This is Why Hotels Use White Bedding

Why Hotels Use White Bedding

You have probably noticed if you have stayed in a hotel that the bedding they use is always white. Why do they do this, you might ask? The bed is the first thing all guests notice and check when they enter their room. People want to make sure they have a clean bed to sleep on when they are away from home. The main reason for white bedding is to keep the room looking pristine and clean, considering the bed is the main focal point of most hotel rooms. 

Hotels Want to Make a Good First Impression

Hotels want their guests to instantly feel like they are in a clean environment upon arrival. Having white sheets in a hotel makes it nearly impossible to hide any dirt or germs from the guests and gives them a good first impression. In addition, by ensuring their beds are clean and fresh, the guests are instantly more relaxed and comfortable spending the night in a bed that is not their own. 

Not to mention, if the sheets are ever stained, it is easier to clean white bedding when compared to colored or patterned bedding. Even if a guest stains the sheets, housekeeping can often restore the white bedding without replacing it all. You can bleach all white sheets and wash them in hot water to remove any stains. If hotels used colored or patterned bedding, clean-up would not be as easy because the colors would fade and age quickly. 

Cleanliness is not the only reason hotels use white bedding in their rooms, however. White bedding also gives off the impression of luxury and richness. White is actually known to have set the standard in luxury bedding in both hotels and homes. Even in a 3-star hotel, hotels can use a 300-thread count set of all white sheets. This can make the guests feel like they’re staying in a 5-star hotel without having to pay the 5-star price by eliciting the same effect. 

White bedding is also so versatile that hotels can invest in all sorts of designs and textures that only improve the luxury feel of their rooms. Even though white can seem dull and boring, anyone, and not just hotels, can purchase all different materials and designs to make their beds look and feel richer. Some of these sets include: 

  • Satin Stripe Sheets 
  • Cotton Sheets 
  • Silk Sheets
  • Polyester Sheets
  • Linen Sheets 
  • Bamboo Sheets

Lastly, white bedding in a hotel is practical. When you enter your hotel room, you can expect to see white robes and white towels, too. When housekeeping makes their rounds to clean all the rooms, they can pile all these items together. This saves them a lot of time without having to sort through all the dirty laundry. It also saves the hotel a lot of money by reducing the number of loads of laundry they need to do by not having to sort colored towels and sheets.


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