The Right Size Bed for My Height

The Right Size Bed for My Height

Humans spend around a third of their life asleep. We also spend a lot of time in bed, browsing the internet, or watching TV. Being comfortable on your bed is vital for your health and happiness; this article looks at your mattress’s size according to height.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a bed and mattress with a high comfort level. Your sleep quality will be affected if your bed is not sized according to height. As for the length of your mattress, ideally, it should be 6 inches longer than your height to provide comfortable sleep.

Just as creating a good bedtime routine is important for a good night’s sleep, getting the right-sized bed and mattress according to your height is equally important. Let’s find out how that is measured.

How to Calculate the Right Size of Bed for Your Height.

To calculate the right size bed according to your height, you can measure your height and add 6 inches. Then choose a bed and mattress that is longer than that. Before selecting a bed size, you should also consider how wide the mattress is and that it provides comfortable elbow space.

Typical Mattress and Bed Sizes

Typical Mattress and Bed Sizes

There are many different sizes of beds and mattresses available, and it is easy to calculate the right size for you. Choosing the right size bed can be frustrating if you don’t know what sizes are available on the market and how to calculate the right size according to your height. 

To find the correct size bed, you must add six inches onto your length and, for the width, allow enough elbow space between your partner and yourself. Both persons sharing the bed should have both hands behind their heads, resting with elbows sprawled without touching each other for adequate width space.

We made your decision to find the right size bed easier with our summary of the most common bed and mattress sizes you will find in stores.

Mattress sizes measured in inches and centimeters

  • California King – 72 x 84 inches / 183 x 213.5 centimeters
  • King – 76 x 80 inches / 193 x 203.5 centimeters
  • Olympic Queen – 66 x 80 inches / 167 x 203.5 centimeters
  • Queen – 60 x 80 inches / 152 x 203.5 centimeters
  • Full – 54 x 75 inches / 134.5 x 190.5 centimeters
  • Full XL – 54 x 80 inches / 137 x 203.5 centimeters
  • Twin – 38 x 75 inches / 96.5 x 188.0 centimeters
  • Twin XL – 38 x 80 inches / 96.5 x 203.5 centimeters  
  • Single – 30 x 75 inches / 76.2 x 190.5 centimeters
  • Crib – 27.25 x 51 inches / 69.2 x 129.5 centimeters

Bed and Mattress Sizes Suitable for:

  • Twin / 38 x 75 inches – 1 person / Ideal for a person under 5’9″
  • Twin XL / 38 x 80 inches – 1 person / Ideal for a person under 6’2″
  • Full/Double / 54 x 75 inches – 2 adults / Ideal for persons under 5’9″
  • Full XL / 54 x 80 inches – 2 adults / Ideal for persons under 5’9″
  • Queen / 60 x 80 inches – 2 adults / Ideal for persons under 6’2″
  • King / 76 x 80 inches – 2 adults with a child / Ideal for persons under 6’2″
  • California King / 72 x 84 inches – 2 adults with child / Ideal for persons under 6’6″

Standard Bed Sizes 

Standard Bed Sizes 

King Size Bed – California / Sized 72 inches x 84 inches

The recommended room size to fit a California king-size bed is a minimum of 12 x 12 feet.

A California king-size bed is the longest bed available. The California king-size bed is 4 inches longer than the standard king-size bed. Unfortunately, it is 4 inches narrower too.  

What you gain in length with a California king-size bed, you, unfortunately, lose in width.  

However, the extra-long bed makes it perfect for tall people. The 72 x 84-inch bed comfortably has enough room for two persons that are 6’6″ in length.

The California king mattresses are available in a two-split option to give partners with different mattress preferences the option to choose different hard or softness support for themself.

King Size Bed / Sized 76 inches x 80 inches

We recommend a room size to fit a King-size bed to be a minimum of 12 x 12 feet.  

A king-size bed provides optimal room for a good night’s sleep with enough space for two persons to spread out comfortably. The extra 4 inches of width offers more than the California King, allowing ample elbow space. Unfortunately, it is 4 inches shorter in length. 

The King-size mattresses are the widest standard-size mattresses available, making them perfect for families who like to share their beds with kids or pets.

The king-size bed also offers the split option where two Twin XL mattresses are placed side-by-side on one bed. This option offers partners with different mattress preferences to sleep in one bed while catering to individual needs. 

Queen Size Bed / Sized 60 inches x 80 inches

The recommended room size to fit a queen-size bed is 10 x 10 feet.  

A queen size bed and mattress are perfect for couples who don’t need too much room. It is also ideal for a single person who likes to sleep alone with additional room to sprawl out.

A queen-sized bed is perfect for couples who like to snuggle a bit closer during the night. The queen-sized bed is popular for two persons and fits into almost all homes and rooms. 

A queen-sized bed can also offer the split mattress option. Two mattresses are placed side by side on one bed to allow couples with different mattress preferences to sleep in one bed while enjoying different mattress styles.

Double/ Full-size Bed / Sized 54 inches x 75 inches

The recommended room size to fit a full-size bed is 9 feet 6 inches x 10 feet 6 inches.

A full-size bed and mattress won’t be the best choice for a comfortable sleep. The full-size bed and mattress are ideal for a single person. The full-size bed provides enough space for a single person for a good night’s sleep.

The full-size bed and mattress fit most rooms and homes, making it perfect for smaller homes. The full-size bed is a perfect option for a guest room. 

Twin XL Size Bed / Sized 38 inches x 80 inches

The recommended room size for a twin XL-size bed is 9 feet 6 inches x 10 feet 6 inches.

The twin XL-sized bed is 5 inches longer than standard twin-size beds. This sized bed is an ideal option for taller persons.

A twin XL-sized bed and mattress in your home provide good sleeping space for unexpected visitors. The twin XL-sized beds don’t need much space and are budget-friendly. 

The smaller twin beds take up less space than a queen or a full bed in a room. This makes them popular for guest bedrooms or an extra bed in a room.

Twin Size Bed / Sized 38 inches x 75 inches

The recommended room size to fit a twin-size bed is at least 7 feet x 10 feet.

Twin-sized beds and mattresses are the smallest of all standard-sized beds. They are mostly used because of their cost-effectiveness and are found in most homes with small children and teenagers.

These sized beds and mattresses are perfect for growing children and teenagers. Unfortunately, the twin-sized bed will not provide an adult with a peaceful night’s sleep because of its smaller size and length. 

The twin bed and mattress can fit into most rooms and smaller homes because of their dimensions. It is also a popular bed size for bunk beds and dorm rooms.

Crib/Cot Size Bed / Sized 27.25 x 51 inches 

Cribs or cot beds are designed for babies and toddlers, ideal for early-stage growth. Cribs are small enough to fit into any room in most homes.

Custom Sized Beds Made to Match

Custom Sized Beds Made to Match

California and king-sized beds and mattresses provide ample sleeping space for tall individuals, but persons over 6 feet tall might need extra room.

The California-king and king-sized beds might not be enough for those extra-tall persons. Custom-sized beds are available for those who need extra length and space to stretch out.

Wyoming King-Sized Bed

A Wyoming king-sized bed is 7 feet x 7 feet, 84 inches x 84 inches.

The Wyoming king-sized bed is long and wide enough for two adults with kids and more than one pet who likes to share the same bed.

Alberta King-Sized Bed

The second-largest bed is the Alberta king-sized bed, which is a whopping 8 feet x 8 feet. This bed is perfect for large families sharing one bed with their children and pets. If you need an even bigger bed, then the Alberta king-sized bed will offer an extra inch of width and length.

Alaskan King-Sized Bed

This is the biggest bed found on the market. The Alaskan king-sized bed is an enormous 9 feet x 9 feet long. It is so big that it will not fit into most homes.

You need extra-large doorways and rooms to fit this bed into your home. This bed is big enough to fit the whole family and your pets simultaneously. 

However, moving and placing in a room is a logistical headache because it takes up so much space. If you have a large home that can accommodate this huge bed, this is certainly the bed for you. It is big enough to sleep persons over 6 feet with multiple family members.

Where to Buy a Bed or Mattress

Where to Buy a Bed or Mattress

When buying the perfect bed or mattress, you must calculate the correct length according to your height and consider whether it will fit in your home, room, doorways, and staircase.

You also must consider who will share your bed with you, like a partner, a child, or a pet. This will give you an idea of what you need to consider before deciding the size bed that fits your lifestyle.

Considering all these factors, you can start looking around to buy the perfect bed. Here are some ideas on where to look for the perfect bed; we hope it makes the process a little easier and quicker for you.


There are so many online stores available that feature great options. It is a convenient way of shopping without leaving your home. 

Scrolling through hundreds of pages to find the right bed or mattress can be a bit overwhelming. However, you don’t have to deal with following salespeople whispering in your ears the whole time.

What makes online shopping popular is that they offer many discounts, you don’t have to leave your home, free or discounted shipping, money-back guarantees, and will deliver your bed right to your door. The only problem is that you won’t feel the mattress before delivery.

In-Store Shopping

To have the chance to choose the mattress and feel how it holds your body, buying from a store is the best choice.

You can inspect the mattress before buying it when shopping from a store. The problem with this is that any testing options might confuse you.

Before choosing from a store, the best advice is to take enough time to feel what the mattress feels under your body. Don’t feel rushed by salesmen or women urging you to choose.

Take time to make the right choice and always shop for sales to get the best-priced bed.

Which Sized Bed is the Most Popular Size Used in Homes?

The most popular sized beds found in homes are Queen size beds. King-sized beds are the second most preferred bed sizes found in general households. They are found in 50% of homes with different age groups. 

King-sized beds are found in approximately 20% of homes in the US. The full-size bed is in the third spot, with 15% found in homes all over the United States.


What size bed should I get? It is a question we all ask at some point in life. The perfect-sized bed considers your height and bedroom size if you are married or single. Before choosing a bed, you must make some of these considerations.

Most people can effectively sleep on any mattress 6 inches longer than their height. 

Some mattresses vary in width, which should also be considered before you purchase a bed and mattress. If you have a partner, the larger-sized queen, king, or California king will provide ample bed and elbow space to sleep comfortably through the night without bumping into each other.

We hope this article was informative and that you can make an informed decision when purchasing the perfect size bed for your height.


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