Yes, Bed Frames Matter. Here’s 10 Reasons Why!

Bed Frames Matter

You may find yourself in a situation where maybe a bed frame does not seem like an entirely necessary purchase. Maybe you like the way your mattress sits on the floor or flat out think the money would be better used going towards something else. You should think again, bed frames a ton of valid uses even outside of holding a mattress up. 

While these are valid reasons, you are severely cheating yourself by neglecting to use a bed frame. Bed frames have a bevy of positive benefits for your life, including how your mood is affecting and protecting you from inhaling mold. You would be shocked how much easier a bed frame will impact your life. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider picking one up today.

Do Bed Frames Matter?

The answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes. You absolutely need a bed frame. The good far outweighs what very little bad there is about it. You will relieve pain in your joints and back and even be safe from harmful bacteria on the floor. It does not stop there though, these benefits spread into interior design as well as storage space as well. Consider this when thinking about purchasing a bed frame:

  • Your spine, bones, and joints
  • Bugs, dirt, and mold
  • Interior decorating
  • Your mood
  • Allergy relief

A bed frame will protect your floor and reinforce the structure of your mattress, all while providing you comfort and better sleep. Better sleep will lead to better mental health, and better mental health will lead to a better you. Imagine that, it all starts with a bed frame. They are more affordable than you probably realize and there are so many types that style will not be an issue. Check out these reasons why.

Bed Frames Provide Spine, Bone, And Joint Support

Your spine, bones, and joints should always be taken seriously throughout your life. As you already know, these are the things that keep your body together and keep you upright. By neglecting these things you will find yourself in constant pain and in some cases it can lead to mobility issues or arthritis. Get ahead of it and invest in a bed frame to keep yourself safe from these problems.

By having a bed frame you can reinforce your skeletal structure as long as it is sturdy and put together correctly. A mattress on the floor can shift around while you sleep, and it can also cause imbalance in your sleeping position if the floor is not completely flat. This can lead to all kinds of problems down the line, even outside of tossing and turning. If you find yourself doing this often, then it is time to get a bed frame.

A bed frame matters here because it keeps the mattress in place and also makes sure that you have a stable place to sleep, even if you are known to toss and turn. A bed frame in this instance only helps keep your body comfortable and can halt any showings of aches or pains before they start, especially if you are recovering from a workout. A regular sleep schedule is a wealth of benefits for your body and brain.

Bed Frames Protect You from Bugs, Dirt, And Mold

Something that is not talked about enough is how our floors can be a place that harbors some terrible germs for your body. You might be someone who is in the same school of thought as many others – that sleeping on a floor can be great for your back, as they say. This may be true in some cases, but more often than not you are leaving yourself open to breathing in harmful bacteria or even mold.

  • Having a bed frame immediately and significantly diminishes the chances of breathing in anything that can harm your lungs or your body in general 
  • By itself, dust can cause all sorts of problems like sneezing and coughing – the last thing you want while you are trying to sleep at night

By elevating your mattress you can give your respiratory system some much needed peace of mind, which will lead to you sleeping easier as well. 

You are also running the risk and infecting your bed with bugs by keeping your mattress on the floor. Being so close to the ground is easy access for a lot of insects and they will not think twice about invading your personal space. Extend the lifespan of your mattress and avoid making any new critter friends by getting a bed frame to keep you as far away from them as possible. 

Bed Frames Are a Part of Your Interior Design

While this is mainly a field designated to cosmetic purposes, it can actually help make the most of your bedroom. Having a bed frame will make your space more liveable and not having to build around a mattress on the floor can be a huge step in the right direction when trying to accomplish this. It can also look a bit odd hanging things up on walls or having tall lamps surrounding a mattress on the floor.

Maybe the visual aesthetic does not mean as much to you as others, however you would be surprised how much you may love putting your own room together. Maybe this does not apply to you because you never tried applying it to yourself. A bed frame matters in this case because it is one of, if not the first, step to making your bedroom your favorite place in your home. 

It can also be frustrating buying other pieces of furniture that may unknowingly serve the same purpose as a bed frame. Some have small shelves or other areas to keep an alarm clock and other electronics. Aside from the practical uses, it serves a purpose in terms of creating a space that is yours. There is no shortage of options when it comes to bed frames that speak to your personality. Just take a look and see what you like.

Bed Frames Can Help Affect Your Mood

Bed frames will help you get better sleep, no doubt about it. Better sleep will help put you in a better mood. Lack of sleep from a mattress without a bed frame due to any of the aforementioned issues can have a deep effect on you. If not taken care of this can lead to irritability, impatience, low energy, and mental fog. You will be doing yourself a service by purchasing a bed frame to help fight off these feelings.

Your body and brain need to sleep regularly. Think of a yawn in the same way that you think of your stomach growling. It is your brain letting you know that it needs rest. You can combat this with caffeine, other sugary beverages, and other methods, but at the end of the day nothing beats a solid night of sleep. Everything else is a band-aid compared to the actual healing properties eight hours of sleep can offer you.

Sleeping on the floor can be uncomfortable, which may cause you to toss and turn or break in and out of your sleep cycle. A bed frame will put you in the position to get a better night’s sleep and lead to a better mood to get you through the day. This is an invaluable benefit from having a bed frame and needs to be in the conversation when deciding to purchase one.

A Bed Frame Helps Relieve Allergies

Now, this may be a niche that only affects some, but it is important nonetheless. It is also worth mentioning that allergies can come out of seemingly nowhere as well, so it is a valid point when discussing how a bed frame can help alleviate or avoid them. We talked a little bit about how your floor is a home to dust, mold, and other bacteria. These can all affect your allergies.

Having a bed frame absolutely matters in this instance. By keeping your body elevated from the harmful stuff on your floor you are less likely to breathe in anything that would set off your preexisting allergies or leave you vulnerable to start having them. Particles like dust and mold are notorious for lingering around unwelcomed, be sure to clean your floors regularly regardless of having a bed frame to protect you.

Secondly, if you have a pet or someone brings a pet into your home, this is a no brainer. Whether you are allergic to saliva or dander, they both end up on your floor, eventually. By keeping your mattress on the floor you are directly in contact with this and there just is not enough allergy medicine in the world to go toe to toe with that every night. A bed frame is a must in this situation.

Bed Frames Say A lot about Your Personality

What does having a mattress on the floor say about you? It may be an uncomfortable question but these things do play a part. You are a unique and incredibly interesting person who needs to let everyone know. How can you expect to do that without having anything in your own bedroom to reflect that? Bed frames have the potential to say a lot about you and you should be proud to show that off.

You do not have to spend a fortune on a nice one either. There are plenty of channels to find furniture in general, and bed frames are no exception. 

  • You can use the internet to find frames second-hand or have a brand new one delivered to your home. 
  • Some independent retailers even refurbish older pieces to make them more modern, or provide you with a custom-made paint to add another layer of yourself into the design.

There are so many types of bed frames out there that you would be hard pressed to find one that does not suit your taste. Whether it is a metal frame, ornate wood, or something minimalistic, there is no shortage of options for you. Find a local furniture retailer, contact an independent dealer, or simply browse the internet and see what is in stock. There is no doubt you will be able to find something you like.

Bed Frames Provide Extra Storage Space

Bed frames are a low key phenomenal option when it comes to bedroom storage. Most bed frames have shelving, drawers, or other nooks and crannies to keep your belongings hidden away. It is a great option to keep storage bins underneath your bed as well, since the mattress will be elevated and you will still have empty space underneath to use. Having all of this extra space will change your life.

This comes in handy in a number of different ways. It is ideal for storing seasonal clothes that you may not have space for in a closet, and it also serves as a sort of utility storage unit in terms of keeping odds and ends like phone chargers, shoes, books, etc safe and keeping you from cluttering up your home. Decluttering is a vital part of your mental health and in most cases has helped relieve anxiety.

Having a bed frame is ideal for those of you who live in smaller living spaces like city apartments. Space comes at a premium in these places and needs to be used efficiently to avoid being overcrowded by your own belongings. It can be a tall task trying to find a place for everything, this can lead to unnecessary waste. A bed frame will help stash away your things, keeping your home and mind free from clutter. 

Bed Frames Help Your Circadian Rhythms 

This is integral to how we operate on a daily basis. Did you know that the average American only gets five and a half hours of sleep a night? To put it into context, you should be getting anywhere between seven and eight hours a night to keep your body right. Sleeping heals us internally as well as externally, and it helps our brains function as well. 

Your sleep pattern is central to all of this. It is broken up into four parts that repeat through the night. By breaking this cycle you can wake up irritated or groggy, even if you sleep longer than eight hours. Oversleeping and undersleeping are two sides of the same coin, a proper balance is what you really want. If you are not sure about this system, it may be a good idea to consult a sleep specialist to assist you.

A bed frame will give you the comfort you need to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Tossing and turning all night will never do you any favors, no matter what your morning routine may be. A mattress on the floor can only do so much for you, having a bed frame guarantees a better night’s rest and will leave you refreshed and ready to take on the world.

A Bed Frame Helps Protect Your Floor

A bed frame will undoubtedly keep your mattress in place and is typically sturdy enough to stay in place itself. Without one, you are prone to be moving your mattress back and forth. If your mattress is accompanied by only a box spring, this is even worse for your floor. You do not want a torn up carpet, rug, or marked up wooden floor to be your mattress’s fault. 

This is a very easy issue to avoid with a bed frame.  

  • By keeping everything in place you are less likely to be moving anything around, and in some cases the frame will have wheels that you can lock into place. 
  • If you have one with wheels you are in luck, that will make moving your bed much easier if you decide to shake things up in your room. Even without wheels it is worth having one, even if you need help moving it.

Fixing a floor or a carpet can be expensive, why risk it? There are so many good reasons to have a bed frame, all you need to do is find one to avoid having to hire any outside help to come and fix something your old set-up left behind. Even if you do not find yourself moving your mattress every night, over time it will undoubtedly start leaving marks – whether they are in the form of tears, streaks, or even splintering.

Bed Frames Provide Reinforcement

Speaking of not wanting to spend unnecessary money, a bed frame will help reinforce the springs on your mattress and the mattress as a whole. There is nothing worse than sleeping on a broken spring mattress. They are noisy and hard to get comfortable in due to broken pieces on the inside. A bed frame will keep this from happening altogether by making sure it stays in place.

One of the last things you want to do when putting together your bedroom or living space in general is spending money to repair things that could have been easily avoided. Keeping a mattress on the floor might work for a night or two, however in the long run it just is not worth it. A queen-size mattress on average, for example, can cost anywhere between $600 to $1,800. Do not take the chance, just get a bed frame.

Do You Need A Bed Frame?

You would be remiss to ignore all the things that make a bed frame a necessity. If it has not been clear enough, there are even more reasons why you need a bed frame. It can be used to provide much needed extra storage for your belongings, assist you with a healthier sleep pattern, and more. Take these points into consideration:

  • Showing off your personality
  • Additional storage space
  • Better sleep pattern
  • Floor protection
  • Mattress reinforcement

Maybe these are not things you think about frequently, but with a bed frame you will not have to think about them at all. A bed frame checks off every box in these categories and results in positive outcomes for you when weighed against any other alternative.


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