 layer of throw pillows, either one square pillow in each corner of a couch or an extra-long lumbar pillow in the center.  

Arranging Throw Pillow Sizes For A Minimalistic Style

You can have the same arrangement for a minimalist style in the bedroom. The only throw pillows here would be two long lumbar pillows in rich neutral colors, a small lumbar pillow placed in the center, or one long bolster pillow.

How To Arrange Different-Sized Pillows For A Bohemian Look?

A Bohemian style is more relaxed, and you can have fun arranging different throw pillows sizes and shapes. Still keep to the odd numbers, mix up square and round pillows in different sizes, and add more lumbar pillows and the odd small, embellished pillow to the mix.

Different Sized Pillows For A Bohemian Look

Different patterns in opposite colors, and decorative pillows with tassels or beads, will add to the bohemian vibe. Be cautious of too many bright colors and patterns; the trick is to playfully introduce throw pillows with different sizes, shapes, and color elements to the bohemian décor. Still, the overall effect must be easy on the eye!

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Choosing The Right Size Cover For Throw Pillows

Many throw pillow inserts can be re-used and spruced up by changing the cover. The correct cover size should be 1 to 2 inches smaller than the pillow insert; e.g., if the insert is 20″ in length, choose an 18″ size cover. The smaller size will ensure that the throw pillow will be plump and soft when the inner is inserted, offering a beautiful effect on a couch or bed.  

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Throw pillows should not be the same size, as mixing layers of different-sized pillows adds attention to detail and bring an intensity of beauty to the furniture on which they are placed. The placement of throw pillows is usually in odd numbers, with the largest size at the back and the smaller in front.

When arranging throw pillows, the size should be considered as pillows that are too small will be insignificant and not make any decorative impact. If the pillows are too large, the look will be overbearing and unbalanced, leaving little space for comfortable seating.


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