The Cost Of A Bedroom Set

Cost Of A Bedroom Set

A bedroom set is essential for furnishing a house, along with a living room set and kitchen supplies. As such, it’s a major part of home budgets and an important decision. Whether you’re decorating a new house or want to update your current style, the cost of a bedroom is integral to the process.

A bedroom set can cost anywhere from roughly $500 to well over $4,000. The number, quality, features, and materials of the furniture pieces in the set are just a few factors that affect how much a bedroom set costs.

The cost of a bedroom set is tied to direct factors, such as the ones listed above, and indirect factors, such as holidays. There are a variety of ways consumers can save money and find the perfect bedroom set.

How Much A Bedroom Set Costs

Prices for a bedroom set can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the number of pieces in the set and the quality of the set, among other factors. The price of a set can also be affected by how you purchase it (online or in-store) and when you purchase it (holidays, seasons, etc.).

Fortunately, this wide range means that everyone can find a bedroom set that falls within their budget. And thanks to mobile apps and websites with price filters, you can easily get an idea of what your desired bedroom set will cost prior to purchasing it.

Factors That Affect Bedroom Set Costs

Factors that affect the cost of a bedroom set include the type and size of the set, desired features and style, materials the pieces are made of, and the brand. Though not a definitive list, these are the primary determinants of how much you’ll pay for a bedroom set. 

  • Type – The type of set you need (i.e., the number of furniture pieces you need) is one of the largest determinants of cost. The price of a set rises in proportion to the number of pieces it includes. Mirror and headboards are often priced as separate pieces.
  • Size – The size of the furniture you need can drastically affect the cost of your bedroom set. Smaller pieces, such as full beds or standard nighstands, will cost less than larger pieces, such as king beds and double dressers.
  • Features – The specific type of furniture and features you’re looking for can raise or lower your overall price. Features such as storage are more expensive, as are accent features such as bed canopies or four poster frames.
  • Materials – The materials your bedroom set are made of are a primary factor in determining cost. Premium materials such as solid wood, genuine leather, and solid metal will raise the price compared to manufactured wood, faux leather, etc..
  • Style – If you’re looking for a specific style for your bedroom set, it’s likely to affect price and potentially cost more. For example, country chic, mid-century modern, and classic glam bedroom sets will all cost more than basic or traditional sets.
  • Brand – Though brand is not often a deciding cost factor as compared to other industries, such as fashion, brand names can affect a bedroom set’s price. Well-known companies with reliable products will cost more than other bedroom sets. 

The good news is that you can use these factors to your advantage. Once you know what affects the price, you can use that knowledge to save as much money as possible and get the best deal.

For example, if you’re looking for a specific style, such as a five-piece set with a queen sleigh bed, you can target factors such as a features, materials, and brand to save money. A basic sleigh bed made of manufactured wood will cost less than (and work just as well as) a solid wood sleigh bed with storage from a popular brand.

Before you start looking for a new bedroom set, think about your must-have’s. Do you want a bohemian or beachy style? Do you need to upsize? In addition to setting a budget, identify what factors are most important to you. 

How To Save Money On A Bedroom Set

Sales are one of the easiest and most effective ways to save money on bedroom sets. Sales related to holidays, special offers, and the brands themselves are the most common. Buying open box or secondhand can also save buyers money.

The only feeling better than buying a new bedroom set is getting that set for a good price. Waiting for the most opportune moment, though not always possible, benefits both you and your wallet. Utilizing sales and other money-saving methods also means that more sets will fall within your budget range.

Here are a few different methods to save money on your bedroom set:

  • Holidays – Holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, and Fourth of July prompt sales across industries, including on bedroom sets. Stay updated on the latest sales, promotions, and discounts from your desired store or website.
  • Rebates – Rebates are a retrospective way to save money. Though it won’t immediately save you money (meaning you’ll need to pay for the bedroom set upfront), you’ll save money overall once a portion is refunded to you at a later date.
  • Special Offers – Many stores and websites have special offers not related to a specific holiday or season. Free shipping, BOGO, no interest, and low down payments are examples of deals that are over quickly, but save customers lots of money.  
  • Brand Sales – Some stores or websites have brand-specific sales, such as anniversary celebrations or an annual “holiday” that they made up. Taking advantage of these sales is a great way to pare down the price tag.
  • Closeout Deals – Closeouts are one the best ways to save money. As bedroom sets become discontinued, stores and websites deeply discount prices in order to move the remaining product as quickly as possible.
  • Display / Open Box – Open box, display, and floor sample bedroom sets are cheaper than in-box, “new” sets. Furniture technically start depreciating in value as soon as it’s opened and assembled, so you can easily save $50, $100, or more.
  • Ask / Haggle – Though not always possible, locally-owned stores or smaller chains may be willing to lower the price of a bedroom set in order to make a sale. This is especially true if the store associates are paid by commission. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Gently Used – If you aren’t absolutely set on buying new, gently used and secondhand bedroom sets are guaranteed to be more affordable. You can also look into bedroom sets that have been returned, which stores often resell at a discounted price.

Saving money on a bedroom set benefits you in the short-term and long-term. By taking advantage of a sale, closeout deal, etc., you can get the bedroom set of your dreams at a practical price.

What A Full Bedroom Set Consists Of

A bedroom set can consist of anywhere from two to six pieces. Beds and nightstands are the staple pieces, but sets can also include dressers, chests, mirrors, and headboards. Full bedroom sets typically refer to five- or six-piece sets, which include all the pieces listed.

Also called a bedroom suite, bedrooms sets come in a range of sizes so that customers can choose the set that fits them best. While full bedroom sets are useful, they’re not always necessary.  

Full bedroom sets are often geared toward master suites, which are usually built with enough space to accommodate five or six pieces of furniture. But smaller bedrooms, and especially those meant for children, may not be able to hold so many pieces, especially if those pieces are large.

Types of Bedroom Sets

The cost of a bedroom set rises in relation to the number of pieces included in that set. Simple two-piece sets are the most affordable, while full five- or six-piece sets are the most expensive type of bedroom suite.

  • Two-Piece Sets – These sets come with a bed frame and one nightstand. The headboard may or may not be included in the price of the set, but is usually not included. This is the most simple type of bedroom set and, as a result, often the most affordable. 
  • Three-Piece Sets – These sets come with a bed frame, dresser, and one nightstand. The dresser mirror are typically not included in the price of the set. These sets are simple but effective, perfect for small rooms or simple needs.
  • Four-Piece Sets – These sets may come with a bed frame, dresser, chest, and one nightstand. Alternatively, they may come with a bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror or headboard. Check what the fourth piece of furniture is prior to purchasing.
  • Five-Piece Sets – These sets typically consist of a bed frame, dresser, chest, one nightstand, and either a dresser mirror or bed headboard. This and the six-piece set are considered a traditional or full bedroom suite.
  • Six-Piece Sets – These sets include a bed frame, dresser, mirror, chest, and two nightstands. This complete set includes every major piece of bedroom furniture. Perfect for the master bedroom or larger rooms.
  • Dresser Sets – These sets include a dresser and one nightstand. They are a distinct category since they do not include a bed, which is otherwise a staple piece in other sets. Perfect for people who already have a bed or only need furniture with storage. 

If you’re shopping online, you may be able to filter by individual pieces. For example, filtering by sets that include a bed, nightstand, dresser, and chest ensures the four-piece sets you consider have all the necessary furniture.

You can also filter by price and other factors that affect the final cost of bedroom sets, such as the type of material and style.

Types of Bedroom Furniture 

The most common types of bedroom furniture are beds, nightstands, dressers, chests, mirrors, and headboards. Together, these pieces create a full bedroom set.

However, they are not the only types of bedroom furniture available:

  • Beds – Beds are often considered the most essential part of a bedroom set. Though not necessarily true, they often serve as the center or focal piece of a set. Of all the types of furniture, beds are the most varied.
  • Alternative Beds – Daybeds, loft beds, and small space bed sets (such as murphy beds and storage beds) are not typically included in bedroom sets. Filters and configurable sets can help interested people find the perfect set to suit their needs. 
  • Headboards – Often considered a separate piece of furniture from the bed itself, headboards can serve either aesthetic or functional purposes. While they can certainly create a focal point for the bedroom, they may also include features such as storage.
  • Nightstands – Besides beds, nightstands are one of the core pieces of bedroom sets. Though they typically offer less storage than larger pieces such as dressers, their placement next to the bed and smaller size offers more convenience and versatility.
  • Dressers – Dressers provide dual storage: horizontal drawers for clothing and a flat surface for accessories, lamps, books, or other objects. Combined with a mirror, they are one of the most multi-functional and space efficient pieces in a bedroom set.
  • Mirrors – Though not strictly necessary, mirrors are a useful addition to dressers. Most dressers are designed with a matching mirror, which may or may not be included with the dresser itself.
  • Chests – Chests typically offer less storage than dressers, but their taller and narrower stature makes them a more versatile piece of furniture. Though not all bedrooms have enough floor space for dressers, chests are a useful and practical alternative.
  • Vanities – Vanities are a scaled down version of dressers, though the extent of this downsize varies according to the vanity itself. Though often used to store makeup or accessories, vanities can function as a smaller version of a dresser if need be.
  • Wardrobes/ Armoires – Wardrobes and armoires offer a functional alternative to closets and dresser/ chest combinations. They vary in size and type to fit every need. There are also portable versions for people who travel or move often. 

There are several different types of bedroom furniture, each with a distinct purpose. Some share that purpose, such as storing clothing, and may be interchangeable depending on your needs.

For example, though dressers are more common, you could buy a bedroom set that only consists of a bed, nightstand, and chest. Alternatively, you could invest in larger nightstands and a sizeable wardrobe.

How To Choose The Right Bedroom Set For You

To choose the right bedroom set, consider the number of pieces you need, the features you want, how much space you have, and your overall budget.

Choosing the right bedroom set can be a difficult and intensely personal decision. Bedroom sets aren’t as visible as the other furniture in your house, such as the pieces in your living room or kitchen. But you (and possibly your significant other) will still spend a large majority of your time using and looking at a bedroom set.

To pick the best bedroom set for you, consider these questions:

  • How many pieces do you need? Consider whether you need a basic two- or three-piece set or a full bedroom set. Take stock of what you have right now and whether it’s just right or you need to downsize or upsize.
  • What features do you like? If you’re determined to buy one specific bedroom set, it may be difficult to stay within your price range. Instead, try to identify what you like about that set and use those characteristics to guide your search.
  • How much space do you have? Measure your room to see how many pieces you can realistically (and comfortably) fit. Consider everything else in your bedroom and how much free floor space you’ll need.
  • What is your overall budget? Keeping your list of must have’s in mind, think about what price range you want. If you have a range instead of a hard limit, identify if there’s any wiggle room (and, if so, how much).

As you search for the perfect bedroom set, try to keep an open mind and be patient. You may not find a set you want or like immediately— and that’s okay! Check different stores and websites to see what options are near you.

With a little determination, you’ll soon find the perfect bedroom set (and hopefully save some money, too).

How Much Does A Living Room Set Cost?

A living room set can cost anywhere from $600 to close to $10,000. The final cost is primarily affected by the type and number of furniture you need. Sets with just a sofa and loveseat are less expensive than sets that also come with an ottoman and accent chair, for example.

In comparison, a bedroom set costs less than a living room set. However, the factors that affect the price of a bedroom set are the same ones that can raise or lower the price of a living room set. 

People can save money and figure out how to choose the right living room set using the same methods described above.

Final Thoughts On Purchasing A Bedroom Set

The wide range of prices that bedroom sets come in, from a few hundred dollars to over $2,000, allow people to find the perfect set for them. Factors like the type of bedroom set and desired features play a part in the cost of the set, but people can offset these by using money-saving methods. With a set budget, patience, and determination, people can find the bedroom set they want for a price that’s equally desirable.


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