How to Determine What Size Game Table You Need?

What Size Game Table

Many enjoy playing tabletop and board games with friends and family. To play these games well, you can consider investing in a decent game table. When considering a game table, however, it is important to take sizing into account. How does one determine the size of a game table they may need?

There are ways of determining the size of a game table, capable of fitting your specifications. There are certain factors that come into play when deciding on the size of a game table. Once these factors have been determined, choosing the right game table size will be easy. 

What Is the Height of a Game Table?

There is a range of heights that game tables will have. Average game tables can be anywhere from 28 to 50 inches. Determining the height of a game table depends on a range of factors such as the following:

  • What type of game are you playing? There are tabletop, board, and card games that may be suited to one table height over another.
  • How many people will be playing with you on average? The more people you have playing, the more it might require tables at a certain height.
  • What space will the game table be set in? Depending on the size of the space, you may need to have a game table fixed at a certain height.

While there are standard heights for most game tables, there are tables that can be customized to fit your specific needs. It is wise to factor in what has been listed when figuring out how tall or short you need your game table to be. These factors can make all the difference in comfortable game-play.

One important factor to consider is whether your game table needs legs or knobs to hold it up. Some games may be more formal and need a table with raised height. Other games may be fairly casual and can be played close to the ground (such as games with dice). This mainly depends on the games and the players involved, of course. 

It is important to know the nature of gaming and the people you will be gaming with before settling on a table height. For most, standard 28 to 50-inch tables may do just fine. If you require a more personalized table height, customizations can be performed at a relative cost. 

What Is the Shape of a game table?

Game table shapes typically come in certain formats. There are custom tables built outside of typical designs, yet these are rarer to find on the general market. There are three specific shapes that most game tables take such as:

  • Circular Shape
  • Rectangular Shape
  • Oval Shape

It is important to note that certain games will be played better on certain table shapes. Some games may even require a certain table format (for reasons connected to the game itself). Consider the following when looking into the shape of a game table:

  • Circular-shaped tables work the best for games when players have to sit and face each other, such as certain card, board, or dice games.
  • Rectangular and oval shapes tables work well with card games (especially one with a dealer involved) as well as large board games.

You will also want to consider the esthetic of the game table in question. Game-play is important, yet so is having a table that fits the look you want. Take into consideration both the games you will be playing as well as overall esthetic before selecting a game table shape.

The shape of a game table can matter a lot when it comes to selection. As long as you know what table shape fits your gaming habits and the esthetic is acceptable, then selecting a table shape will not be too difficult.

What Is the Total Size of a Game Table?

Knowing the total size of a game table is very important. Understanding the overall height and width of a fully constructed game table helps know what space the table will best be suited for. When considering the total size of a game table, keep the following in mind:

  • What space will this table be set in? Is this being set in a specific room or a shared living area?
  • What is the size and layout of this potential room or shared living area? Do these spaces offer enough room for your desired game table?
  • How many people do you intend to play at the table in these spaces? Can you and others fit comfortably at or around the table?

Most game tables cannot be resized once put together (unless you personally want to modify it). It is important to take the size and layout of the table’s intended space into account beforehand. There are specific sizes for game tables that work best for certain numbers of players. 

  • Each player should have at least 18 inches of space per person for small spaces. 
  • The ideal space per person at a game table would be around 24-50 inches.
  • Tables can be customized to accommodate as much as 60-96 inches per person.

Determining the total size is important primarily for the utility and comfortability of the players. No one wants to purchase a product that ultimately does not fit their needs. As long as you take the necessary factors into account, then settling on the perfect size will be fairly easy.

When considering the total size of a game table, try to take its utility into account. There are always small details and other factors at play that may come up as issues from time to time. It is always best to consider the small details beforehand.  

What Is the Utility of a Game Table?

The size of a game table can also determine what its overall utility can be. Knowing a game table’s maximum utility depends on a couple of factors. These factors generally tend to be as follows:

  • Table Railing
  • Movability

Many large game tables will come with a special guard railing at the edges. The railing is especially helpful for board and tabletop games that require dice. Certain playing surfaces also work best when accompanied by a railing. 

  • Proper game table railing should be around 4 to 6 inches.
  • Table railing can also be used to hold drinks during long games.

The movability of a game table also is determined by size. If you intend to have a table that is easy to relocate on occasion, take the size specs into consideration. This is a fairly niche consideration, however. Most game tables are static, yet some may desire the ability to take their table on the go from time to time. 

Understand that the bigger the table, the harder it will be to move around. Taking small specs like table railing and movability helps determine the right size of a game table for you. Small details can add up to the overall picture. 

What Is the Surface Area of a Game Table?

Surface areas of a game table determine a lot in terms of size. Certain tables for certain games may not require certain playing surfaces, such as card games for example. Other games might need a special surface to maximize their playing potential. 

  • Certain board, tabletop, and dice games may need a game table with smooth and even playing surfaces.
  • These surfaces may require a table to be a certain size specification.

A game table, as mentioned, may not require a special surface for quality playing. It is something to consider, however. If you play a game that requires a special surface for maximum quality, then you will likely need a table fit to a specific size. Make sure the size of the game table in question is the right fit for you in this case.



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