Where Should Coffee Tables Face? Ideas That Work

Where Should Coffee Tables Face

Coffee tables are the perfect place to put coffee (of course), books, and snacks. But coffee tables can also be used for more than just coffee! They are a versatile piece of furniture that offers so many ways to decorate them! 

Coffee tables are a popular fixture in many homes. 

  • They can serve as tables for your drinks
  • They provide an environment for organizing magazines 
  • They can be used to create more seating

One of the big questions coffee table owners have is, “where should coffee tables face? “

This blog post will explore some ideas that might work for you! Keep reading to learn about the best coffee table arrangements you can try in your home.

Where Should Your Coffee Tables Be?

A coffee table is a very versatile piece of furniture. But sometimes, it can be hard to decide exactly where your coffee table(s) should be placed. 

We’ve come up with some coffee table ideas that will help you think about where your coffee tables can fit in your living room or family room to create the perfect layout for any space!

Should Coffee Tables Face the Sofa?

The coffee tables should face the sofa to create an inviting seating arrangement that is also functional for socializing or entertaining. You can choose to place your coffee table in front of your couch for optimum seating. 

A coffee table should be placed fourteen to eighteen inches away from the sofa. This allows enough legroom to sit and move around the coffee table as needed. Additionally, the coffee table should be set evenly between the arms of your couch.

This is one of the most popular coffee table arrangements, and it can help you create a more comfortable environment for friends and family as they gather to chat and sit together.

Coffee Tables Should Face the Fireplace

If you have a coffee table that is long and narrow, it can be moved to face your fireplace for an inviting seating arrangement. You may want to set up the space such that your fireplace is the focal point of the room. In this way, the coffee table should be set between the couch and the fireplace. 

Remember the coffee table should be placed closer to the couch, and you should leave enough room opposite the couch and table to easily move around the fireplace. 

Coffee Tables Should Face The TV

A coffee table is a great addition to almost any seating arrangement because it allows you to put your feet up or hold your glasses. 

The coffee table should always be placed in front of your seating area, not across the room. 

If you want the TV to be the center or focal point of the room, place your sofa and coffee table to face the TV. If your couch and coffee table are facing away from your TV, they will make it hard to watch television.

What If My Coffee Table Has Drawers?

If your coffee table has drawers on one side, the drawers should face the couch or the most prominent seating option. This allows anyone who sits down to access the drawers with ease. 

The coffee table should also be able to turn 90 degrees if the coffee table has drawers on more than one side. This way, you can easily access your coffee table when someone is sitting down in front of it or behind it. 

If your coffee table has drawers on both sides, you do not need to worry about which way it faces. Just make sure you are happy with the final arrangement. 

How Should You Place Your Coffee Table?

Now that we covered which way your coffee table should face let us dive deeper into the exact placement of this piece of furniture. The coffee table should be placed between fourteen and eighteen inches away from the edge of the couch. 

This placement ensures that everyone sitting on the sofa has enough room to get in and out without hitting their legs and shins against the coffee table’s corner or having coffee spill everywhere when people are reaching for snacks.

Placing Your Coffee Table Against a Wall?

If your coffee table is placed against a wall, make sure that there is a good reason for this. Many times, coffee tables against a wall can make a room look too boxed-in and crowded. 

Placing your coffee table against a wall can also make the piece look and feel like an afterthought. Keep this in mind when arranging your space. Generally, it looks strange to place a coffee table against a wall. 

However, one reason you may choose this option is that coffee tables against walls can be very helpful if you place them at the end of your couch or sofa. This approach creates more legroom for guests that are sitting down. 

Coffee tables against a wall also allow coffee table books, lamps, and other items to be placed on top of the tables without the fear of them being knocked over. 

Placing Your Coffee Table in the Middle of the Room 

A coffee table placed in the center of a room can be very striking. It draws attention to itself but may also create an obstacle for people passing through your home. While this may interrupt the flow through your home, it may be useful to use the coffee table to divide the room and create a center point with the other furniture in your living room.

A Coffee Table Should Be Centered in Front of Your Couch

Your coffee table should be placed in front of your sofa and be centered. You may choose to add coffee table books, coasters, or other items on top of the coffee tables. 

Placing a coffee table so that it is centered in front of your couch is essential for bringing balance to your furniture arrangement. 

Use Your Coffee Table as An Ottoman 

Adding an upholstered ottoman as your coffee table can be very useful if you need more sitting room when guests come over for dinner or drinks. This idea is particularly great because it allows people to move around the coffee table and spread out.

You can kick your feet up without any guilt when coffee tables serve a practical purpose. The coffee table can also double as storage, which is great if you live in a smaller home or apartment. 

Nesting Tables Are Great for Smaller Spaces 

If you have a smaller living room, nesting coffee tables are the perfect solution for saving space and creating visual interest in your room. Nesting coffee table sets can create an entertainment center or accent table that is easily stored away into another piece of furniture. 

This can also provide much-needed storage for coffee table books, coffee table décor, or other coffee table accessories. While nesting coffee tables are simple in design, they come in a variety of styles and colors to fit any room decor or color scheme. 

Nesting tables are also great for coffee tables that may need to be moved for other uses. Nesting coffee table sets can easily provide extra seating when needed and then be stored away with ease.

You Can Place a Coffee Table In Different Locations

When it comes to where your coffee table faces and where you place it, there are a lot of factors you must consider. Some coffee tables come with storage while others do not, which will impact their placement. All coffee tables should be placed near the couch, but ultimately, which direction they face is up to you and your personal preference. 


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