The Top 12 Brands of Recliners

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Recliners are an essential part of any home. They provide a place to sit while also giving maximum comfort, ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Most recliners exist to fit any style in any home. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in a recliner. However, it can be hard to know what recliner brand is best to pick with so many out there.

Read on to learn about the top twelve brands of recliners. All are great options and have many choices to pick from, whether you want something modern or classic. If you are looking for a recliner that will last and look good, select one from here.

Top 12 Brands of Recliners

These twelve brands are all different and have varying things to offer to those on the lookout for this piece of furniture. People might find different things that appeal to them within these brands. Everyone has a different taste.

Some of the items that a potential buyer might consider includes:

  • Price of the recliner
  • Overall style of the recliner
  • Cushioning and comfort level of the recliner
  • Technology incorporated into the recliner

All of these are items that might matter to different people, depending on your living situation and preferences.

As you read through these brands, keep these items in mind. Then, you can focus on whichever one matters most to you to ensure that you land on one that will be perfect for your needs. There is sure to be one right for you within this text.


The first brand on this list is a well well-known company, La-Z-Boy. This group offers recliners that fall right in the middle of expensive and affordable. The quality matches. If you are on the hunt for a piece that is just as classy as it is comfortable, this is a great place for you to find one. The quality is hard to match anywhere else.

They have many different types of recliners for varying consumers. We will go over a few of their most popular so that, if you invest in their brand, you can find one that works best for you. Everybody has a different style. Whether you are looking for soft and big or sleek and leather, there is sure to be something here for you that you will enjoy for a long time.

Best La-Z-Boy Recliners

La-Z-Boy offers many recliners to their customers. Some are better than others, so reviews are critical to reading before going all-in on a product. However, there are a few pieces that fly high above the rest in terms of quality, price, and versatility. If you select La-Z-Boy as your brand, make sure that you consider these.

Whatever you prefer, there is something here for you. Some of the best recliners that La-Z-Boy offers include:

  • The La-Z-Boy Rowan Recliner, which is both stylish and comfortable
  • The La-Z-Boy Astor Recliner, which is excellent for people with tall bodies
  • The La-Z-Boy Talladega Recliner, which is stylish and full of features ideal for comfort

All of these are quality recliners that will serve you well no matter what your taste requires of you.

For customizability and quality recliners, select La-Z-Boy as your brand of recliner. They are sure to serve you something excellent every time, without fail.

Ashley Furniture

The next brand on this list is Ashley Furniture. This brand is known for being of the best quality, no matter what piece you end up choosing. They can be a bit expensive but forking over a little extra money is worth it for a product that will last a long time. Ashley Furniture typically costs less than many well-known brands.

Below, we will go over a few of the best recliners that Ashley Furniture offers for potential customers. Whether you desire something modern or classic, you will be able to find something with this brand that works for you. Ashley Furniture has appliances that you can count on no matter what.

Best Ashley Furniture Recliners

Ashley Furniture has many different types of recliners that you can invest in for your home. The ones on this list are both comfortable and filled with functional features that any shopper will love. Though they can be a bit pricey, these recliners will fit inside your home and last a long time.

Some of the best Ashley Furniture recliners that you can invest in include:

  • The Ashley Furniture Hallstrung Sofa Recliner, which has to charge ports and electric reclining
  • The Ashley Furniture Follett Loveseat Recliner, which has cup holders and faux leather
  • The Ashley Furniture Wittlich Glider Recliner, which is super soft

All of these are great picks from this brand, though they have a lot more to offer.

Whether you are looking for soft seating or functionality, one of these is sure to work for you. Ashley Furniture is a great mid-tier prices option that has stood the test of time and appealed to many consumers. They are a brand that you can trust without fail, no matter what you end up choosing.


CANMOV offers great recliners for those who need a safe option for their home. For those who struggle to get up from the couch, many varieties can assist with this process. CANMOV is an excellent brand of a recliner because anyone of any age will find use in a CANMOV recliner.

This brand offers many different styles of recliners, from power lift chairs to rocker recliners. Keep reading to learn about a few of the best that CANMOV offers to potential consumers. All of these are sure to fit inside your house without any problem at all. CANMOV has many excellent options.

Best CANMOV Recliners

CANMOV is safe for any consumer, as the functions on most of the chairs are usable by anyone from eight to eighty-eight. They have many great recliners that customers have adored for as long as the brand has existed. CANMOV boasts some of the strongest recliners on the market.

Some of the best recliners that they offer include:

  • CANMOV Power Lift Recliner, which helps sitters get up if they struggle to on their own
  • CANMOV Rocker Recliner, which permits rocking in a comfortable seat
  • CANMOV Leather Chair, which is made of a soft and breathable leather

All of these recliners are excellent choices for those seeking a CANMOV brand chair, though they also have other options if these do not fit your needs.

If you or someone in your home needs a little bit of help getting out of a recliner, CANMOV is the best brand for you. By choosing one of the ones listed above, you can make sure that you are investing in a style loved by many and will last for a long time to come.

Christopher Knight Home

Christopher Knight Home recliners manage to combine luxury with affordability, packing all of the best qualities of a great chair into one stylish piece. This brand tends to have a sleeker and more modern look than others, so you should keep this in mind if you want to invest in them. They are not as comfy as other brands.

You can get almost three Christopher Knight Home chairs for the price of one more expensive item. This brand is excellent for those who want a stylish and minimalistic look without paying the price of a designer brand. Read on to learn more about a few of the best pieces that have received outstanding praise from consumers over the years.

Best Christopher Knight Home Recliners

Christopher Knight Home is a brand so inexpensive; you can purchase pieces at stores such as Target. They are simply elegant in the best ways, ideal for a home that wants to make the most out of minimalism. The style is just as uncomplicated as the price that most recliners will pull from your pocket.

A few of the best recliners that Christopher Knight Home offers include:

  • The Christopher Knight Home Charell Recliner, which is comprised of a simple fabric cover
  • The Christopher Knight Home Smith, which is a chunkier option for those who want a little more substance
  • The Christopher Knight Home Walder, which possesses a classic look

All of these are great options for those who want a Christopher Knight Home recliner.

There is something incredibly appealing about the simplicity of these recliners. Those who feel the same will enjoy just how easy it is to get your hands on one of these pieces of furniture, no matter where you are. Christopher Knight Home specializes in satisfying its customers all across the country.


Estright recliners offer a lot of features inside one affordable piece of furniture. They have that classic, comfortable recliner look that is sure to fit inside any household without a problem. If you have not heard of the brand Estright, they are worth checking out as an option for your next recliner.

Read on to learn more about a few of the best Estright recliners that exist on the market. There might be one that appeals to you on this list, no matter your specific needs.

Best Estright Recliners

Estright has many great recliners that consumers can invest in.  From big and bulky to slim and classy, this brand has anything that you could want or need in a recliner. There is a high chance you will find something that fits your needs on this list.

The best Estright recliners that you can invest in on the market include:

  • The Estright Massage Recliner, which includes heating features
  • The Estright Rocking Recliner, which is soft and permits the ultimate form of relaxation
  • The Estright Leather, which is classy and chic

All of these are great choices for anyone looking for an Estright recliner.

Whether you want a massage chair or something that is made out of leather, Estright has something that will work for you. You can take a look at those listed here to see if any of these are perfect for what you are looking for.


Homall recliners are sleek and simple in all of the best ways. They are also the most affordable brand on this list, with their simplest recliner almost falling underneath a hundred dollars. If you want a recliner that is affordable, comfortable, and practical, you should take a look at what Homall has to offer.

Read on to learn about a few of the best Homall recliners that you might invest in. You can take a look at these and decide if simple is right for you or if you would prefer a recliner that is a little more complex in what it has to offer.

Best Homall Recliners

As we discussed above, Homall recliners are sleek and affordable in all of the best ways. They are the ultimate budget piece of furniture, so those who want something that looks nice but does not have a lot to spend will find Homall to be their perfect option.

Some of the best Homall recliners that you can purchase on the market include:

  • The Homall Recliner Chair, which is simple in all the best ways
  • The Homall Single Recliner Chair, which adds a stylish flair to the classic chair

Both of these are classy, simple, and affordable recliner options for people of any budget.

If you want to save money on the furniture that you place inside your home, Homall is a great place for you to start. This brand manages to keep its prices down while also maintaining quality pieces that will satisfy any consumer.


Mcombo is a brand that many people do not often think of, but it should not be forgotten by any means. The recliners produced by this brand are both comfortable and technologically advanced, ideal for satisfying a great number of needs. Those dealing with aches and pains can find relief with a Mcombo recliner.

We will go over a few of the best recliners that Mcombo offers so that you can make sure you are getting the best possible piece for your home. Whether you prefer a traditional recliner or one with a million massage features, there is bound to be one here that will work for you. Read on to see if this brand is ideal for what you have in mind.

Best Mcombo Recliners

Mcombo has many recliners that are sturdy and sure to look great in any living room. Whether you are on the hunt for a powerful lift or a great massage, Mcombo has something that will work for you. The few that we list here are the ones that consumers have found to be the best over a few years.

A few of the best Mcombo recliners that you can invest in include:

  • The Mcombo Power Lift, which permits an easy way to stand
  • The Mcombo Massage Chair, which allows a massage with a heat applied

Both of these are excellent recliners that you can invest in.

Mcombo is another brand that is good for the young and old alike. It permits an easy way to get up from a chair while also boasting massage and heating features. Anyone that wants a quality chair can look to Mcombo for something that will work for their home.


HOMCOM is yet another affordable option that manages to balance soft and firm in all of its recliners. Even the tallest people can feel comfortable in this chair, though super tall individuals may want to try it out for size before investing. Though some manufacturing details are left out due to the affordability, it is an excellent brand for recliners.

Read on to learn about a few of the best recliners that HOMCOM has to offer. All of these have excellent reviews, so you can be sure that you are getting a great chair no matter what your preferences are. HOMCOM has a style that will work for anyone.

Best HOMCOM Recliners

HOMCOM offers a lot of great recliners that consumers can invest in. However, it is vital to note that some of their best pieces are massage chairs. If you want a recliner that can provide an excellent massage, you should look into HOMCOM for all of your needs.

Some of the best HOMCOM recliners that you can purchase include:

  • The HOMCOM Electric Massage Chair, which includes a vibration feature
  • The HOMCOM Power Massage, which is covered in soft and comfortable leather
  • The HOMCOM PU Leather Chair, which has eight points of vibrant massages

All of these are excellent HOMCOM recliner chairs.

If you want a chair that will give you a great massage and works as a recliner, selects a HOMCOM chair. This brand is sure to fit all of your needs and fill your home with unique and wonderful pieces of furniture that everybody who visits your home will love.


Though Merax lacks in terms of comfortability compared to other brands on this list, it offers a very good recliner for the price that it wants from consumers. Merax is known for providing good deals on furniture that can be used throughout the home. Go here for an affordable recliner for your space.

It is vital to know which Merax recliners rank the highest among consumers. This way, you can select one that will give you the most bang for your buck. By knowing which ones are good, you can spend your money wisely.

Best Merax Recliners

As we discussed, Merax is a brand that is both comfortable and affordable. Those seeking a good middle ground will find that Merax is a wonderful option. It is easy to make one of these pieces a staple inside of your home.

Some of the best Merax recliners that you can invest in include:

  • The Merax PU Recliner, which boasts a massage feature
  • The Merax Power Electric Recliner, which has both USB features and cupholders
  • The Merax Manual Recliner, which is the comfiest of all

Every one of these recliners is great for a standard home and all who inhabit it.

If you want a chair that is both comfortable and affordable, Merax should be the brand that you decide to go to. It is a great option that has satisfied consumers everywhere for many years, and there is no doubt that they will continue to do so for years to come.

Bonzy Home

Bonzy Home is a newer brand on the scene, packed to the brim with excellent recliner choices for those seeking them out. Gamers and movie fanatics will find that they get the most enjoyment out of the products that this company produces. Each recliner is easy to assemble and very affordable compared to other brands.

For those looking for a recliner that is more for functionality and less for style, Bonzy Home has some great choices. Keep reading to learn about a few of the best ones that consumers have favored over the years. One of these is likely to serve either you or a loved one well wherever they need it.

Best Bonzy Home Recliners

Bonzy Home focuses on creating quality recliners that will last inside any home for a long time. Several features make this chair great for the elderly, while others allow for a relaxing massage and heating feature for those who need rest after a long day. The listed recliners are those that have gotten outstanding reviews from various consumers.

Some of the best Bonzy Home recliners include:

  • The Bonzy Home Leather Chair, which boasts cupholders and quality leather
  • The Bonzy Home Power Lift Chair, which helps the elderly to get up
  • The Bonzy Home Manual Recliner, which is classic in every way

All of these are excellent choices within this brand.

If you want a chair that values comfort above all else, select one from here. Bonzy Home takes time with every one of its pieces to give the most to those who invest in them.


Pulaski creates recliners for those who desire the utmost comfort for an affordable price. They are known for functionality, making them ideal for home theaters or living rooms where people hang out. If you get Pulaski, you should feel confident that you are investing in style.

Read on to learn about a few of the best recliners that Pulaski has to offer. They have been around for over sixty years, so you know that the favored styles have been around long enough to be tested. Therefore, the chances are high that you will find something on this list that will work for the space you have.

Best Pulaski Recliners

Pulaski has many powerful recliners that can make a statement in any room. Those that want a classic, bulky comfort will find these items highly desirable. However, there are a few pieces of furniture that have stood out over the years to various consumers.

A few of the best Pulaski furniture recliners that you can purchase on the market include:

  • The Pulaski Sutton Swivel, which is bold and soft in all the best ways
  • The Pulaski Larson Power Recliner, which embraces many technological features
  • The Pulaski Fabric Rocker, which allows extra movement for the user

All of these are great chairs if you are looking at the Pulaski brand.

There is sure to be something on this list that will work for you. Whether you are looking for a rocker or a massager, one of these recliners will fit in a dream location.


The final brand on our list is Giantex. This company is easily one of the most affordable options on this list, perfect for the individual who wants a fancy piece for a low price. It is environmentally friendly and fits into a ton of home styles. Whether you prefer leather or fur, one will work for you.

As with the others, we will go over a few of the best recliners you can find with this brand. Giantex recliners are best for people who are not super tall, so if you are over six feet tall, you should probably look elsewhere for an option. All of these chairs have gotten quality customer reviews over the years, so there is sure to be something on this list that works for you.

Best Giantex Recliners

There are many Giantex recliners available on the market. However, there are a few pieces that rise above the rest. If you are thinking about investing in a Giantex recliner, you might be interested in what other people are investing in from this specific group.

Some of the best recliners that you can purchase from Giantex include:

  • The Giantex Recliner Chair, which has a massage function
  • The Giantex Massage Swivel, which incorporates a spinning feature into the chair
  • The Giantex Standard, which is a casual option for the average consumer

All of these are great for those who want to invest in something affordable.

As discussed above, Giantex recliners are ideal if you want something that will not destroy your bank account. If this applies to you, it might serve you well to check out the options listed above. For a cheap chair that will last you a long time, select this brand.


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