Why Are Bunk Beds So Expensive?

Bunk Beds So Expensive

Bunk beds are a great way to utilize less space in a room and still let your children enjoy the novelty of the bed. Even if they still have to share a room. The only kicker with buying a bunk bed is that the frame alone can cost $1000-$2000. Then you have to get the mattresses, construct the thing, and hope your kids don’t lose interest in it by the time it’s done.   

Why are bunk beds so expensive? There are a couple of factors. First, there is more material needed to construct a bunk bed in comparison to a single bed. Then you have to ship all the materials to a store or home. Many bunk beds can be even more expensive if you get extra features for cosmetic value. There are ways to cut down on costs, such as looking at different furniture stores, shopping online, or building one yourself. 

These are just a few of the reasons why bunk beds can be expensive. But never fear, because there is a reason behind it. There are also ways to save yourself money when buying a bunk bed for your family. Some of these methods may seem like more work than dishing out the extra cash, but you can be the judge!  

Why Are Bunk Beds So Expensive? 

So let’s dive deeper into the cost of these beds. The cost of a bunk bed can range from $400-$2000. These prices can vary based on:

  • The size
  • The brand 
  • The store 

You will want to do your research and compare stores before handing them your wallet. It can save you some sweet moola in the long run. 

Another factor that adds to cost in bunk beds is the customization. If you want a certain look, type of wood, design addition, they all cost extra. This can increase the amount of money you’ll end up paying. Getting that additional fairytale railing or carved ladder won’t be cheap. So, be sure to add elements that your kids enjoy without feeling like you have to buy every customizable option. 

Next, bunk beds cost more because they need more materials to build it. You are essentially buying two bed frames and connectors. Thus, bunk beds will cost more due to this fact. You might save more money if you buy the bunk bed that only has the frame and not much added features thrown into the mix. This may be less fun for the kids, but more fun for the wallet. 

Lastly, the accessories that go with a bunk bed can rack up the prices. You have to buy two of everything: sheets, blankets, mattresses, etc. This can factor into whether a bunk bed is a good option. Some ways to work around this cost is to reuse blankets or mattresses that your kids had before. This can also help your kids adjust to the new bunk bed setup, and you can leave the fighting over who gets top bunk to them. 

What If I Can’t Afford My Kids’ Dream Bunk Bed?  

Here are some alternatives for those who were turned off or appalled at the prices for the state-of-the-art bunk beds: 

  1. Check Various Sellers and Stores
  • If you only look at one store’s prices, you may miss a better deal at a different place. 
  • Various places may hold sales for bunk beds every so often, especially during holiday weekends. So check back often! 
  1. You Can Choose Typical Mattresses Instead
  • While bunk beds are super fun for your kids, if it isn’t in the family budget at this time, then stick with typical beds. 
  • You can always get your kids to help you save up for their dream bunk bed setup.
  1. Try the DIY Route
  • There are so many tutorials on YouTube to do pretty much anything, and there are videos on how to build your own bunk bed.
  • You can customize various touches and compartments to fit your lifestyle rather than paying someone else to do it. 
  • Even if the cost doesn’t come down much, you can have the satisfaction of creating your own masterpiece. If your kids are old enough to help you, they can share the accomplishment as well! 
  1. Go for Cheap First
  • If you need a bunk bed, whether for space or to quiet your unrelenting children, you can always buy the most basic model. 
  • The basic models function well and can appease the masses until you can afford a pricier option. 

What Other Ways Can I Cut Costs With A Bunk Bed? 

First and foremost, you don’t have to buy a bunk bed straight from the store. You also don’t need to hire their assembly company to assemble it, unless you want to pay a bit extra for the convenience. Here are some more tips to help you save money on a bunk bed: 

  1. Buy During the Holiday Weekends 
    • Most companies know that people will be shopping more during the holidays, so they often offer deals and specials to get them into the store. Shop during one of these times to get a better deal on a bunk bed. 
  2. Put the Bunk Bed Together Yourself
    • You can save some cash by opting out of the assembly cost (unless a store offers it for free). This can save you a few hundred dollars. 
  3. Build Your Own
    • Similar to the DIY option above, you can buy all the materials and do it yourself for $150-$200. It’ll take time to build the parts and put it together, but you can customize it and make it as extravagant as you want. 
  4. Reuse Bedsheets and Mattresses
    • So long as your kids haven’t outgrown the sheets and mattress, feel free to use those with the bunk bed frame. This will save you on accessory fees adding to the total cost of the bunk bed. 

Do I Really Need A Bunk Bed?  

Since bunk beds can be more expensive than traditional bed frames, so you may want to consider if you need it for your family. Think about the costs, reasons why you want to get a bunk bed, and what kind of budget you want to work with. Thinking of these ahead of time will help lessen the buying stress when you go out shopping for one. 

One factor to think about is space. Someone with multiple children living in a smaller space would benefit greatly from a bunk bed. You could utilize the other space in the room for storage or just more wiggle room. It would also do well in a tiny home or apartment, which is why many college dorms offer it for roommates needing to share a small space. 

Another factor is storage space. Many bunk beds offer extra drawers or even the ability to be taken apart. These options can provide extra storage when you would have had to bring in a dresser or drawers to take up even more space in the room. If you can remove one, you can also utilize the space underneath the top bunk for a computer or homework station if one of your kids moves out or goes off the college, and you don’t need a second mattress. 

Lastly, consider if the purchase is a want or a need. If your kids want a bunk bed but don’t need it for space or storage, then you can consider passing on the offer. If you have the money and time to invest in purchasing and putting a bunk bed together, than go for it. You’ll have some happy kids on your hands afterward.


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