Ten Reasons Why a Mattress Protector Is a Good Idea

Reasons Why a Mattress Protector

When it comes to our beds, we all can agree that comfort is high on the list of priorities, right? There may even be a few other things we have in mind when it comes to buying a mattress, such as: 

  • Durability
  • Stain and odor protection
  • Support
  • A variety of other factors 

Usually, a mattress alone doesn’t come equipped with all of that, which is precisely where a little accessory known as mattress protectors come in.

Mattress protectors are a very convenient invention. They offer numerous benefits and are definitely something to consider whenever you go mattress shopping. Keep reading! In this article, we will break down some of their most important benefits.

What Are the Benefits of a Mattress Protector?

Some of you may argue that mattress protectors are a frivolous invention. After all, who needs that when we have memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers, and high-end sheets on the market, right? All of those are great things for your bed to have, but none of them provide the same sorts of benefits as a mattress protector. 

As a matter of fact, we’d argue that a mattress protector actually enhances all of these accessories and then some. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • They provide stain protection; allowing you to eat and drink in bed
  • They reduce allergens; providing a good night’s sleep without a runny nose
  • They help your mattress last longer; increasing the life of your mattress by literal years
  • They increase the comfort and sleep quality; you’ll never sleep better
  • They provide protection from bed bugs; because, gross! No one likes those pests
  • They make mattress cleaning an easier process; which is a great convenience
  • They prevent odors; because who wants a smelly bed?
  • They’re affordable; you’ll get your bang for your buck
  • They prevent the growth of mold and bacteria; and who wants either of those in their bed?
  • They can help regulate the bed’s temperature; you’ll get great sleep no matter the season

There are many other benefits to mattress protectors, but these are all the most important. Each of these benefits correlates with the sort of questions most people have on their minds when they’re mattress shopping. At the same time, very few mattresses on the market come equipped with all of the benefits above, so a mattress protector is a very wise investment as it enhances the quality of whatever mattress you ultimately decide to purchase. 

We all could benefit from a better night’s sleep without getting our allergies attacked in the process, so let’s break down these benefits, shall we?

How Do Mattress Protectors Prevent Stains?

Mattress protectors are usually made from a synthetic, wicking material such as advanced polyester, unlike mattresses themselves, which are usually covered in cotton. So mattress protectors prevent stains because:

  • They absorb liquid 
  • Some of them even repel liquid
  • They slow down the absorption process

The advanced polyester used for effective mattress protectors creates a protective barrier between the spilled substance and your mattress. The most basic protectors prevent your mattress from absorbing stains too quickly, but some of them hold the stain. There are also some particularly advanced mattress protectors which repel spills entirely.

Stains in a mattress can truly be your worst nightmare. Oftentimes they’re terribly difficult, if not outright impossible, to remove on your own. Likely, you’ll have to call in some professional help unless you just want your mattress to look ugly. For many, a means to prevent stains from being absorbed into your mattress is a godsend. 

Some of us want to have a meal in bed while watching Netflix, Hulu, or whatever streaming service is used. At the same time, none of us want to end up with hard-to-remove stains from said food or drink in our bed. If you are to invest in a mattress protector, then go on ahead and have your morning coffee in bed, as you’ll have very little mess to worry about! 

How Do Mattress Protectors Reduce Allergens?

Mattresses are a breeding ground for all sorts of allergens and pesky histamines such as dust mites, lingering pollen, and so on. To make matters worse, there’s really nothing you can do about it if you just lay on your mattress as is; not so with a mattress protector. Mattress protectors:

  • Limit direct exposure between allergy inducers and the skin
  • Prevents the accumulation of allergens with frequent washing

A good mattress protector will absorb most of the sources of your nighttime allergy attacks and can easily be washed regularly to prevent those spores from accumulating. 

Of course, it doesn’t work the same as actual allergy medication, so be sure to take your antihistamines as prescribed. However, your allergies and sinuses will definitely be much clearer at night with the barrier of a mattress protector. Because let’s face it, oftentimes, even with allergy medicine, you still wake up in the morning with: 

  • A scratchy throat
  • Itchy eyes 
  • A runny nose

Limit your direct contact with allergens, and you may not have to worry about waking up with allergy symptoms at all. 

How Do Mattress Protectors Help Your Mattress Last Longer?

Does anyone really look forward to the day where they have to replace their mattress? Why not delay the process by taking advantage of a mattress protector? As already mentioned, their stain absorption abilities are impeccable, and given that an actual mattress cleaning can only go so far with stain removal, the fewer stains your mattress has, the more sanitary it is. Mattress protectors do their job because:

  • They absorb stains 
  • They reduce wear and tear on your mattress
  • They limit direct body pressure and skin contact with your mattress

The reduction of wear and tear is significant. After all, your body isn’t directly touching your mattress, so it has even less exposure to degrading elements. This prevents your mattress from absorbing moisture, in addition to increasing its overall durability. Investing in a good protector for your mattress can increase the life of your mattress by a good two to three years, at the very least.

Now let’s be honest here, does anyone really enjoy mattress shopping? At least bed frames vary enough in design that shopping for them is kind of fun. Mattress shopping is just boring. It’s all about function and durability and has nothing to do with its character. Many can agree that the more time we can stall between having to buy a new mattress, the better. This is all the more reason for you to invest in a mattress protector.

How Do Mattress Protectors Increase Comfort and Sleep Quality?

A mattress protector will significantly increase your comfort and overall quality of sleep! They’re very much like mattress toppers in a multitude of ways, although they come with a number of benefits many toppers don’t have:

  • They reduce allergens – we feel it bears repeating because quality sleep is golden
  • They have many of the same qualities, and in some instances, better qualities as a mattress topper
  • They help regulate bed temperature

This isn’t to say you should get rid of your topper, however. As a matter of fact, having both would even double the comfort of your bed and the quality of your good night’s rest. There are many great accessories for your bed in addition to mattress protectors. 

We all appreciate our time to sleep and therefore go to great lengths to find and make the perfect bed. Mattress protectors are often overlooked by those who think a topper and luxurious sheets are enough for a great night’s sleep. While some luxurious sheets, like Egyptian cotton, cashmere, silk, or satin, can make you feel that you have just made a bed that’s fit for an emperor, and although such things do matter in ensuring the comfort of your bed, a good mattress protector will enhance all of these features significantly.

How Do Mattress Protectors Provide Protection from Bed Bugs?

Let us be frank here; you simply cannot throw a mattress in the washer machine. If you have to deal with bed bugs, this may simply bum you out. Believe it or not, a mattress protector will definitely help alleviate the problem. Bed bugs have a tendency to burrow themselves deep into mattresses; a protector will definitely slow down and complicate that process because: 

  • They limit direct skin contact between your skin and the mattress
  • Frequent washing helps repel pests

It may even help you notice if you do have an infestation of bed bugs when you previously didn’t even realize it, as they won’t be able to dive much further than surface level. That’s to say nothing of the lower likelihood of you being bit by the nuisances in the first place. 

And unlike your mattress, a mattress protector can be thrown in the washer machine on a weekly basis. 

How Do Mattress Protectors Make Mattress Cleaning an Easier Process?

Cleaning a mattress is really a whole involved process in and of itself, which is exactly where your mattress protector comes in. As mattress protectors absorb stains, sweat, and all other sorts of fluids when it comes time to clean your mattress, you won’t even have much to clean in the first place.

Really, think about it; it’s a chore we all dread, having to clean, disinfect, and sanitize a mattress, and even then, you can only get so far if there are stains on top of years of sweat as a result of hot sleeping. None of this is so when you use a mattress protector. If you remove, wash, and sanitize it regularly, you’ll have next to nothing to worry about when it comes time to clean your mattress. 

How Do Mattress Protectors Prevent Odor Absorption?

Discoloration and unsightliness aren’t the only results of stains on your mattress. Another thing people don’t consider is odor, and odor doesn’t just come from stains but also from body contact and the resulting fluid absorption. Spray that bottle of fabric refresher all you want. It will only go so far in removing odors that have become deeply embedded in your mattress.

Your mattress protector will absorb any and every potential source of odor and can easily be cleaned to prevent odors from accumulating over time. This also makes mattress protectors a fantastic solution for the beds of young children, particularly in the case of those who struggle with bedwetting. 

How Do Mattress Protectors Make Your Mattress More Affordable?

Mattresses cost money. A lot of money. You have to replace your mattress every few years, and you may even have to pay to get them properly cleaned. Mattresses are as big of an investment as the bedframes you put them on, and very few of us find any part of this process to be very convenient or even any fun. That’s why your top priority after buying your mattress is to invest in a legitimate means of protecting it. 

Your mattress protector:

  • Increases the sustainability of your mattress, therefore enabling it to last longer
  • Makes cleaning and sanitation an overall less expensive and more efficient process

Mattress protectors greatly reduce potential holes that can be burned in your wallet and/or purse with the investment of a new mattress. Their ability to increase durability enables your mattress to last longer, thus reducing the need for you to replace it as frequently. You may never have to call for professional help to clean your mattress ever again, thereby ensuring you’re getting the most out of your initial investment. 

How Do Mattress Protectors Prevent the Growth of Mold and Bacteria?

No one wants to deal with an accumulation of mold or bacteria anywhere in their home, much less where they have to sleep. Unfortunately, with the accumulation of sweat and other fluids, as well as the overall difficulty of disinfection and sanitization, mattresses can very easily become hotbeds of highly infectious bacteria and lethal mold. 

The bottom line is that mattress protectors absorb and repel almost everything. They can be washed and sanitized frequently, which nearly alleviates this problem entirely. Of course, they aren’t a failsafe, so still be sure to check and sanitize your actual mattress from time to time, but they still greatly reduce the chance of your mattress containing any mold or bacteria regardless. 

How Do Mattress Protectors Regulate the Bed’s Temperature?

These are just a few facts of life: we all want a warm, toasty bed in the winter and a cool, refreshing bed in the summer. Alas, regular old mattresses or even the older versions of mattress toppers rarely come equipped with features to either repel sweat or regulate the absorption of body heat. New technology has allowed mattress toppers to evolve because:

  • They can easily be used in all seasons
  • The extra layer prevents the bed from getting too hot or too cold

Effective mattress protectors have the ability to wick away moisture by default, which is a given considering their superb stain-repelling abilities. They also provide a temperate layer between your body, the sheet, and the mattress, which allows for very easy temperature control. A mattress protector will definitely help with your night sweats while also preventing your bed from feeling like an ice block in the winter or an oven in the summer. 

Is A Mattress Protector Really Worth It?

They’re VERY worth it. Mattresses are a major investment in and of themselves. It would be in everyone’s best interest to ensure they get the most bang for their buck. A mattress protector is a relatively inexpensive accessory that will drastically enhance your mattress’s: 

  • Durability
  • Cleanliness 
  • Overall comfort

They will take everything there is to love about your bed the extra mile and then some. You can easily enjoy your morning coffee, evening glass of wine, or even a whole meal in bed without having to worry about a spill permanently damaging it. The benefits of mattress protectors are truly endless. You can really do no wrong in getting one. 

What Type of Mattress Protector Should I Get?

Ready to get a mattress protector? I have just the solution! On Amazon, I’ve found this Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad. Available in Twin, Queen, Full and King sizes, it’s made of a highly durable and breathable material which is sure to upgrade your night’s sleep in an instant.

Another option to look into is a mattress protector made of bamboo. Bamboo fabric comes with a variety of benefits, being hypoallergenic, extremely breathable and durable and unabsorbent, so a bamboo mattress protector is a very wise investment indeed. Also, I’ve found this Bamboo Mattress Protector which has all of the above stated benefits on top of also being naturally cooling! It’s a bit more pricey than the former, but the high-quality of bamboo fabric makes it more than worth it. 

So not only are you now aware of everything that makes a mattress protector great and then some, but now, we’ve even given you a few options to choose from! We hope you’ve found our extensive guide to be a great help. Be sure to use it as a reference in your quest for the perfect bed and the perfect night’s rest. 


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