What To Put In A China Cabinet Besides China? 

What To Put In A China Cabinet Besides China

We all love china cabinets. It is sleek, modern, and stylish. It is the perfect piece of furniture to showcase your porcelain! But what else can you put in a China cabinet besides China? 

Your cabinet does not have to store China. You can put whatever you like to display in your china cabinet. Some ideas include photo albums, reading books, pottery, ornaments, wine, heirlooms, tea sets, basically anything you can think of! You can also repurpose it as a minibar or trophy case.

China Cabinets are spacey and traditional furniture pieces. They will never go out of style! You might think you do not even have china to put in your cabinet. Guess what? You don’t need to have china for your china cabinet. Let us look at what you can put in your china cabinet other than china.

Things You Can Put In Your China Cabinet

China Cabinet Outdated

Typical china displayed in China cabinets often includes cups, plates, bowls, and glasses. But that’s not all. The list is endless! We love everything that brings storage and visibility. So use your creativity and put your best pieces on display. China cabinets provide storage and can be decorated however you see fit. Booklovers can display all their beloved books in the cabinet. 

To be fancy, repurpose your china cabinet into a mini coffee or wine bar. Other ideas include repurposing it for a trophy case or using it to display your heirlooms, pottery, tea sets, pictures, and designer items. If your china cabinet is placed near your bathroom, you can put those fancy towels hidden away in your drawers in your cabinet and put them on display! 

1. Put Books In Your China Cabinet

You can style your china cabinet as a bookcase. You can place your books to be displayed. An attractive china cabinet makes a great alternative bookcase and frees your special books from dust. Put your expensive, limited-edition books on display instead of letting them gather dust in some old box. 

2. Use Your China Cabinet For Pictures

A China Cabinet is the perfect display piece for great photos of your family and friends. Use creative frames and put all your best photos of yourself, family, pets, and friends in the display case. 

3. Showcase Your Tea Set In Your China Cabinet

Use your china cabinet as a storage and display case for your tea sets. We all have tea sets lying somewhere we inherited or bought long ago, gathering dust. So why not properly display them in your china cabinet? 

4. Turn Your China Cabinet Into A Mini Coffee Bar

Upcycle your china cabinet into a coffee bar. You can display your mugs, coffee granules, coffee maker, and saucers to create the perfect look. 

Revamp your cabinet and display all your coffee appliances. It will bring a fancy but cozy atmosphere to your living or dining room. It will also be accessible to guests that come over. 

5. Repurpose Your China Cabinet Into A Mini Wine Bar

You can remove the drawers and store bottles of wine in them. Or, if your china cabinet is big enough, you can store it there. 

Add your cocktail glasses, shot glasses, etc., to the display case. Whenever you have a get-together, the wine and glasses are easily accessible. Plus, it looks fancy! 

6. Display Your Wine Goblets And Champagne

If you have some beautiful wine bottles (full or empty) from your wedding day or another special occasion, display them in your china cabinet and wine goblets. 

7. Showcase Your Designer Items

If you have designer perfumes, handbags, clutches, shoes, or any other accessories, you can display them in your china cabinet.

8. Display Your Fancy Towels In Your China Cabinet

Go for a hotel-ish look and place your beautiful fancy towels in your China cabinet. This will be especially beautiful if you have a huge bathroom. 

9. Display Your Pottery In Your China Cabinet

Did you go to pottery class and make bowls, mugs, or sculptures? Display them in your China cabinet if you do not already have a place for them. 

10. Showcase Your Plants In Your China Cabinet 

If your China cabinet does not have small doors that close, place your small plants in a nice plain vase and display it on the shelf

11. Put Your Heirlooms In Your China Cabinet

If you have inherited sentimental items such as vases, plates, teacups, etc., display them in your china cabinet. 

12. Display Your Crystal In Your China Cabinet

If you have some beautiful raw crystals or even polished spheres, you know that they are quite expensive! Use your china cabinet to display your beautiful crystals for everyone to see. 

13. Use Your China Cabinet As A Trophy Case

Do you or your family have a lot of medals and trophies? If so, this is the perfect excuse to repurpose your China cabinet into a trophy case. Display your children’s medals and trophies they won or any other member of the family’s achievement. 

14. Mix and Match Your Things! 

Display various things in your china cabinets, such as plants, books, bowls, and wine goblets. 

Some More Tips

Choose one overall aesthetic by choosing complementary colors. Use pieces with different textures because only one color can make it look bland. Also, use items that differ in height and size to add contrast. 

Please do not fill it to the brim! Give your items breathing space to avoid a cluttered look. 

Include pieces meaningful to your family and friends. Sentimentality makes your home unique. 


A china cabinet is a piece that never goes out of style. You can redecorate it as you please to fit the aesthetic of your home. Things you have in storage will make great display items in your cabinet. 

Use items of sentimental value to make it truly unique. 

Your books, pottery, tea sets, towels, plants, crystals, etc., will look beautiful as centerpieces. You do not have to put china in your cabinet to make it stand out in your home.


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