Why Do Bedroom Sets Only Come with One Nightstand?

Bedroom with one night stand

If you’re going shopping for a new bedroom set, you might hit a snag, as most bedroom sets only come with a single nightstand. This leaves you in a predicament — shell out money for another nightstand? Or figure out a decorative and convenient solution to only having one? Whatever you decide, one question remains: “Why?”

Why do bedroom sets only come with one nightstand? Vendors typically sell bedroom sets with a single nightstand to furniture stores.  This allows a store to sell a nightstand as part of a bedroom set.  Also, not all customers have bedrooms large enough to accommodate two dressers.  Finally, two dressers can create a dull, cookie-cutter appearance.

While knowing why a bedroom set only has a single nightstand isn’t going to change your life entirely, it’s something that can put your curiosities at ease while shopping. We are going to discuss some of the most prominent reasons behind why bedroom sets are typically only sold with a single nightstand.

Three Reasons Why Bedroom Sets Only Come with One Nightstand

It can seem rather peculiar — if you are shopping with your spouse for a bedroom set to adorn your master bedroom, you will likely be going to place the bed in the middle of the floor. Both of you would like a place to set your phone, drinks, and other necessities, so you would imagine the set would come with two nightstands. What’s the deal?

Well, there are several reasons why manufacturers have continued the process of only designing bedroom sets with a single nightstand. Let’s look at the top 3 reasons:

It’s Standard and Helps with Price

Some times the best answer is we do it because “it’s just the way it’s been done for years.” It’s kind of true for the bedroom set manufacturers. They are simply following tradition, creating a bedroom set that likely comes complete with a few other furniture pieces such as a dresser, mirror, bed frame, and more.

But tradition is not the only thing that stops consumers from being able to find bedroom sets with double nightstands — it also comes down to cost. Think about it: the last time you went to your favorite furniture store, you likely saw some incredible deals on bedroom sets. It came with a couple of pieces of furniture that would otherwise be hundreds of dollars more.

With just a single nightstand, businesses can offer other matching items to complete the set at a lowered cost. This entices the consumer to purchase, but it also gives salespeople the opportunity to make more money for themselves and the business. Simply put, without a matching nightstand for the opposing side, the salesman or woman can try to upsell you.

There Isn’t Enough Space for Two Nightstands

It might seem weird that a master bedroom could not accommodate two nightstands, but what if the individual lives in a small apartment? With other items of furniture — such as a king-sized bed, a six-door dresser, and a small computer desk all in one room, the room can get a little crowded. 

Therefore, furniture stores do not want people to feel like their room is going to get too crowded if they purchase an entire set that includes double nightstands. Aside from a room that is far too small to accommodate, some people might simply despise having excessive amounts of furniture in their room and prefer a more open layout — which could be compromised by an extra dresser.

This is even truer for rooms that are not master bedrooms. Think about a child’s room, which can be incredibly small. You wouldn’t want to try and stuff two nightstands next to a double bed. One, your child does not need two nightstands, and two, there will be less room for your child’s toys to be strewn about. 

It’s Not Designer-Friendly

Okay, we get it — not everyone is overly concerned about making their bedroom designer-friendly. But maybe you want to bring your taste and preferences alive in your bedroom, rather than settling for a cookie-cutter look that can become boring and lifeless.

Unfortunately, this is what can happen when you have a bedroom set with matching nightstands. Simply put, there is no break in the design. You already have a bed, dresser, and mirror with the same cohesive style that blend perfectly. Adding another matching nightstand can become dull and lack personality and flare.

Now, some people won’t mind this. Others will become bored with their brand-new furniture set within weeks and regret the purchase. This is where personal design tastes and personalities come into place, and you should consider this before purchasing a nightstand of the same variety.

Do I Need Two Nightstands?

Someone who is out shopping and wants two nightstands might feel a bit underwhelmed when they hear that the bedroom set of their dreams is only sold with a single nightstand. That leaves the question — “Do I really need two nightstands?” The simple answer is no, you do not necessarily need two nightstands. Here’s how you can bypass the additional nightstand:

  • Use a desk instead. Many people need desks in their bedrooms, whether they use it for business or just enjoy playing games or video chatting with friends. Well, instead of utilizing a nightstand, place the desk next to the bed instead. This way, you have a place to set your important items as well as storage space nearby.
  • Consider a bookshelf. A short bookshelf can also take the place of a nightstand. Perhaps it won’t offer any additional storage, but it can be a great place to put your favorite books, statues, pictures, and more to bring personality to your sleeping quarters.
  • Get creative. There are so many ways to showcase your personality style. A person who loves a more rugged and punky style can use a trunk, while someone with a love for all things old-fashioned can stack some old suitcases. Accent chairs, ladders, and even tree stumps can be used, which you can see alternatives for a nightstand.

Mix and Match Nightstands Instead

If you are dead set on having another nightstand in your room, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Mixing and matching pieces of furniture can bring some serious life to your bedroom. Living Rich on Less shares some of the most important rules to remember when mixing and matching:

  • Make sure the furniture pieces have a similar feel. Do not try and pair a contemporary nightstand with one from mid-century England.
  • Place a common accessory on top of both. Matching lamps can do the trick.
  • Make sure the heights are similar. It would look silly to have one nightstand sitting far higher or lower than the other, so try to get them close to the same height.

This will help the room follow the same type of style without being too cookie-cutter. But don’t worry, you don’t have to follow the rules. If you prefer quirkiness in your bedroom, do not be afraid to do so. 

“This kind of variety gives interest to a room,” claim Matt and Shari

Decoist shares 30 perfect images showing how you can mix and match your nightstands to your heart’s content. 


There’s a reason why you can’t — and shouldn’t — purchase a bedroom set with two nightstands. Opt for an alternative in place of the second nightstand or mix and match to give your sleeping quarters more personality and style. 


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