Why Headboards Are So Expensive (And Why They Are Worth It)

Headboards Are So Expensive

Most beds come with the same basic components: a bed frame, headboard, and footboard. Each component plays an important role in ensuring your bed is fully functional and comfortable to sleep in at night. Headboards are sometimes considered decorative pieces, but they are much more than decorations and are expensive for legitimate reasons. 

Headboards are expensive because they protect walls from damage and stains, prevent pillows from falling behind beds, provide back support and insulation, and contribute to the overall aesthetic of beds. The aesthetic appeal and functional utility of headboards make them a good investment. 

Headboards are a crucial component of every bed, and this is reflected in their high price range. However, unless you want a luxurious upholstered headboard, you can easily find headboards that are well-priced. There are many practical reasons to purchase a headboard given how much they support your bed and comfort needs. Keep reading to learn why headboards are so expensive and why they are worth it. 

Why Are Headboards So Expensive? 

Even though every bed does not have or need a headboard, they still run for a high price. This is because headboards can elevate the overall comfortability and aesthetic of your bed. There are several reasons why headboards are so expensive: 

  • Headboards protect your walls from damage and stains
  • Headboards keep your pillows in place on your bed
  • Headboards provide back support
  • Headboards keep you warm by providing insulation
  • A stylish headboard can complete the overall aesthetic of your bed 

Oftentimes, headboards are purchased as a stylish piece of decor for beds, which makes them more akin to a luxury item. However, there are many other benefits headboards can provide you in the form of improved insulation and comfort while in your bed: the more comfortable you are in bed, the easier it will be to fall asleep and achieve better sleep quality. 

Headboards Protect Your Walls 

By providing a barrier between your bed and the wall, headboards protect your walls from damage and stains. Headboards can reduce the wear and tear your bedroom wall experiences over time. This can save you money in the long term, as you will not need to worry about any repairs later on. 

Since headboards also protect your wall from stains, you will not have to clean your wall as often. Most headboards are easy to clean, especially when compared to walls that may require a deep clean when a lot of stains have accumulated. This will save you the time and resources you would normally have to spend on cleaning your bedroom wall. 

If you enjoy eating breakfast or other meals in the comfort of your bed, then a headboard will ensure that no food stains come into contact with your wall. There is no reason why you should not be able to enjoy a good meal in your bed—a headboard allows you to eat in your bed worry-free, without any concerns about stains or messes on your walls. Headboards are easy to clean if they get stained. 

Headboards Keep Your Pillows in Place on Your Bed

Have you ever had difficulty with your pillows falling off your bed? Beds that do not have a wall or headboard behind them make it easy for pillows to fall behind your bed. If your pillows fall behind your bed constantly, then a headboard is an effective way to keep your pillows in place.

For beds with an adjacent wall, a headboard may not be necessary, but will still help to guarantee that no pillows sneak into crevices behind your bed. In this case, a headboard works more as an insurance policy to ensure your pillows stay on your bed properly. 

Headboards Provide Back Support

Whether you are watching your favorite Netflix show or enjoying a good breakfast, beds are a comfortable place to lounge. However, sitting in your bed for extended periods can put strain on your back that can cause problems later on if not addressed. 

Without proper back support when sitting in bed, you can experience: 

  • Stiffness in your back and neck 
  • Upper back pain 
  • Lower back pain

Thankfully, headboards can allow you to comfortably lay in your bed and provide much-needed back support if you do not have a wall to sit up against. Since a headboard gives you somewhere to rest your back up against, this can prevent and alleviate any back strain you may be experiencing in bed by straightening your posture and providing you stability. 

Headboards Keep You Warm by Providing Insulation

Did you know that headboards were originally made to insulate people from the cold? By providing a barrier between the wall and the bed, headboards helped to keep peoples’ heads warm during the night. 

Nowadays, headboards are not as pivotal as they used to be because of modern heating technology installed in homes. Despite this, the insulation headboards provide is still impactful, especially for homes located in colder climates. Regardless of the climate, you live in, headboards are worth the price if you want to improve insulation in your bedroom. 

Headboards Contribute to Your Bed’s Aesthetic 

A stylish headboard can contribute to the aesthetic of your bed. As previously mentioned, headboards are often purchased as accessories to accent beds. A well-designed, upholstered headboard can run upwards of $300, but there are other headboards you can find that look just as good for a fraction of the price.

A great example of this is the Modway Store’s performance velvet headboard. This headboard comes in five different colors, including gray, light blue, navy, pink, and white, so you can find a headboard that best matches your bed’s style and color scheme. 

In some cases, a headboard is used as a focal point for a bedroom to complete the overall aesthetic. However, headboards can do this and much more, as evidenced by the many other benefits headboards mentioned earlier. 

How Much Should a Headboard Cost? 

So, now that you are familiar with what makes headboards so expensive, the next question is how much should a headboard cost? This is not a simple question to answer, since you may choose to buy a headboard for different reasons than the next person. Additionally, headboards can broadly vary in price depending on: 

  • The quality of the headboard 
  • Whether the headboard is custom made or not
  • The intricacy of the headboard design
  • The price of the construction materials 

If you are looking for an inexpensive headboard with a simple design, then you should expect to pay around $150 for a headboard. However, if you want a custom-made, upholstered headboard, then you may end up paying $10,000 or more for a headboard.

Ultimately, how much a headboard should cost depends on the type of headboard you are looking for, and whether you are buying a headboard for improved comfortability or purely aesthetic reasons. There is not a single price that can be applied to all headboards, since every headboard is unique in its construction and appearance. 


There are many reasons why headboards are so expensive, which are based on the functional utility and aesthetic appeal. Even though headboards can be expensive, there are also cheaper options you can find that can drastically improve how comfortable you feel in bed and help you sleep at night. 

Whether you are trying to make your bed more comfortable or making the finishing touch to your bed’s appearance, headboards are a great investment worth considering when looking for ways to refine your bedroom. 



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