Square Table, Round Rug: 8 Ways to Make It Work

Square Table, Round Rug

Usually, when you are designing a space that incorporates a table and a rug, the table and rug should be the same shape. For example, if you have a rectangular table, it will normally sit on top of a rectangular rug. However, if your table and rug are different shapes, it is possible to arrange them in a way that works and looks nice. 

Whether you want to defy convention or you want to avoid buying all new furniture, you can make a square table work with a round rug. It is possible to create aesthetically pleasing balance by combining square and round elements. Read on to find out eight ways to make a square table work with a round rug. 

Can You Put a Square Table on a Round Rug?

You can put a square table on a round rug. In your home, you can do whatever you want. No design police will burst through the door and give you a citation for your design choices. However, if you want to make a square table and a round rug work together in a complementary way, you have to be strategic. 

The following are tips for creating a well-balanced combination when placing a square table on a round rug. 

  • Account for size. The right rug and table size are crucial to making this mix-matched design work.
  • Consider all kinds of rugs and tables. This setup does not just have to be for your living or dining room.
  • Do not let the two different shapes overwhelm the space. These two shapes can become cluttered and busy if you are not careful.
  • Give the table and rug a similar element so they flow together well. This can be a similar color, pattern, material, or other creative choices.
  • Remember that your home is your own and you get to design it however you want. As long as your design is functional and pleasant to those living in the space, it can work. 

It is easy to fall into the habit of matching your table and rug shapes. Most design guides will tell you that a square table goes best with a square rug, and a round table goes best with a round rug. However, this does not have to be the case. 

Having two different shapes that work harmoniously together is a sign of good design intuition. Once you learn how to best incorporate these two elements into your room, you can build a beautiful scheme with a square rug and a round table.

Choose the Right Size for Your Round Rug

No matter what shape your table is, your rug should be quite a bit bigger. Rugs under tables work best when they stick out further than the table on either side. To make a square table fit well on a round rug, you should first measure your table and ensure your round rug is large enough to suit it. 

If you plan to use a round rug under a square dining table, you have to make sure that the rug will stick out, not just from the edges of the table, but also past the chairs. Dining room chairs that get a lot of use need to stay on top of the rug regardless of whether they are pushed in or being used. A general rule of thumb for dining room rugs is that the rug should stick out about 30 inches farther than the table on either side. 

  • First, remove the table from the spot where you want your round rug to go.
  • Next, place your round rug on the floor. If the round rug is going in a large square room, make sure you center the rug in the room by measuring from the edges. 
  • Lastly, measure your rug and your table separately. This way you can be sure you place your square table directly in the center of the rug. 

If your square table is more for decoration or storage, such as the case with console tables, coffee tables, or vanities, you do not have to worry about chairs and you need only measure the table itself. In fact, when you are placing a square table on top of a round rug outside of the dining room, you do not even have to center the table on the rug. You can create a fashionable vignette by placing minimal furniture on the rug.

Your Round Rug Should Fit in the Room

The size of your round rug should not only complement the square table on top, but it should also fit well within the room. In a large room, the round rug you choose will likely act as a major focal point. This is especially true in a dining room. Your round rug should be large enough to stick out from under the table on either side, but also to create cohesion in the room.

  • Consider your room’s dimensions. Is the room square or rectangular? A large round rug adds variety to a square room with a square table.
  • Choose a large round rug that touches all sides of the room. Let your rug flow through the entire space. If it brushes up against other elements in the room, such as china cabinets or armchairs, it creates harmony.
  • Do not overload your rug with furniture. The point of your large rug is that it will show regardless of the table on top. Do not cover too much of the rug with other elements or create a cluttered appearance. Instead, show the rug off. 

All of these tips will help you choose the appropriate rug size for your room. A square table on top of a round rug can look beautiful, especially when the entire room flows together well.

Get Creative with Different Kinds of Tables

You can make a round rug work with all kinds of square tables., big or small. While the first table you might think of is your dining room table, there are all kinds of tables in your home if you really take a look. 

Other square tables that you can pair with a round rug include:

  • Sofa tables
  • Console tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Nightstands
  • End tables
  • Vanity tables
  • TV stands
  • Decorative tables

Any square or rectangular table in your home would pair well with the right round rug. Just keep in mind the size requirements mentioned above and make sure your round rug is quite a bit larger than your table. 

Add a round rug under your square coffee table to give your living room some dynamic design. If you have small decorative tables in your entryway, place a small round rug underneath one of them to enhance its decorative potential. A vase on a small square table is a nice design, but consider matching a round rug to the vase and you will have a small pocket of beautiful, balanced decor.  

Give Your Table and Rug Some Similar Elements

You can find great ways to incorporate your square table and round rug into the same design. For example, if you plan to put a square coffee table on top of a round rug in your living room, find a rug that goes with the living room’s existing color scheme. 

Do you have yellow throw pillows or purple curtains? Choose a round rug with yellow or purple elements. Put some similarly styled coasters on the coffee table. Now, you have a cohesive scheme throughout the room. This method works well for fabrics and materials, too. Choose a circular ottoman or pouf to tie into the circular rug.

It is also smart to use rugs throughout your home. Do you have several square tables of different sizes and shapes? Consider buying multiples of the same round rug to use underneath these tables. Your whole home will flow beautifully with the square table and round rug combination at its center.

However, when creating a room’s design, you should limit yourself to how much of one element you include. If you are someone who wants everything to match, you might feel inclined to incorporate squares and circles all throughout a room to force the table and rug to match. This is not recommended.

Rounded Furniture and Decor Can Help with Flow

Some couches and other seating options have rounded details that you might have not noticed. Many dining chairs, sofas, and armchairs include round arms, button details, or wavy edges. 

  • Chaise lounges often have rounded edges. 
  • Chesterfield sofas feature soft, round arms. 
  • Tufted upholstered chairs have round pins or buttons. 

You might not have considered these elements before, but they can work perfectly in bringing balance to square and circular pieces of furniture. 

Your decor also plays a big part in creating a room’s symmetry and balance. If you have a round chandelier, place your round rug centered underneath it with a square table on top. Utilize round mirrors and picture frames on the walls. Create an eclectic mish-mash of square and round frames throughout the room. 

All of this decor will combine to create a fun room that is neither starkly square nor redundantly round.

Avoid Going Overboard with Matching

If too many items in your room use the same patterns, fabrics, or colors, it could quickly turn into a themed room, which tends to be kitschy and tacky. Do not overwhelm your room with squares and circles to force your table and rug to match; simply allow your square table and round rug to exist in harmony.

You can find rugs that are relatively minimalist and muted so they do not shock the senses. Instead of going wild with matching decor, you can find placemats or a runner in a similar color or material to tie your square table in with your rug. 

These three rugs feature beautiful neutral grays and blues with simple patterns. They do not draw your eye immediately to the floor. Instead, they offer a strong foundation for you to build on, both figuratively and literally. Implement some of the hues with decorations on the square table or fabric cushions on nearby pillows. 

On the other hand, you can also choose a bright, exciting rug instead. When you choose a colorful or vibrant rug, it will act as the focal point in the room. 

If you go this route, you should keep the table lowkey and simple. A neutral table with a bright rug can still work together without being too in-your-face. For example, you may choose a white or tan table with a vase of flowers in the middle.

Use similar components but do not make your table and rug identical. Your round table is there to add depth and variety to a square room. Use similar elements and styles to create a cohesive space without overdoing it.

Use Different Table and Rug Styles

If you are on the fence about a square table and a circular rug, you might be astounded by the fact that the same tactics work for rectangular tables and oval rugs, too. You can even mix and match. 

If you have a large, grandiose dining table, you can use either a circular rug or an oval rug underneath it. In fact, sometimes oval-shaped rugs work better than perfectly circular rugs in rooms that are rectangular and narrow. 

The fact is that you may have furniture of all shapes and sizes in your home. Your desk or your vanity, for instance, are not likely to be perfectly square. However, these rectangular pieces of furniture can fit on a round table just as successfully as a perfectly square dining table can.

Round Rugs Come in Different Shapes

If you really want to get funky and creative, seek out round rugs that are not exactly circles. Many rug designers incorporate a layer of style into their rugs by switching up the edging. Examples of this can include:

  • Hexagonal or octagonal round rugs
  • Round rugs with fringe along the edge
  • Round rugs in the shape of mandalas

While all of these rugs are round, they are not necessarily perfectly circular. Still, they offer the same function as other round rugs with a bit of added flair.

Use Round Rugs to Soften Harsh Lines

Round rugs can actually be a better choice for a room than square or rectangular rugs. This is because the circular shape of round rugs helps to offset harsh lines that exist naturally in rooms. Additionally, if your tables and other furniture items are square or rectangular, a round rug can lessen the linear look of things. 

Straight lines and edges exist all over the place in your home:

  • Walls and floors
  • Square and rectangular decor
  • Furniture
  • TVs
  • Doors and windows
  • Appliances
  • Tables

These lines can become repetitive if they are the only thing you see each day. Break up the monotony with a round rug to create a more relaxing atmosphere. 

Because round rugs come in all shapes and sizes, there is no shortage of ways in which you can fit a round rug in an otherwise square or rectangular room. For example, a popular style of round rug is a large, plush, fuzzy rug. Throw a round rug like this one in your bedroom or underneath your vanity area and the room will become instantly more inviting and glamorous. 

Choose Designs You Like and Run with Them

One of the most important things to remember (and one of the easiest things to forget) is that you do not have to follow anyone’s rules when you are designing your own space. Your space should work for you and fit your needs, not the other way around. 

If you have a favorite big round rug that you just cannot live without, make it the centerpiece of your room. If your best tables are square, put those in the room too. There is no rulebook saying that you have to design your own home in a specific way. 

Sure, there are recommendations to keep you from creating a cluttered disaster, but the key thing to remember when making a round rug and a square table work is that you have to live with it so you get to choose how to design it. You should enjoy every element in your home, round rugs and square tables included. 

Your rugs keep your feet warm and comfortable. Your tables hold your keepsakes and memories. When all is said and done, you should love the space you call home. 


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