14 Reasons Why Headboards Are Necessary

Headboards Are Necessary

Headboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes that decorate beds all around the world. From elegant to simple, these items seem to only serve the purpose of decor. You might wonder if you need one on your bed at all. However, it is critical to know that there are many other purposes that a headboard serves.

Keep on reading to learn why headboards are necessary. You may be surprised to know all that the simple piece of wood or metal does for the bed that you sleep in.

Do You Really Need a Headboard for Your Bed?

When you select a bed, the headboard might be the least crucial item in your selection process. You may even wonder if you must get a headboard for your bed. After all, upon first glance, it just seems like an overpriced and bulky form of decor in a bedroom.

While it is not a requirement for a sleeping surface, you will be missing out on a lot of benefits that come from incorporating this object onto your bed. We will go over the most important here and emphasize that, although it is not a requirement, a headboard might do a lot of good in your room.

Headboards Serve as a Space Filler

Without much effort, a headboard can serve as a unique space filler on a blank wall. This can come in handy if you do not want to hang something above your head while you sleep. YOu can pick an intricate design that can take up the area just like a painting or bulletin board would if it had been placed instead.

By filling up space, your room will be able to:

  • Look more elegant and complex in terms of decor and style
  • Creates a focal point that draws the eyes of a visitor in
  • Adds to whatever style you have inside of the room

You should carefully choose your headboard based on what fits best for your room. Do not pick something that will draw attention in a bad way, as the overall look of your room could potentially be ruined. Research and compare colors, patterns, and styles before settling on the one that you will put in your room.

Headboards Protect Your Head from the Wall

When you sleep at night, your head often comes close to the wall. Without a headboard, there is always a potential that your head could slam up against the solid surface at some point amid your slumber. With a headboard, you have another surface that sits between you and the wall. The headboard serves as a defense mechanism.

The protection from the wall can prevent some serious injuries that might occur by accident. Your head should be able to rest at night without the fear that any movement might lead to your head coming into contact with a hard surface.

To give your head full protection, you should:

  • Choose a headboard that is softer than the wall
  • Ensure that your bed is an appropriate distance from the wall
  • Use pillows to add extra protection along with the headboard

By taking all of these items into consideration, you will be able to sleep every single night safely. A headboard provides surprising and necessary protection that might go unnoticed at first.

Headboards Protect the Wall from Damage

Headboards protect more than just your head. They also prevent your wall from getting scuffed up and damaged as the result of a restless night or a bedside accident. Any spill, scuff, or stain will hit the surface of the headboard before it gets anywhere near the wall hidden behind.

Damage can affect the value of your house, or destroy the atmosphere that you are attempting to form in your room. To make sure that your headboard protects your wall from damage, you should:

  • Take care to check if there are any jagged or rough spots on the back of the headboard
  • Place the headboard a few inches from the wall to prevent unnecessary rubbing and scratches
  • Find a soft or smooth material that is less likely to turn into something that could cause damage

Once you have found the ideal headboard and taken the precautions to protect your wall, your headboard can start doing its job. You will have an excellent form of protection that should work to keep that area spotless when you finally get to the point where it is time to remove the headboard.

Headboards Provide Sitting Support

Some use their bed as much more than just a sleeping space. For those that enjoy sitting up in their beds, the headboard can provide a solid form of back support that can help even the slouched sitter to regain their posture while they lounge in bed.

Headboards typically come in a variety of styles. Some of these are better for support than others, so if this is a benefit that you intend to make use of you should ensure that you use one of the following headboards on your bed:

  • Modern headboards, which come in a minimalist design 
  • Panel headboards, which can come in a cushioned material that provides extra support for the head and back
  • Traditional headboards, though these often need the addition of a pillow for support to be comfortable

When selecting a headboard that provides support for your back, stay away from those that are intricately carved. These will have points that just out and make sitting up nearly impossible without the addition of extra support pillows.

Softer surface materials placed over a sturdy surface also work better than a straight solid material, such as metal or wood. Select a cushioned headframe to ensure that sitting up in your bed is a positive experience.

Headboards Allow Pillows to Sit Up

Without the headboard, the bed will have a large crack that sits between where the mattress ends and the wall begins. This abyss is where many pillows slip and slide at night. Before you know it, your pillow could be lost down the side of your bed and you will have nowhere to rest your head.

The headboard closes that gap and turns it into a small seam. With a crack this small, there is no possible way that a pillow could find itself falling into the crack of the bed. You can rest easy knowing that the place you rest your head will not depart in the middle of the night.

Some other pillow benefits of the headboard include:

  • The ability to use two or more pillows at night without fear of losing one or both of them at some moment in the night
  • The freedom to move and shift decorative pillows in a unique structure will allow them to stay in place

A headboard provides pillow stabilization that will make your life easier. It may not seem like a huge benefit at first, but the more nights you spend with your pillow, the more these pros will begin to creep into your heart.

Headboards Regulate the Temperature

The wall can vary in temperature throughout the year, ranging from icy cool in the winter months to uncomfortably warm in the summer. This can serve as a problem for sleepers who are sensitive to even the slightest alteration in temperature. They may not be able to rest in the way that they would like to as a result.

The headboard allows a separation of the sleeper from the wall. This can push back the extreme temperatures, keeping them warmer or cooler depending on the season and time of year. 

To make sure that you are defended from extreme shifts in temperature, you may want to find a headboard material that does not conduct well. These include:

  • Wooden headboard
  • Cloth-covered headboards
  • Leather headboards

These will prove to be the best options in any case of extreme temperature. Your head will be protected from the hottest nights in the summer, and the coldest evenings in the winter. With a headboard, you can avoid the worst side effects that come from the weather leaking into your room.

Headboards Are Space Efficient

This item is a form of decor that does not take up a lot of space. The fact that it is flat and presses up against the wall means that it is out of the way. Since it is attached to the bed, it is as though you have combined two excellent decorations into one great furniture piece.

Those that want to fill up their bedroom but leave as much floor space as they can invest in a headboard. There are a million different styles to use, all of them flat and pressed against the wall.

The most space-efficient headboards include:

  • Those that do not exceed the width of the bed in their measurements
  • Those that are flat on all sides
  • Those that do not have intricate designs or giant drawers

If you are looking for something decorative but out of the way, the headboard will serve you well. It is an unexpected format of beauty that can be added to your bedroom in an out-of-the-way method.

Headboards Make the Room Cozy

A headboard can fill space and make a room cozier. It can simultaneously add to the decor in a way that will work well for the room. By incorporating a large dash of color, the room will feel like there is more inside of it. This will add to a sensation of coziness if all of your other furniture works in tandem.

The best types of headboards to use for making a room look cozy include:

  • Large, bold headboards that draw eyes to them from wherever they are in the room
  • Those with soft colors that do not hurt the eyes when viewed
  • Headboard with soft, rounded edges rather than harsh and straight

By finding a headboard that fits all of these criteria, you are sure to have a game-changer in no time at all. The space that is filled will permit the bedroom to be cozy and compressed in a perfect, relaxing manner.

Headboards Allow Easier Cleaning

For both making the bed and cleaning your room, the headboard will make life easier for your cleaning purposes. This is especially true if you decide to get a headboard that is flat and easy to run a wet cloth over.

There are a few types of headboards that are the easiest to maintain. We will discuss each of them so that you might be able to weigh your options. The easier it is to clean, the nicer it will look over an extended period.


Leather is all around one of the easiest materials to clean. Though it is prone to scratches and other formats of imperfection, with a cleaning solution and a soft cloth it can be smoothed out almost instantaneously. Leather is much easier to keep clean than many other types of headboards.

The simplest cleaning method involves the following items:

  • A soft-bristled vacuum that you can purchase online for a low price
  • Soap and water that is made with natural ingredients
  • A 50/50 white vinegar and water mixture, which you can find instruction for online if you are unsure of how to create it

To properly clean the surface, you should first utilize the vacuum to clean off the surface of the headboard. Then you can use gentle soap and water to clean smaller spots on the surface. You can finish the cleaning process off by using the vinegar mixture to cover the surface.

Leather is a durable material. Think about investing in this one if you want something simple enough to clean. It is also not terribly expensive, so if you want a headboard this is not an irrational choice.


Wood is the classic headboard material. Most of the headboards that exist on the market are made out of wood, which is then carved and shifted into a particular shape. While the more intricate designs can be tricky to clean, wood provides a simple surface for anyone worried about stains and other issues that might harm the surface.

To clean a wooden headboard, you need the following materials:

  • A soft cloth that will not scratch the surface of the headboard, which you can find at an auto shop of a local store
  • A 50/50 Simple Green and water solution, which you can find in any local store
  • A spray bottle, preferably an affordable plastic one which you can find online

All that you need to do from this point is spray the solution onto the headboard. By scrubbing away at the solution with the cloth, you will easily be able to rid your wooden headboard of any grit, grime, and stains that may have infiltrated it.

Wood is also an excellent material because it can be painted over and redone. If you are okay with changing the color, simply alter the paint job of the wooden headboard to suit your needs.


Fabric is simple because it can take a lot in the cleaning process. All you need to do is take a small vacuum to the surface. This will get rid of stains and crumbs that may have found themselves embedded inside of the headboard.

You can also dilute a small amount of fabric cleaner with water and push the substance onto the fabric to rid it of any stains that might exist.

So, all you need to clean a fabric headboard is:

  • A small, handheld vacuum, which you can find online
  • Fabric cleaner, which can be bought in a local store or online
  • Pure, distilled water which can be created or purchased at a store
  • A small cloth that will not put any scratches or damage on your headboard, which can be found in an auto store

By using all of these items, you will be able to keep your surface clean every single time. Fabric is one of the simplest materials to keep clean, so using it will ensure that you have a nice-looking headboard at all times.

Headboards Can Be Used as Storage

Some headboards come with built-in storage that can provide extra space for the user to place belongings. For anyone with a small room, this headboard addition can make all the difference. Additional storage can come in handy no matter the size or style of the room.

There are a few different types of headboards that act as additional storage space. The most popular types include: 

  • Those with drawers, which can slide in and out whenever the sleeper wants to access what is inside
  • Those that have a small shelf built-in, or multiple shelves that can go further behind the bed
  • Those that have a little cubby with a mirror directly in the center of the headboard for easy viewing

There are many other types of storage headboards besides these. Owning one can give you the extra room that you may need for placing items that you own. Look into these if a storage headboard seems like the right option for you.

Headboards Can Be Attached in Many Ways

A headboard can be attached in many different ways. This is beneficial if you have a headboard that does not snap onto the bed that you have. You can solve that problem by using one of the other techniques that can be used to successfully install a headboard.

We will go over each of these methods in detail. You can examine each one and decide what will work for your own if it does not already come attached to the bed. If the detached methods seem to be too difficult, you should go with a bed that had a headboard already attached to its frame.

Attached to the Bed

The most common way for a headboard to be installed is for it to come attached to the bed, or to have the ability to do so. This is often done in a few simple ways that make the attachment process go by in the blink of an eye.

When attaching a headboard like this, there are two common ways to place it on. These ways include:

  • Drilling the headboard into place with a drill and screw, ensuring that it is not too tight or loose
  • Sliding it into place using a metal locking technique, which often comes with instructions in the packaging

There will likely be instructions that come with the bed or headboard that you invest in. Make sure that you follow their rules to make sure that you do not damage your brand-new piece in any way. You want to emerge from this project with your headboard in one piece.


Some headboards are designed in a manner that allows them to stand without being attached to anything at all. This is best for beds that do not come with a headboard but would do well with the attachment of one. By placing the headboard first, then the bed, you are sure to have a natural-looking piece without much effort.

The most common types of free-standing headboards are those that have extra storage space inside of them. These dresser-headboard combinations have a width that permits them to take their stand in the headboard world. It is practical, easy, and sure to make a statement to all who see it in action.

Attached to the Wall

Headboards can also come attached to the wall. This unique setting works best with headboards that were not initially created with the intention of use as headboards. However, it also works for normal ones if they are not a weight that will take down your wall once they are hung up.

Some individuals have made use of:

  • Doors, which can be hung sideways on a wall to serve as a headboard 
  • Planks of wood that have been sanded down, polished, and attached
  • Tapestries, which are simply hung behind the bed and replaced when you would like to alter the design

As stated before, you might also want to hang your traditional headboard from the wall. Make sure that you research to know the best method of hanging for your piece. Without knowledge, you could leave a massive hole in your wall.

Headboards Can Cover Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Often your wall can serve as a permanent reminder of those mistakes that happen in your life. From holes to marker drawings, it can be difficult to get rid of these imperfections in a way that looks natural and slides under the nose of anyone who might be visiting the space. This is where headboards come into play.

Through clever positioning, headboards can cover:

  • Unwanted indents from hands and feet
  • Drawing and doodles from children
  • Massive holes that occur form accidents
  • Off-color paint that often occurs when trying to cover another mistake

The headboard will draw eyes to the space in a way completely different from the damage that was there before. Using this item will restore your bedroom to the perfect condition that it was once in, and force people to forget about what mistakes your wall may hold. With a headboard, it is like new.

Headboards Help with the Feng Shui of the Room

Feng shui is a Chinese practice that focuses on rearranging the furniture in a home to create harmony between the natural world and the living space. The bedroom is one of the most critical parts of feng shui. If you have a resting place that creates spectacular harmony between your room and the natural world, you can achieve satisfaction.

The headboard is a crucial part of feng shui. A sturdy headboard is necessary in the center of your wall, right where the whole world can view it when they walk inside. According to feng shui, the best shape for headboards in feng shui include:

  • Rectangular
  • Square 
  • Heart-shaped
  • Curved

To achieve feng shui, you should avoid any headboards that have holes or bars. These can create a sense of imprisonment, according to the principles. Along with all of this, a stable headboard means a stable life. 

Headboards Make Your Space Specific to You

Though many beds do not need headboards, they can come in handy to showcase the unique style that you have decided to place in your room. The headboard can display your personality in a way unlike any other piece in your bedroom. 

A headboard can come in a variety of different styles. You should take a look around the room and examine the theme that you are going for. From there, you can select a headboard in a particular style. These can vary across the board, popular in fashions such as

  • Boho, which is a fun mix of color and patterns that pop in a space
  • Modern, which displays an air of simplicity and elegance in a room
  • Vintage, which is both classy and unique in a fun and universal way

We all want a space that stands out and belongs to us. With a headboard, you can further define that space. When you and others walk into that bedroom and see the headboard, you will know exactly who it belongs to.



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