What Is a Good Height For A Console Table? (Find Out Here)

Good Height For A Console Table

Console tables can enhance your living space in ways you may not have even thought of. Versatility is typically a strong suit of these tables. They can be used as TV stands, bookcases, artwork displays, and much more. In the sections below, you’ll find detailed advice on how to pick out the perfect-sized console table for your home or workspace.

Console tables generally vary in height from 20″ to 40″.  A low table is typically perceived as being good for decorations or lamps, while higher tables may be more suitable for TVs or placement along the edge of sofas. The difference between separate tiers of shelves also varies across models.

In the sections below, you’ll find a detailed listing of 12 console tables ranging from 23.9″ in height to 39.4″. This should help you narrow down your decision on which kind of table to pick out while also providing you with some neat options that you may not be aware of, such as an L-shaped table that can wrap around your couch.

How Do I Choose A Console Size Table?

Once you start shopping around for console tables, you may become overwhelmed with the diversity of styles and sizes. Several factors can determine how suitable a given console table may be for your space. You are encouraged to consider the following when looking at console table height.


A console table could be a suitable addition to the space behind your sofa. If your room is relatively small, this is a good way to save space that would typically be reserved for end tables. You may opt for a smaller round table or a standalone lamp if you need extra lighting.

The dimensions of the table should be matched to the size of the available space:

  • Measure the length and width of the location where you would like to have a console table.
  • Leave plenty of room for walkways. A console table looks best when it is centered along the length of a wall.

Compliment Your Wall Decor

Paintings and other decor look best when they’re at least hung 8-10 inches above furniture. This includes tables, which can provide a complimentary design to an art piece as long as the height of the table allows for this.

If you already have your wall decor set up, measure the distance between the piece and the floor and subtract 8-10 inches from it. One neat design idea is to center a piece between two decorative lamps. The possibilities are endless in this regard.

Storage Needs

How much storage space would you like to have? Console tables come in a wide range of sizes. Some have just one shelf, while others have three or more levels, which at least tripled the amount of storage space you have.

Some tables are fitted with nice drawers for you to store items such as drink coaster sets, candles, silverware, and much more. These may offer more utility value than open-shelf console tables.


One of the big factors to consider with multi-tiered console tables is how easy it will be to reach for items at lower levels. For those with mobility issues, it may not be wise to buy a console table with lower tiers that are difficult to reach. You’ll also need to consider the amount of weight each tier can support, especially if you plan on supporting heavy items such as vases.


What’s your budget? The nice thing about console tables is that there’s a choice for every budget. At the low end, there are 2-tier console tables such as this Ecoprsio Console Table Sofa Table. You can get as fancy as you’d like, with one of the premium choices being this unique faux marble veneer 3-tier console table.

Television Placement

If you intend to use the table as a TV stand, this would be a good opportunity to learn more about optimizing TV placement for viewing purposes. The best height for your TV depends on the size of the TV.

  • The ideal height for a screen is at eye level from your viewing position.
  • 42″ TV: The center of the TV should be 56″ above the floor.
  • 65″ TV: The center of the TV should be 67″ above the floor.

Before committing to a console table or TV stand, you should sit on your sofa and get a feel for what eye-level height is. Make sure that you are buying a high enough table to reach this height if you intend to place the TV on the table. If a wall mount is planned, then a console table can serve as a storage/decorative space under the TV.

Pets and Kids

Do you need to keep items out of reach for pets or kids? If so, then you will probably want a taller table such as the Abington Lane Modern Console. This table has just a tabletop, no shelves, that is 36″ above floor level. This should keep items out of reach from pets and should be much harder for cats to jump or climb to versus a shorter table.

What Are The Best Console Tables?

In the following sections, you’ll find a list of the top console tables, sorted by increasing height from 23.9″ to 39.4″. Both style and overall functionality have been considered in the making of this list. Hopefully, you’ll also find the suggestions for uses of each table helpful.

Sauder North Avenue Console– 23.9″ High

Shelving Tiers3-tiered
Max Static Load50 lbs. (tabletop)
Dimensions43.7” x 17.6” x 23.9”

This Sauder North Avenue Console offers excellent potential for buyers in search of shelf space. Each shelf is 17.6″ wide, which should be more than enough to support a TV and gaming console. You can also easily place lamps with a wider base on the shelf.

The shelves made of engineered wood are supported by a powder-coated metal frame, which should score high marks in both durability and style. One potential downside is the limitation that the console table cannot support a TV larger than 42 inches. The table is also a bit bulkier than many of the other entries in this list.

Yaheetech TV Stand Console Table– 24.5″ High

Shelving Tiers3-tiered
Max Static Load66 lbs. (top shelf), 55 lbs. (both bottom shelves)
Dimensions55.12” x15.75” x 24.21”

The Yaheetech console Table is a 3-tiered table that functions well as a TV stand, thanks to its 66 lb. load capacity at the top shelf. It’s also well-suited for wall-mounted TVs since any items stored at the top shelf are unlikely to block the screen.

There are 8-9 inches of free space between the shelves, which are made out of particle board topped off with a waterproof coating. You could store a wide variety of items on the shelf that will be well within reach if you decide to use this as an entryway table.

Cozayh Farmhouse Country Console– 26.5″ High

Shelving Tiers1 tier (has drawers)
Max Static Load50 lbs. 
Dimensions17.75” x 14” x  26.5”

The Cozayh Farmhouse Country Console is a unique entry in this list. Its design features lattice style woven shading inspired by cabin furniture. Not only does it look pretty, but the Cozayh Farmhouse Country Console serves a functional purpose as well.

The tabletop is capable of supporting up to 50 lbs. of weight, and the drawers offer plenty of storage too. Assembly should be simple, as all you have to do is attach the four legs to the bottom of the tabletop.

Tribesigns Rustic Console With Drawers– 28.7″ High

Shelving Tiers2-tiered (with drawers as well)
Max 300 lbs. (total)
Dimensions15.7” x 47.2” x 28.7”

Are you looking for a vintage-style rustic console? Then the Tribesigns Rustic Console may be perfect for you. This table is one of the few entries in this list with drawers. The rustic brown E1 particle board shelves are supported by a thick metal frame. Several features make this table a versatile option for your living room. 

First of all, the 28.7″ height makes it suitable for placement either under a wall-mounted TV or having a flat-screen TV placed on the tabletop. It could be nice to place video games or DVDs in the drawers if you don’t want these out on display in the open. This console table is also suitable for placement at an entryway or behind a sofa.

Henn & Hart Modern Console With Glass Shelves -29″ High

Shelving Tiers3-tiered
Max Static Load50 lbs.
Dimensions55” x 10” x 29”

Tempered glass shelves are a sleek modern alternative to the particleboard shelves of many console tables. The Henn & Hart Modern Console has three tempered glass tiers that are capable of supporting up to 50 lbs. This table is suitable for placement underneath wall-mounted TVs, supporting a couple of lamps and plenty of artwork and books as well.

One nice thing about this table is that there is plenty of space between the bottom and middle shelves. You can stack your book, video game, or DVD collection on the bottom. One downside is that the screws are viewable from the back at the center beam. This is not an issue if your table is positioned against a sofa or wall.

HOOBRO Console Table – 29.5″ High

Shelving Tiers2-tiered
Max Static Load44 lbs. (top shelf), 22 lbs. (bottom shelf)
Dimensions47.2” x 8.7” x 29.5”

This HOOBRO Console table is approximately 4 feet long, so it’s a great choice if you are looking for lots of storage space. The shelves are made out of particleboard and come in a rustic brown color. The static load capacity and size make it an excellent fit as a console table below a TV.

The distance between the two shelves is 22.8″, resulting in nearly limitless possibilities as far as which items can be placed on the bottom shelf. Assembly should be simple, thanks to the limited number of different parts.

Tribesigns L-Shaped Console Table – 31″ High

Shelving Tiers3-tiered
Max 450 lbs. (total)
DimensionsLong Table: 70.9” x 11.8” x 31” Short Table: 35.4” x 11.8” x 31” 

This is a perfect addition to the space behind your couch. A unique L-shaped assembly wraps around the side of the couch at a height of 31″. You could accent your living room nicely with flower pots, pottery, books, or art. The table can also be a convenient spot to keep a laptop or tablet.

Solid white is the color, and 0.59″ thick E1 wood board is the primary material, backed by a clean-lined metal frame. Versatility is a strong suit for this table. You can disassemble the long and short tables to reverse the L shape.

Vasagle Console Table – 31.5″ High

Shelving Tiers2-tiered
Max Static Load44 lbs. (for each shelf)
Dimensions39.4” x 13.8” x 31.5”

The Vasagle Console Table is a black tempered-glass table that is capable of holding up to 44 pounds on each shelf. This is a simple, self-assembly table. All you have to do is assemble the four legs and connect the two shelves.

The distance between the bottom shelf and the top shelf is suitable for small potted plants, vases, pictures, and similarly-sized items.

Best Choice Products Rustic Console – 33.25″ High

Shelving Tiers3-tiered
Max Static Load330 lbs. (total)
Dimensions55” x 13.4” x 33.25”

This Best Choice Rustic Console has one of the highest weight capacities on this list: 330 lbs. The shelves have been crafted from MDF-grade wood with a stylish veneer finish and PVC wrapping. A water-resistant surface means that you shouldn’t have to worry about spills or rings from drinks.

The sturdy design and weight capacity yield plenty of opportunity for supporting both TVs and gaming consoles. The top shelf can also support a lamp, just as long as the base of the lamp is narrow enough to fit the 13.4″ tabletop width. One potential downside is the lack of drawers or storage cabinets.

HOMISSUE 5-Tier Console – 35.7” High

Shelving Tiers5-tiered
Max Static Load30-70 lbs.
Dimensions15.7” x 55.1” x 35.7”

The HOMISSUE 5-tier console is a unique option for customers in search of 5-tiers of storage space. The shelves offer 30-70 lbs. of max static load, depending on which shelf you’re looking at. The table is also 55 inches long and features shelves made of MDF, which is durable and affordable.

This console table is an excellent choice for anyone looking to store a large variety of items. The top shelf can support a TV at the top, a gaming console at the top shelf, and a video game shelf and decorations on other shelves.

Abington Lane Modern Console – 36” High

Shelving Tiers1-tier (tabletop)
Dimensions15.7” x 55.1” x 35.7”

If you’re on the hunt for a table with a minimalist modern design, then the Abington Lane Modern Console may be right for you. The tabletop is a synthetic material that is made to look like marble. There are no shelves on this console, just a countertop. 

At this height, you are best off using this table as an additional spot for decorations. You might consider placing a decorative lamp, pottery, or decorative baskets on the countertop. Keep in mind, though, that this type of table is unlikely to be suitable for supporting a TV. It’s also high enough to block the screen of a wall-mounted TV if you have tall decorations.

Vasagle Bar Table With 3 Storage Shelves – 39.4″ High

Shelving Tiers4-tiered
Max Static Load220 lbs. (tabletop), 44 lbs. (each shelf)
Dimensions42.9” x 23.6” x 39.4”

The Vasagle Bar Table is undoubtedly an excellent kitchen companion for those who like to entertain. Its use is not limited to the kitchen category, though. You might also consider using this table as a console table which can be doubled as a workspace in a cozy apartment.

The table is reinforced with thick metal legs and bars. In terms of design, the sole option is rustic brown shelves and black bars. The feet are adjustable for stability on every surface. There’s enough space between each shelf to support most kitchenware, pottery, and art pieces.

Final Thoughts

The console tables listed above vary in height from 23.9″ to 39.4″. When it comes to picking out a perfect height, you should consider factors such as the intended use of the table, location, and eye level. In terms of design, console tables complement art pieces the best when the piece can be hung 8-10 inches above the table. For TV mounts, you’ll want to consider the optimum screen height for your viewing location to make sure you and your family will be comfortable while watching.


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