Will A Queen Headboard Fit In An SUV? We Find Out!

It’s springtime, and you have the itch, the itch to freshen up your house with some new décor after a long, arduous winter. And what better place to start than your bedroom? You have finally found a queen-size headboard that will show off your interior design skills, and you may be wondering if a queen-size headboard will fit in your SUV. 

Whether or not a queen-size headboard will fit in an SUV depends on which SUV you drive and the headboard’s measurements. In many cases, the answer is yes; however, not all SUVs are created equal. Therefore, it is best to measure the inside of your vehicle to be sure.  

If you are in the market for a new queen-size headboard and need to know more about fitting it in the back of your SUV, continue reading this guide for eye-opening information. 

Fitting a Queen Headboard in an SUV 

With all of the automotive industry’s modern advances, SUVs are being used for more than just hauling the soccer team to and from games and practices. 

With seats that can easily be laid flat or removed from the vehicle completely, there is a surprising amount of room for hauling your stuff from point A to point B. 

To get back to the question of whether or not you can haul a queen-size headboard in your SUV, the answer depends upon which SUV you are driving. 

The short answer is that a large majority of SUVs on the market today are more than capable of fitting a queen-size headboard. 

Having said that, it is important to measure the interior space of your vehicle before picking up your headboard. Nothing is more inconvenient than not being able to fit something into your vehicle and having to arrange for another method of delivery. 

Save yourself time and aggravation by measuring first. The following information may be helpful when determining if you can fit a queen-size headboard in your SUV. 

Measurements for Queen Headboards and SUVs

A standard, traditional style, queen-sized headboard is typically around 62-inches wide. Headboards will vary in height depending on their style and shape.  

Many times, headboards are around three inches wider than the actual mattress and frame. Even so, you need to consider the style, shape, and measurements of the headboard and which SUV you are using. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

In today’s modern world of interior design, people are getting more creative with their headboard designs. In some cases, a headboard can take up a majority of a wall and, therefore, will probably not fit in the back of an SUV. 

Standard full-size SUVs measurements are usually within the range of: 

  • 75″ – 81″ wide
  • 68″ – 76″ tall
  • 190″ – 222″ long

If you drive a compact SUV, there is a pretty good chance that you will not be able to fit a queen-size headboard in the back, but it doesn’t hurt to measure. Many crossover SUVs are quite roomy, but not all are equipped with the room for hauling a large headboard around. 

Nine SUVs That Can Carry a Queen Size Headboard 

The following list is comprised of SUVs that will most likely fit an average queen-size headboard. The dimensions given in this list are exterior measurements, so you will need to keep that in mind when determining if your headboard will fit in the particular model of SUV you are driving. 

SUV BrandHeight (inches)Width (inches)Length (inches)
Cadillac™ Escalade76”81”211”
Chevrolet™ Tahoe75”80”210”
Ford™ Expedition76”80”222”
Ford Explorer69”78”198”
GMC™ Yukon XL74”81”204”
Lincoln™ Navigator76”75”210”
Nissan™ Armada75”79”208”
Toyota™ 4Runner71”75”190”
Toyota™ Highlander68”76”193”

These dimensions are approximate values. They may vary between models and can also depend on which options come with your particular SUV. 

Avoid Embarrassment by Measuring First

The next two tables represent popular midsize and compact crossover SUVs. This is where measuring truly becomes necessary. 

There is nothing worse than taking a long drive to pick up your queen-size headboard only to discover that it will not fit. Measure first, so you don’t have to drive down the interstate looking like the Clamppet’s with a headboard strapped to your roof. 

Midsize Crossover SUVs Approximate Dimensions

Midsize Crossover SUVs that are known for their ample interior space despite their smaller size are as follows:

SUV BrandHeight (inches)Width (inches)Length (inches)
Dodge™ Journey66”72”192”
Ford Edge68”75”188”
GMC Terrain65”72”182”
Honda™ Pilot70”78”196”
Hyundai™ Santa Fe66”74”188”
Jeep™ Cherokee66”73”182”
Mitsubishi Outlander67”66”185”
Nissan Pathfinder71”72”199”
Subaru Outback66”73”191”

Compact Crossover SUVs Approximate Dimensions

Compact Crossover SUVs that will most likely be too small to hold a queen-sized headboard are as follows: 

SUV BrandHeight (inches)Width (inches)Length (inches)
Chevrolet Equinox65”73”183”
Ford C-Max64”70”174”
Ford Escape66”72”178”
Honda CR-V66”67”181”
Hyundai Tuscon65”72”174”
Jeep Compass65”74”173”
Kia™ Soul 63”70”165”
Nissan Rogue66”72”166”
Toyota RAV467”73”183”

Standard Headboard and Mattress Dimensions

The following table gives the standard dimensions of all headboard and mattresses as a reference in case you think you will be transporting anything other than a queen-sized headboard: 

SizeHeadboard Width (inches)Mattress Dimensions (inches)
Twin42″39″ x 74″
Twin XL42″39″ x 80″
Full56″54″ x 75″
Queen62″60″ x 80″
King80″76″ x 80″
California King74″72″ x 84″

Chances are you will not be able to carry a king or California king-sized headboard in your SUV, but these dimensions will hopefully give you an idea of how much room you will need. 

What to Do if Queen Headboard Will Not Fit

So, you have done your measuring, and you have discovered that your SUV will not be able to carry a queen-sized headboard. You may be wondering how you are going to get it home. 

To get your headboard home safely, here are some suggestions that may help you with your delivery dilemma:

  • Arrange delivery from the store or from the individual where you purchased the headboard.
  • Ask a friend with a truck to help
  • Hire a Bungii™ or GoShare™ to pick up your headboard or other large furniture items that you cannot fit in your SUV. These services are similar to hiring an Uber™ when you need a ride; however, they are specifically in place to help you get your large items delivered to your home or wherever you need them to be delivered. 
  • Rent a:
  • Small tow-behind trailer
  • Truck
  • Van

Safely Haul a Queen Headboard in an SUV

Whenever you are hauling any large object in your vehicle, it is always important to remember safety. There may be some situations where you cannot entirely close your back hatch if the headboard is too long. 

If you absolutely must travel this way, be sure to use proper ratchet straps to secure your hatch so that it does not blow up and your headboard does not fly out of the back of your vehicle and into traffic. 

Not only will you lose the headboard that you worked so hard to get, but you could potentially hurt other people in the cars behind you. 

Proper Planning Prevents Delays in Delivery

By planning ahead and taking the proper measurements of your headboard and SUV, you can prevent aggravating, time-consuming issues that can potentially delay your home’s beautification process. Don’t let poor planning destroy your design. If you follow the tips in this guide, you are sure to get your new queen-sized headboard home when you desire.  


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