Standard Card Table Size and Dimensions

Standard Card Table Size and Dimensions

If you are someone who plays games often, you might be considering getting a card table for your home. These tables are designed to seat people closer together so that it’s easier to reach game boards and cards, and they usually fold up for easy storage when not in use. However, if you are going to be storing your table, it’s a good idea to know the size and dimensions so that you know what you’re working with. 

On average, the standard size for a square card table measures 34×34 inches. However, card tables come in various shapes such as round, rectangular, oval, and octagonal, so that the size will vary depending on the table’s shape. 

Adding a card table to your home is worth it, especially if you’re apt to gather your family and friends for frequent game nights. Read on to learn about the different sizes and dimensions of standard card tables, so you can figure out which type of card table will work best for you.

Basic Card Table Dimensions

The most common card table styles are round and square-shaped tables, which typically measure around 34 inches wide. But these aren’t the only options available. 

When choosing a card table, you’ll want to take the space in your home and the number of people you are hoping to fit around the table into consideration. It’s also good to think about what you will be using the table for. Are you playing cards or a board game that requires people to reach toward the center? Is this table going to be using for puzzles or games that require a lot of pieces? This will help you determine the style and size that works best for you.  

Card Table ShapeCard Table Dimensions
Square Card Table34 inches by 34 inches
Round Card Table36 inches to 60 inches in diameter
Rectangular Card Tables48 inches by 92 inches
Oval Card Tables48 inches by 30 inches
Octagonal Card Tables48 inches by 48 inches

Square Card Tables

The most common shape among card tables is square. The average measurement is 34 inches by 34 inches, but they can be as large as 38 inches and as small as 32 inches. 

A square card table can comfortably fit four people, giving them ample space to play as well as a few inches of personal space. 

If you are okay with more intimate seating, you could probably fit up to six people at one of these card tables. In these situations, however, you’d have to be comfortable possibly bumping shoulders during the game. You should also keep in mind, the more people around the table, the less playing room you will have. 

Round Card Tables

Round card tables range anywhere from 36 inches to 60 inches in diameter. While the smallest size can fit up to six people, the larger tables can accommodate up to ten. 

Like the square table, round tables allow everyone to sit the same distance from the center of the table, making them a great option for most games. 

The one downside to round care tables is that depending on where you are sitting, the table’s legs might get in the way. This tends to be more of an issue when you have the maximum number of people around the table. Still, it’s something to thinking about if you are considering this style. 

Rectangular Card Tables

Most rectangular card tables measure 48 inches by 92 inches. There are smaller tables that measure 36 inches by 24 inches, but these don’t tend to be as popular. 

While a rectangular card table may not be ideal for games that involve reaching toward the center, it does allow for more seating. Anywhere from eight to ten people could fit around one of these tables. As long as some are willing to stretch a bit, this is a great option for large gatherings. 

Oval Card Tables

Oval card tables are some of the largest card tables, designed to seat about ten people with the dimensions of 48 inches long and 30 inches wide. While this tends to be the standard size, there are other versions that can range from 36 inches to 60 inches in length. 

Oval card tables tend to have the same issues with the legs that round card tables do. 

Octagonal Card Tables

While octagonal card tables aren’t as well known as the others, they have grown in popularity in recent years. The standard dimensions of an octagon-shaped table are 48 inches by 48 inches, though are some tables as large as 50 inches wide. 

These are typically used for playing poker and sit up to six people, with each person getting their own edge of the table. 

What is the Average Height of a Card Table?

The average height of a card table is between 28 and 30 inches, which is also considered the height of a typical dining table. 

If you are looking for chairs to use with your card table, your typical dining room chairs should work just fine. If you feel these chairs are too large, you could get some vinyl folding chairs, which are easy to store when they aren’t in use. 

What is a Card Table Used For?

Card tables are portable folding tables that are typically made from metal and plastic to offer a temporary surface used for playing card games and board games. They are also frequently used as puzzle tables and even extra auxiliary seating due to their low cost and easy storage. 

Is a Card Table the Same as a Poker Table?

While card tables are often used as poker tables, they are not the same thing. Card tables are designed to provide an extra temporary surface, while a poker table is designed for one thing: poker. 

These tables are usually an oval shape and are cover with a type of felt called baize, so the cards can easily slide across the surface. 

Where Can You Put a Card Table?

One of the reasons card tables are such a great addition to any household is that they can go anywhere. You can pull them out for a family game night in the living room or even use them for extra seating during family gatherings. 

When you’re done, just fold it up and store it away for next time. 

How Much Space is Needed for a Card Table?

How much space you will need is generally dependent on the size of the table you choose. Ideally, you will want to allow at least three feet of clearance around the card table for adequate seating and movement. 

Octagonal and round card tables work best in small spaces. If you have a longer shaped room, it may be a good idea to go with an oval or rectangular table. 

How Much Does a Card Table Cost?

The price of a card table is going to depend on the size and style you are looking for. You can find a typical square card table online. Larger tables or shapes are less common.  

What Size Tablecloth Do You Need for a Card Table?

Both the size and the type of tablecloth you use are going to depend on the type of card table you choose. 

To figure out what size you need, you will first need to know the dimensions of your tabletop. The second step is to decide on your preferred drop length (the amount of fabric that hangs over the edge of the table).

Once you’ve determined that, you’ll need to do a bit of math, which is basically table length + (drop length x 2). You can also check out this table to figure out which size works best for you. 

Final Thoughts

Card tables make a great addition to any home, but they come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to know the dimensions of both the table and the space it will be in and what you will be using it for so you can choose a table that will work best for you. 


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