Which Type Of Wardrobe Is Best For A Bedroom?

Which Type Of Wardrobe Is Best For A Bedroom

The humble wardrobe is an essential component in every functional bedroom. Shopping for a new wardrobe should be exciting; however, the sheer volume of options available often means that deciding which type of wardrobe is best for the bedroom is difficult. But it doesn’t have to be; this article will prove it.    

The best type of wardrobe for a bedroom is determined by its size, style, storage capacity and capabilities, how much it costs, and your personal preferences. Considering this, classic wardrobes are typically the best bedroom option because they meet most people’s basic needs.

Deciding which type of wardrobe is best for the bedroom is an important decision and one that often requires plenty of research. Fortunately, the research has already been done on your behalf, and this article will make your decision much easier, so be sure to keep reading. 

The Different Types Of Wardrobes For Bedrooms: Which Is Best?  

Before we unpack the different types of bedroom wardrobes, it’s important to realize that there are two categories: fitted and freestanding. As their names suggest, once installed, a fitted wardrobe becomes an immovable part of your bedroom’s décor, while a freestanding wardrobe is not fixed in place and can be moved around at your leisure.  

There are many different wardrobes in both categories, which often means choosing the best option for your bedroom is no easy feat. Let’s look at the different types of wardrobes and then work on choosing which type is right for your bedroom. 

Classic Wardrobes 

Classic Wardrobes

Picture a wardrobe in your head. The mental image you conjured up is almost guaranteed to be that of a classic wardrobe. This type of wardrobe is the most popular due to its simplicity. 

Classic wardrobes are always simple and feature a hinged door operating system. A wonder of the wardrobe world, classic wardrobes can be fitted or freestanding – another reason why it remains such a popular choice.

This type of wardrobe is also available in unlimited colors and finishes and works well with most bedroom styles, especially those that don’t have a particular design style.

Because of the above, classic wardrobes are a stellar choice for most bedrooms. The disadvantages of the classic wardrobe are that it is usually quite expensive (because it’s most commonly made from wood), it’s heavy, and its hinged door system requires a fair bit of floor space to open. 

Open Wardrobes 

Open Wardrobes 

Open wardrobes are exactly that: open wardrobes. It’s undoubtedly a more modern wardrobe option praised for its uncomplicated nature and simplicity. 

This type of wardrobe has everything it needs to be dubbed a wardrobe, minus the doors. Open wardrobes are cost-effective and will work well for smaller bedrooms. Open wardrobes fall into the freestanding category, meaning they can be easily moved around and placed in any area of your bedroom. 

Open wardrobes are typically made from plastic, metal, or bamboo. Depending on the finish you opt for, this type of wardrobe is perfect for those with a modern, minimalistic, industrial, or Scandinavian bedroom – or bedrooms with no set style.

The biggest disadvantage of an open wardrobe is that it’s only suitable for extremely neat people, as there truly is nowhere to hide the messy pile of T-shirts, fallen garments, or your collection of shoes that have seen better days. On top of this, this type of wardrobe is usually smaller in size. 

Sliding Wardrobes 

Sliding Wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes boast the same level of simplicity as the classic wardrobe but with an ultra-modern twist. 

Instead of a hinged door operating system, it has a sliding operating system, generally a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. It’s a fitted wardrobe that requires a professional installation.  

Sliding wardrobes are ideal for space-strapped bedrooms, as you don’t need to account for the doors taking up floor space when opened. On top of this, they pack an incomparable punch in the storage space department. 

While sliding wardrobes can be made from various materials, they most often boast metal, glass, mirror, or treated wood elements. They’re most appropriate for use in bedrooms that are modern, contemporary, or industrial in style.  

The only downside to sliding wardrobes is that they’re a much more expensive option than others featured in this article. 

Canvas Wardrobes 

Canvas Wardrobe

Canvas wardrobes are similar to open wardrobes in theory, and they are also technically doorless, but they have a system in place to conceal the clothing within. 

As you may have guessed, canvas wardrobes are classed as freestanding wardrobes. A canvas wardrobe has a frame like any other wardrobe, with space to fold and hang your clothes, and a large stretch of canvas material covers it. Most modern canvas wardrobes boast zippered or tie-back systems to keep your bedroom tidy. 

Canvas wardrobes are incredibly affordable, lightweight, easy to move around, and don’t take up any unnecessary floor space, making them a great choice for smaller bedrooms. They’re also a fantastic option for children’s bedrooms. 

The frame of a canvas wardrobe can be made from plastic, metal, or wood, but it is always finished with a canvas covering. This canvas covering can be any color and design, which works well for most design styles. 

One factor that constantly works against the canvas wardrobe is that it is unsuitable for heavy usage. This means it’s only the right option for people with a small to moderate clothing collection. In addition, canvas wardrobes are exclusively flat-packed, meaning you will need to assemble them yourself painstakingly. 

Walk-in Wardrobes 

Walk-in Wardrobes

Last but not least is the walk-in wardrobe. This type of wardrobe has long been synonymous with luxury. 

As fitted a wardrobe as a wardrobe can be, a walk-in wardrobe is generally not physically part of your bedroom but rather an extension. A walk-in wardrobe is a room dedicated to clothing, shoes, accessories, and storage. It typically consists of wall-to-wall drawers and hanging space, a dedicated shoe system, and a closet island.

Walk-in wardrobes are perfect for people with a large amount of clothing, have enormous storage needs, require plenty of space for dressing, and enjoy admiring their clothing collection. It’s the ideal wardrobe choice for luxurious, elegant, and sophisticated bedrooms. 

For as many pros as the walk-in wardrobe has, it has its cons. The biggest cons to having a walk-in wardrobe are that they’re very expensive, require a large amount of space – if not a whole room – and generally need many extras such as mirrors, specialized lighting, and seating.  

The 5 S’s: How To Choose The Best Wardrobes For Bedrooms 

How To Choose The Best Wardrobes For Bedrooms 

Now that you know all about the different types of wardrobes available, it’s time to decide which type of wardrobe is best for your bedroom. Before we dive into the 5 s’s, you need to understand the importance of this highly personal decision. 

Everyone knows that the bed is the most critical aspect of the bedroom, but the wardrobe comes in at a very close second. This is because, at the risk of pointing out the obvious, beyond using the bedroom as a place to sleep, almost everyone also uses it as a place to dress and undress.  

Let’s look at the 5 s’s that will help you determine which type of wardrobe is the best for your bedroom.  

Size: Does Your Bedroom Have Enough Floor Space?

Before you rush off to your local furniture store or start searching online, you must establish how much space you have available in your bedroom. When it comes to the size of wardrobes, bigger is usually better. But for most people, the size of their bedroom limits how big of a wardrobe they can get. 

Can you imagine finding the wardrobe of your dreams only to discover that it is far too big for your bedroom? Or, in the same vein, finding one and it is much too small for the space you intend to use it in? 

To avoid finding yourself in unfavorable positions outlined above, whip out your measuring tape now. Once you have the measurements, you can refine your search and work sleuthing!     

Space: How Much Storage Space You Want From A Bedroom Wardrobe 

Next up is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a wardrobe: storage space! Usually, the amount of storage space you need goes hand-in-hand with the size of the wardrobe you need, but it is a standalone factor to consider. 

Generally, single-door wardrobes are limited in terms of how much storage space they provide. They are often only really suitable for people with alternative storage solutions, children, and those with minimal clothing. 

Double-door wardrobes provide much more storage space and typically have both hanging and folding space available. Three and four-door wardrobes are the ideal choice for people with heavy-duty storage needs, couples who plan on sharing a wardrobe, and those who own loads of clothing.   

Storage: What You Need To Store In Your Bedroom’s Wardrobe 

In addition to how much storage space you need, you must consider what you need to store. Surprisingly, this is a factor that is often overlooked. Assess your current wardrobe and identify which boxes your new wardrobe needs to tick to accommodate your storage needs.

For instance, do you own plenty of longer clothing items, such as dresses, full-length skirts, or long jackets, that will need storing? Then you’ll need a wardrobe with ample hanging space. Or do you own more T-shirts, knitwear, or casual pants? Then the wardrobe you choose must have plenty of drawers or dedicated shelving. 

Style: How The Wardrobe Matches The Style Of Your Bedroom 

Picking the type of wardrobe for your bedroom is the first half of the battle. Next comes picking the style! As you’ll soon learn, what feels like a million different style options are available for every type of wardrobe. 

If your bedroom has a French theme, a classic wardrobe with a white finish will match it well. Suppose your bedroom is styled in a bohemian, retro, or vintage design style. In that case, an ultra-modern mirrored wardrobe will look completely out of place. If your bedroom is all about cool tones, sleek lines, and interesting angles, a solid oak wardrobe will provide contrast – and not in a good way!  

Spend: What You’re Willing To Spend On A Wardrobe For Your Bedroom

Most people’s budget determines which wardrobe is best for their bedroom. Unfortunately, narrowing down the cost of a wardrobe is like figuring out how long a piece of string is. A handful of factors impact the price point of a wardrobe. 

The type of wardrobe you pick greatly influences how big the accompanying price tag is. For instance, some wardrobes, such as canvas and open wardrobes, are extremely cost-effective, while other types of wardrobes, such as a classic wardrobe or a walk-in wardrobe, can easily set you back by a few thousand dollars.   

Other factors that influence how much wardrobes cost include the wardrobe size, materials it’s made from, and any installation costs. 


And there you have it: everything you need to decide which type of wardrobe is best for your bedroom. Carefully review the different types of wardrobes for bedrooms you were introduced to at the start of this article, and keep the 5 s’s in mind as you decide.  

This article has provided you with all of the information you need to answer the question of “Which type of wardrobe is best for your bedroom?”, now all that’s left for you to do is hang up your worries, fold away your stress, compartmentalize your concerns, and pick the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom. 


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