This Is Why Bar Stools Are So Expensive

This Is Why Bar Stools Are So Expensive

When decorating any space where bar stools are needed, you’ll quickly realize that they’re not as cheap as other pieces of furniture. This price point can be frustrating. Bar stools are the finishing touch in space, providing an extra place to sit and a classy decoration. Why are they so expensive?

Four reasons could explain why bar stools are so expensive:

  • They are made of quality materials
  • They need to hold up more and work harder to keep it comfy
  • They’re a fancy addition to any home
  • They can come in intricate designs

All of these support the high prices that come with this piece of furniture.

Read on to learn more about bar stools and the reasons behind the astonishing price tags that come with them. Once you know the reasons behind the cost, it won’t be so shocking when you see the price in a store or online. There is more than meets the eye.

What is the Difference Between a Bar Stool and a Counter Stool?

Before we can talk about the expense of bar stools, it’s critical to understand the differences between a bar stool and a counter stool. Both of them are similar in what they do, but bar stools and counter stools are different products.

There is one critical difference between these two stools: height. Counter stools come in at around 36 inches, while bar stools are closer to about 42 inches. Bars are higher than counters, so a taller stool size is necessary. Bar stools are often adjustable when it’s needed.

Because of the height difference, bar stools and counter stools have different pricing. More often than not, counter stools are cheaper. Now, let’s talk about why bar stools tend to have expensive price tags. There are a lot of things that contribute to the price you pay.

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Why Are Bar Stools So Expensive?

diferences between bar stools

We’ve talked about the reasons why bar stools are expensive above, but now it’s time to dive into more detail with each reason. Having a solid understanding of the reasons behind expensive bar stools will help your purchases make more sense.

Let’s dive into the details together. Once you have complete knowledge of expensive bar stools, you can make a better decision for your decorations in your space at home. You can look for things that will make your investment less expensive.

They’re Made From Quality Materials

Most of the time, bar stools are made from quality materials. Most popular furniture is made from plastic or cheap wood – this is not the case with car stools. You will find them better made than the majority of products that exist on the market.

Some of the materials you’ll find that go into barstools include:

  • Leather
  • Aluminum
  • Hardwood

These tend to be more expensive than classic materials that go into furniture.

Of course, some materials are more expensive than others. If you buy bar stools made out of plastic, they’ll cost less than if you decided to get some pieces constructed from solid metal. If you want to save money on bar stools, the material should be the first thing you observe in a chair. Well-constructed material – like hardwood and fabric – will cost more.

They Need to Hold More Up

With the unique design of bar stools, they need to work more to hold the occupant up when they sit down. Because of the intricate structure required with a bar stool, there’s more work that goes into them. More work means a higher price for those who invest in the chair since a lot more goes into the structure of the furniture.

Bar stools also come with ways to adjust your seat, reaching for the ultimate comfort no matter where you may be. Their solid construction will make any relaxing moment inside food or drink setting happen with ease. Bar stools require an intricate design that is sure to withstand the pressure of anyone, no matter what size, and allow them maximum comfort.

They’re a Fancy Addition

They’re a Fancy Addition

Bar stools are nice, but they’re not necessarily required inside a home or another space. If you want to invest in bar stools, you’ll need to pay a little extra. They’re a subtle form of luxury that not everyone can get. Companies that create bar stools for homes and restaurants know this fact. 

If you want a bar stool, it’s critical to remember that it’s an extra element in your space. You don’t need them to survive, so many companies will take this to their advantage and make the stools cost more than they need to be for the average consumer. As someone on the hunt for this furniture, keep this in mind as you look for the perfect option.

They Have Intricate Designs

Many bar stools are filled with intricate designs that set them apart from the competition. There are varying structures that work well with different room setups. Some finishes and details are more expensive than others.

Some examples of intricate designs that can go on barstools include:

  • Carvings: Some bar stools have intricate details in the wood, carved in patterns that complement their inside space.
  • Metalwork: Metalwork will be visible in the legs that hold up the stool. Metal may be twisted into features such as flowers, spirals, and more.
  • Fabrication: Some bar stools have fancy, detailed fabric that took extra work to create.

Each of these can increase the price in different ways. Different craftspeople are needed to make each stool beautiful.

When looking for bar stools, try to pick ones that are as simple as possible in appearance if you want to save money on this piece of furniture. The more detailed a product, the higher the price tag. It should be clear if a bar stool has had a lot of work applied to the surface in the creation process.

They Can Be Custom-Made

They Can Be Custom-Made

Because bar stools often go inside restaurants or rooms with specific theming, they need to be custom-made to match perfectly. Hand-crafted bar stools are the most expensive of all. You have all of the above specifications combined with custom recommendations from a customer.

You might need your stool custom-made if you:

  • Own a restaurant or a bar
  • Have an aesthetic you want for a specific room
  • If you need a certain color or design that you can’t find in a store

This process is expensive but results in a beautiful result for wherever they go.

Bar stools are already expensive, so why not spend a little more to get them custom-made? There are a lot of people that go this route so they can ensure the finished process matches the aesthetic they’re looking for in their space.


Bar stools can seem shockingly expensive in the furniture world compared to other pieces, but there are good reasons behind these prices. Quality materials, the need to hold up more, and intricate designs contribute to this raised price tag. There’s a good reason for the uptick in cost.

Although it might not seem fair that bar stools are so expensive, they’re technically a form of luxury goods. There are cheaper varieties made of materials such as plastic that you can find for a more affordable price. Now that you know what makes a bar stool expensive, you can make a better choice to find one that fits your budget.


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